My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1437

Vol 5 Chapter 1437: 1. An Unknown Beauties.

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Dragon battlefield, hurricane destruction area.

This place was a region where the peak of the dragon was killed by **** battle. The blood of the dragon was scattered all over the place, and the energy mutated, causing hurricanes and raging.

In addition, the area where Hurricane Destruction is generated is completely random and poses a fatal threat to the Na Xing Realm.

To pass the hurricane destruction area, you have to detour.

But today, outside the area of Hurricane Destruction, nearly two hundred Taikoo Dragon tribes gather.

All are the strongest dragon clan demon under the barren ancient dragon clan, the lowest one is also the Eighth Rank Bloodline!

There are many rare blood vessels of the Ninth Grade in the rare world!

They are either the young chief of the Taikoo Dragon, or the genius that is rare in the centuries, or the peerless arrogance that breaks the history of the Taikoo Dragon.

Today, they are gathered here only because of the huge amount of rare treasures in the hurricane of destruction!

There are even top grade Lingzhi seeds born! Unexpectedly encountered!

"The hurricane vortex is about to dissipate temporarily, ready to start."

"Whoever grabs it counts."

"Will hit hard to die later, don't keep your hand."

All the dragons are eager to move.

The beautiful lady in a beautiful blue dress shook her head.

"Why, everyone must be in the same room. In such a dangerous environment, if it is calculated by the demon, we must be in danger."

The beautiful woman's long skirt is azure, like the azure sea, the temperament is fluttering like a cloud, and the beauty is beautiful.

The crystal-like blue dragon horns like coral make her naturally immortal and beautiful.

"Miss, these people wouldn't's a group of lunatics with red eyes."

The girl beside the blue lady shook her head helplessly.

"My dragon race is about to decline, but these people are still in heaven and earth, and they look like me."

The beautiful lady hates iron for not making steel, and sighs are both complicated and helpless.

"The sorrow of the Zhenlong dragon clan, the human race has already been born of gods, and the mythical dragon is not at the end."

"The human race already has a list of holy talents, and our family is left with only the ancient Gulong race to compete with it. Our race is not as fast as the human race to produce young blood. Now we are the most critical force, but we must still fight with the same clan!"

The girl said humbly: "Miss, my family has you born, it will definitely revitalize the dragon family."

The beautiful eyes of the blue jade dragon horns have deep eyes; "I am alone, and what use is it. The turning point in the history of each race has never undergone major changes due to the existence of the individual. Without revitalizing the morale of the dragon, it is difficult to promote the dragon. Prestige."

at this time--

The signs of hurricane destruction gradually ceased, and strange treasures and visions appeared in the center of the hurricane. The glow of the clouds fluttered like clouds, some were like towers of light, and some of the holy lights were lingering.

Bang ~~! !

Many dragon races swarmed!

The gray-white hurricane has not yet dissipated, and the Tianjiao of the dragon clan broke into it with the strong dragon body!

In the center, there is a beam of light, and the center is exactly the seeds of top-grade luck!

"Azure Cracked Dragon Claw!"

"Breath of Souls!"

"Dragon Robber!"

Numerous perfect-level and extraordinary-level bloodline supernatural powers burst and burst from all directions.

Not yet close to the center area, nearly 200 dragon clan Tianjiao played unfamiliar, and the void of a million miles was blown into a ball!

"Alas, it seems that there is only one way to stop them. I will take the treasure inside and let them turn their attention to me."

The beautiful lady of the blue jade dragon horn flew up, and there were huge waves under her feet. Wherever she passed, the huge waves destroyed the sky and rolled!

The dragon breath inside the giant wave overturned all the dragon clan arrogance along the way, smashing many of their bloodline supernatural powers, and directly retreated!

The two sides are not as powerful as one level at all!

Even the maid next to her, with her sleeve robe waving, repelled several dragon clan evils, the strength is very strong, like a standout in the battlefield!

"Damn, Luo Shuiyue still shot."

"Why is this girl so strong!"

"It is rumored that this woman has reached the culmination of the Jiupin bloodline. With her ancestor, a little blood of the dragon of the water dragon of the prison, it is true!"

"Come back, don't bump into her!"

The dragon monsters, as strong as the unruly dragons, were frightened when they saw this woman attacking.


The second female rides the wind and waves, destroying all the way, and breaking into the center of the position first.

At this time, two hundred dragon clan evils have already penetrated into the area of hurricane destruction!

The woman of Luo Shuiyue took a trick, sucked the dazzling luck and planted the cocoon from the air, and finally suspended in her delicate and white palm.

The streamer splendor of the light cocoon disappeared, and when the seed of the spirit plant showed its prototype, it was a roll of jade jade!


The maid beside him was shocked!

Luo Shuiyue Dai Mei frowned, "No, it's not fake, it was stolen from dragon to phoenix in a short time, who has such strength..."

Luo Shuiyue spread out the jade jade with only one name and one sentence written on it.

"I planted the seed of this top grade spirit, and I laughed at it first, an unknown beauties. -Camward Gilbert."

Luo Shuiyue's maid covered with question marks.

Unknown Liangzi?

Wardgill British State?

Could it be that?

She was thinking of a certain dragon, Tianjiao, who dominated the race, her face changed slightly...


Destroy the hurricane area and suddenly shake it violently!

"It's said that the Dragon race is proud of nature, and it's true."

"The taste of the dragon's flesh and blood is much better than that of the human race."

"Oh, where do you want to eat first, quack!"

The monstrous inky demons spewed like ink, sweeping all over the world, sweeping the wild and wild! Let people fall into the ice cellar, Hanman biting!

"It's the Demon Race!"

"what happened?"

The Tianjiao princes of the Dragon Clan stopped their hands and waited for them.

But seeing the void within a million miles, it continues to show hundreds of demonic qi like abyss, the demons of Jingtiandi!

One hundred high-level holy demon kings, twenty top-level holy demon kings!

As the first three demon kings to lead the team, the breath is strong, and it is also one of the few in the top-level Saint Demon King, which is almost comparable to the series of the peak of the Saint Mood!

This lineup makes all the Dragon Clan's evil spirits tremble!

Moreover, the current hurricane of destruction is raging millions of miles away, almost forming a natural encirclement, and trying to break out is extremely difficult!

They counted!

One of the three demon kings headed, the face of the "magic king" engraved with centipede marks smiled coldly.

"Dragons have lost your geniuses, so it must be very sad."

Buzz~! Burning the sky, a strong dragon clan Tianjiao stood up, scorned.

"The rats who hide their heads and hide their heads, it's true that my dragon clan is afraid that your demon clan will not succeed. It is you who are going to die today!"

Bang ~!

Many dragon tribes clamored for each other, opened battles and postures!

The earth-shattering war is about to happen!

However, no one found out.

Some rare treasures scattered in the area of hurricane destruction, accompanied by a passing shadow, disappeared silently...