My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1438

Vol 5 Chapter 1438: Chen Arrived Late.

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"Oh, the young dragons are always ignorant of the heights and heights of the world. Go ahead and make a quick decision."

At the order of another demon king, all the demon kings immediately acted and swept towards the dragon arrogance!

boom! boom! boom!

Fighting here, like the main battlefield of the Demon Race, they came to conspire, and once they played against each other, they played a equal battle with the Dragon Race Tianjiao!

Even though the number has not overwhelmed the dragon clan, these high-level holy devil kings are all carefully selected by the demon clan, and the lowest can be comparable to the late stage of the Na Xingjing!

Put it to the outside world, wherever you go is the hegemon who dominates the world!

"Is that true..."

Luo Shuiyue sighed deeply. In this situation, she seemed to have expected that she led the maid, flashed in shape, and joined the scuffle!

The mountains and rivers are broken, the rivers are broken, and the space is violently shaking!

The battle between the two dragons and demons has created a situation where they are evenly matched.

However, this is only a short-term illusion.

One is because the opponent's three demon kings have not yet entered the battle, and the real victory is in the opponent's top-level holy demon battle!

The dragon clan's enemies will suppress and resist the top-level holy king for a short time, which does not mean that these dragon clan Tianjiao can really defeat the top-level holy king!

Once the three demon kings are joined in the battle, the top-level demon king will become a mortal creature that harvests all the evil monsters!

The space of the Nine Clan battlefield is extremely stable. Within a million miles, the dragon and the Demon Clan are allowed to fight, and no large area of damage has occurred!

After all, this is the plane space that once carried the strong people of the Nine Races, and it is not the degree to which a group of six young demons in the Holy Land can be destroyed!

laugh! boom!

A dragon clan demon was wounded first, the dragon arm was broken, and it was suppressed by the top-level Saint Demon King!

Immediately afterwards, the second and third came one after another!

Dragon clan demon, began to be suppressed!

"Is there no choice but to unlock the seal."

Luo Shuiyue's heart is the overall situation, seeing this situation and this scene, three thousand blue silks without wind automatically, Longwei's mighty extreme prison water Shenlong's prestige disappeared from her side, slowly drifting back, but with a backhand shock A top-level Saint Demon King!

"Huh? This woman?"

The three saints of the team leader immediately locked their eyes on Luo Shuiyue!

"Fuck, let's go, so we will lose a lot of power on this side."

The three demon kings intend to act, they no longer guard against the retreat of these dragons, they have already planned how much they can kill!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

At this time, after the last strange treasure in the hurricane zone disappeared, the space shook!


Crisp applause echoed the audience.

"Okay, the movie is here. You guys are paid for the demon. I will let the most handsome man burn you later. Next, please order them in an orderly manner. Stand to the right, look handsomer than me, please stand in the middle."

The strong of the two races was startled!

They could not feel the breath of the master of this sound!

In the void, the shadows spread out, and the teenager sat on top of the dragon's head, wearing self-made sunglasses, and the silver robe was like snow, and the words "666", "Single province and ten handsome men" were embroidered on the back of the robe.

"Human race?"

"Am I right? Human race dare to enter our battlefield?"

"What is this kid?"

"But this area has been scanned several times by us, can he still mix in without knowing the dragon?"

The strong of the two races are dumbfounded, and their expressions are very exciting!

Luo Shuiyue's beautiful eyes are condensed. Is this person the "unknown beauty" who left space jade?

This is why the sun came out west?

This is the dragon battlefield! How did the Terrans mix in?

You should know that there are no fewer Tianjiao who are good at perception in the Dragon Clan's evil spirits, and so are the Devil Clan. They must be mixed with their eyes and ears, and even most of the Sacred Mental State cannot be done!

It is a pity that the ultimate shadow bears the blood of the demon and dragon races, knows its principle of perception, avoids according to regulations, and is perfect.

"Huh? Are you scared by my handsomeness? It's just three things. I repeat it again. The handsome man is here to rob. The dragon race station is on the left and the demon race station is on the right. Looks handsomer than me. Please stand in the middle. "

Lin Shuai made a playful smile, pushed his sunglasses, and looked at the three demon heads.

Powerful people from all walks of life almost thought that the earwax was plugging their ears!


A human race mixed into the dragon race battlefield, robbed nearly two hundred dragon clan evils and more than one hundred holy demon kings?

Yue Xin'er, Shangguan Chen and Feng Xue'er who were lurking aside looked shocking!

Dad, you must be brave enough!

Didnt you say its okay to stolen it and let it slip!

A backhand robbery? I am obedient, don't you see the lineup present?

The peak of the Sacred State of Mind can't withdraw from the whole body!

"Eh... that holy dragon is... the king of the dragons of this generation!"

Luo Shuiyue's maid shines!

"Interesting, interesting. It's up to you human race,"

There was a holy demon king who smiled angrily, grabbed it, and flew sand and stones within a thousand miles, turning into a demon skull to cover Lin Chen!

Roar ~!

The eight-headed spirit burning dragon roared the sky, and the sound wave was like a wave, shattering its magical skull!

brush! brush! brush!

There are more than a dozen dragon clan evils, but they have surrounded Lin Chen, glaring and sullen!

In their view, the entry of the human race into the dragon race is a humiliation to their dragon race!

In this way, it will evolve into two groups of dragons and demons besieging Lin Chen!

"Human race, this king is really curious, where is your self-confidence! It's up to you to look handsome?"

The three devil kings each looked at Lin Chen playfully, seemingly enjoying a plaything.

"Well, it seems that you are underweight Wuxing..."

Lin Chen smiled slightly; "Then there is no way, it's your turn!"

With a snap, Lin Chen snapped his fingers.

A little girl with double pony tails appeared in front of Lin Chen.

She embraced her chest with both hands, her cheeks were rosy white, she was blown up, and she was wearing sunglasses of the same style as Lin Chen.

"You, no longer, surrender, you have to be carried away."

She speaks slowly, and the childish voice reveals a pretentious and proud tone, which is so cute.


The three devil kings laughed.

That's it?

What can this little girl do? It seems that even the saint's cultivation is not!

Luo Shuiyue's pupils tremble!

The very few blood dragons in her body are warning her not to approach this little girl!

Before waiting for the reaction of the Dragon Clan demon, Luo Shuiyue's slim and jade hands were continuously drawn out, and the azure blue dragon claws were formed, pulling all the Dragon Clan devil close to Lin Chen!

"You can let go, my little **** of war."

Lin Chen smiled.

"Okay, they are going to suffer."

Lin Ping's fingertips were a little white on the forehead.

Bang ~!

A terrible disaster breath rose into the sky, the waves of death in the mountains and the sea covered the sky and raged!

At this moment, all dragons and demons have instinctive fears!

The three demon kings headed seemed to think of something, and their faces were shocked!

"Painful plague?"