My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1436

Vol 5 Chapter 1436: The Coach Is Forced To Come Up With An Anti Routine

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What makes Shangguan Chen even more impressive is Lin Chen's growth rate!

Describe in four words: Unbelievable!

Before Lin Chen's realm of physical refining entered the battlefield of the Nine Races, it was only about two trillion dragon power, and now it is approaching 30 trillion dragon power!

The magnitude of this jump is almost as ridiculous as the multiple of his hole expansion!

"Master Lin Chen, what are your plans next?"

Yue Xin'er asked curiously.

Lin Chen said with a smile.

"Of course to the Dragon Race Battlefield."

As soon as this remark came out, Yue Xin'er and Shangguan Chen heard the heartbeat!

This son Chen Chen is really not afraid of the sky!

Does he not understand, or pretend not to understand?

After the Nine Race battlefield is opened, generally speaking, the other races will not cross the border, once they cross the border, they will be attacked by the other group!

If the human race goes to the battlefield of other races, it means that they may be besieged by other race groups!

Lin Chen's move is equivalent to launching a challenge to all Dragon Clan Tianjiao who entered the battlefield of the Nine Clan!

Regardless of the enmity and resentment between the power conflicts between the Dragon races, once it is found that the human races appear in their territory, the power ratio will first take the human races as the primary goal!

"Mr. Lin Chen, you really plan to..."

Yue Xin'er didn't finish the question, the Holy Dragon flew into the sky, Lin Chen laughed; "We are seeking wealth and danger, aren't you, life and death are bearish, do it if you don't agree!"

If you continue to stay on the battlefield of the human race, there may be heaven and earth, but the best baby is definitely captured by him, Lin Chen, and staying here again is not very efficient.

Moreover, he must go to the Dragon Clan battlefield. His blood dragon jade records information about the remains of the dragon and the bloodline. On the Dragon Clan battlefield, he is imperative.

The three of them looked at each other, but only had their teeth clenched.

Lin Chen did not stop the three men. The combined strength of the three men can be comparable to the explosive power of one of his avatars, especially Shangguanchen, which seems to be low-key, but it is no less than Shangguanci, even stronger.

On the way to the Dragon Race battlefield, Lin Chen carefully calculated his spoils during this time.

"Harvested 8 seeds of Zhongpin Lingzhi, as well as seeds of Zhongpin Youshen Fruit, plus three other Chinese crystals, and tens of thousands of sixth-grade saint-level natural treasures, seventh-grade and eight-grade There are also many rare treasures..."

Lin Chen's heart was full of sighs, if he was in the outside world, he wouldn't be able to buy so many good things!

"Hey, thanks to me and Little Shadow, how are you going to thank me."

Lin Ping'an stood next to Lin Chen, crossing his waistline with pride, and lifted the flat chest of Ma Pingchuan.

Lin Chen rubbed her little head and smiled; "Yes, yes, it's all your credit. I'll give you a big reward when I go out."

As a disaster of pain, Lin Ping'an turned into a spirit body, and he can freely perceive the birth and dissipation of the heaven and earth luck.

To a large extent, the birth and gathering of Tiancaidibao can be accurately sensed.

Hidden by these strange treasures, Lin Chen discovered them with a small shadow, and when Lin Chen was born, Lin Ping felt them.

That's right, Lin Chenzheng can be said to have the two effects of'navigation' and'see through camouflage', plus his full firepower, three-pronged approach is simply unfavorable!

If not, the battlefield of the Nine Races is so vast, how could Lin Chen search for the majority of the battlefield of the Human Race within a month!

Tear ~!

When a high-level Saint Demon King flashed across the void in the distance, and felt the breath of Lin Chen and others, he was shocked!

"Human race?"

This is the territory of the Dragon Clan. How many people dare to come here?

Lin Chen raised a brow; "Mozu?"

Then, Lin Chen swiveled five fingers, shook his palm, and swiftly patted the demon king with lightning.

Bang ~! Bang~!

All the defenses of the high-level Saint Demon King were smashed by Lin Chen, and the body was seriously injured on the spot, and his eyes were full of horror.

Why is this kid so strong!

Suddenly, the small shadow reveals the body and transmits the sound to Lin Chen.

"Huh? Little guy, do you mean that there are demons starting to gather?"

Lin Chen was stunned, and immediately grabbed one hand horizontally, tearing the airflow, and squeezing the high-level Saint Demon King in the palm of lightning!

This holy demon king, at best, is the same as the ordinary human star in the early stage of Na Xing Realm, and it is the lowest kind. With Lin Chen's current strength, it can completely suppress it!

"Say, you are gathered here, what you want to do. Die without saying."

Lin Chen said indifferently, that Saint Demon King was completely stunned: "How do you know...our people gathered..."

"Nonsense, he looks handsome, I don't know anything."

Lin Chen squeezed the Holy Demon King more and more, and pinched the position of its lifeline demon heart!

In this month, killing the top qi and blood attributes obtained by the high-level and top-level Saint Demon King has brought the pure strength of Linchens meat shell to 7 trillion dragon power, and the blessing of the awakening function of the meat shell has exceeded 280,000. Billion Dragon Power!

With pure power alone, Lin Chen can suppress some saints who have just entered the Star Realm!

"I... I said that the few adults above ordered it, after we gathered together, we calculated the dragon clan by planting the seeds and then went to the human clan to encircle the unknown factors in the human clan. People, so we gathered together to act..."

After listening to Lin Chen, I suddenly realized!

Feelings he killed too fiercely, attracted the attention of the demon.

"How many people do you Mozu have in this Nine Battlefield? Make it clear, otherwise I will still kill you!"

Lin Chen threatened, the Holy Demon King dared not delay, "No... I dont know the exact number, I only know that there are ten strongest lords in the Demon Battlefield. Part of the Kaitian Realm, and there are more than a dozen other adults who can also match the Kaitian Realm of your human race, I dont know the rest..."

Dont know if you dont ask. Yue Xin'er and Shangguan Chen's expression changes suddenly!

Mozu has so many top strong here? This does not include other top-level holy kings?

Lin Chen looked excited; "Interesting! It seems there is a chance, I'm going to the Demon Battlefield..."

The three of them frowned!

Have you made a mistake? Are you crazy?

It's dangerous enough to come to the Dragon Clan battlefield. Do you still want to go to the Demon Battlefield?


Lin Chen crushed this high-level Saint Demon King, but found that its demon body quickly shrivelled, and turned into a substitute without knowing it!

"It's worthy of being an elite demon..."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. This holy demon king actually let it "golden cicada out of the shell", and completed it without knowing it.

Even if Lin Chen can suppress it, but as a creature whose epoch is counted as epochs, unless it is a sneak attack like before, it is still not difficult to kill them.

"There's no time to chase this guy. It can pull the cicada out of the shell. Presumably, most of the repairs will be discarded, which will not pose a threat to us."

Lin Chen and Lin Ping'an looked in one direction almost at the same time, and Lin Chen's mouth rose.

"The top grade spirit planting seeds, this is a peerless treasure. These demons want to routine the dragon clan, then the handsome force will give them an anti-routine! Peace, go!"