My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1439

Vol 5 Chapter 1439: Carry Away Carry Away And Carry Away Again.

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"Painful plague?"

"You **** amusing me?"

"What kind of genealogy explosion joke, does this kind of thing really exist in the world, doesn't it disappear long ago..."

The scalp of the three demon kings exploded!

totally unexpected!

The painful disaster has long disappeared in the long river of history. It is not known how many eras have not occurred.

If these three demon kings are well-known and powerful in the Demon Clan, they were born very long ago, I am afraid that no one in the Demon Clan can recognize the true identity of the suffering disaster!

"Everyone spreads out! Let Ben Wang run out!"

The three demon kings burst into tears, and from their voices, they even heard the smell of fear!

"Running? You ran your uncle's run! You were here to eat supper, a small bunch of wine and a drink, after you wiped your mouth, you slipped away?"

Lin Chen's six avatars came out, flashing to all directions, pushing his hands sideways!

Dozens of gray and white runes descended from the sky and exploded!

All the voids within a million miles of the circle are as if they are frozen and slow 1

Even when the holy devil is running its magic energy, it is nearly a hundred times slower than usual, giving them a fear of hair in their hearts!


The dragons who feel the change of the void are all air-conditioned!

What a weird exercise!

Unseen, unheard! Does the human race still have this ability?

[The host consumes 110,000 points of top rune energy and launches slow runes.

This wave of slow runes is more than ten times stronger than what Lin Chen launched when he was on the 16th floor of Holy Prison!

First, because of the different planes of space, the space of this status plane is a little stronger than the Holy Prison, and the second is to absolutely suppress the three devil kings.

Although Lin Chen's slow rune was strong, it did not block the strong players such as Pan Yunlong and so on, so this time, he must play a stronger slow rune!

At the moment when the rune was delayed, Lin Pingan waved his sleeves, and dozens of cataclysm and venomous dragons were born, crashing into the bodies of the Saint Demon Kings!


A large number of Holy Demon King spit blood violently, and even spit out some black fragments, the organs in the demon body were broken!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Dozens of high-level sage demon kings were exploded on the spot, with no power to parry!

The top-ranking Saint Demon King with more than ten heads was repulsed again and again, and the demon body was violently corroded and melted, bursting into hysterical screams!

Lin Ping'an has perfectly controlled his own'disaster' power compared to when he was in Holy Prison!

Before she did not perfectly control her own strength, she was able to slaughter the Na Xing Realm like a pig and dog, and easily hurt the Sacred Heart!

Today, Lin Chen uses the method of Tuosheng to perfectly control the power of disaster for her, and the ordinary state of mind does not have much resistance in front of her!

Moreover, her growth is endless! She is the source of all disasters between heaven and earth!

Then, the first top demon king fell!

"Oh, there is."

Lin Chen smiled and waved with one hand!

His six avatars immediately carried a black coffin and carried away the annihilated demon king.

Lin Chen held the erhu in reverse, sang the song, and hummed the song.

"I sent you to be reborn and become more handsome, you are silent black and white!"

"Professional team, please don't invite yourself, carry the coffin too far away."

The dragons were dumbfounded...

In this scene, they will never forget!

This young man wearing sunglasses and white gloves, blowing the song and singing the song, carried away all the devil kings one by one!

In ancient times, there was Jiulong Coffin.

There are six black carrying coffins today!

Lin Chen and his avatars, as well as the three Yuexin'er, were sent by Lin Ping'an to understand their grievances, and the breath of painful suffering did not harm them.

However, Lin Ping's shot is not without cost.

In her luck sac, there were twelve fake Chinese luck sap plants, and one of them began to fall into a deep black paint.

Each shot must come at the cost of hurting the doomed luck plant.

"Damn it, plagued by pain, this king fights with you!"

The three demon kings are being pressed by the tide of disaster and poison. One of the pupils is green and the top-level Saint Demon King is mad, the demon madness is surging, and the slow rune is released!

Then, instead of retreating, it rushed towards Lin Ping'an!

Just like a black dragon, he shot at him and killed Lin Pingan!

"You are cold."

Lin Ping smiled slightly, his fingers were slender and jade, and the taupe needle burst continuously!

Tear torn~! boom! boom! boom!

The hairy demon king was instantly hurt, and the brewing demon qi was disintegrated on the spot, and it was impossible to break it!


The evil spirits of the Dragon Race are once again shocked by Lin Ping's combat power!

This is terrible too!

This is enough to match the peak of the holy spirit of the Holy Devil King!

It is also in the upper middle level within the level of the top-level Saint Demon King, second only to the trolls that are in the sky!

"On this basis, haven't... eh?"

A figure suddenly appeared on the head of the Holy Demon King!

Lin Chen!

His palm was spinning with nine colors of starlight, and he slammed it towards the face of the Holy Demon King!

This distance makes the scalp numb!

laugh! Bang ~!

The five pillars of nine-color light beams are all over the world, rotating up and stirring the sky and the sky and changing their colors!

"There is still such a play..."

"Where is this human race sacred? It's a fate!"

The evil spirits of the dragons are troubled by Lin Chen's spiciness!

It is true that the two sides have such a big killing move at close range. It is true that the Holy Demon King can't run away, nor can he run away!

When the five beams of nine-color light dissipated, a slightly embarrassed figure appeared in the air!

"On this point of strength, I also deliberately die with this king, and I can't do my best!"

When the green pupil demon sneered, Yue Xin'er and others looked pale!

Lin Chen is dead?

No, no, the figure just now should be his phantom avatar!


The Green Eye Demon King discovered that his abdomen was slightly traumatized, but strangely, the trauma was getting bigger and bigger!

And in the environment where the tide of poison and disaster is spread, the unhealable wound will mean a fatal weakness!

At the cost of losing a phantom avatar, Lin Chen used Nine Tribulation Stars to tear a wound from this demon king!

Lin Pinglian moved lightly, and the little pink fists blasted again and again, slamming the top-level Saint Demon Kings all the way!

Bang ~~!

A golden divine glory, came out of thin air!

Immediately afterwards, a slow rune burst again, and Lin Chen consumed 10,000 top rune energy, alone delaying the other three demon kings!

He was wearing the God of War right armor, and his pure power was surging!

150 trillion, 260 trillion, 370 trillion dragon power!

Peerless magical power to explode thousands of planes blessed Lin Chen's body like lightning!

"Give me, climb!"

Lin Chen slammed into the back of the demon king, the power of terror penetrated nine days and ten places, the wind of the fist swept the mountains and rivers, and another top-level holy demon king comparable to the peak of the Sacred Heart was successfully attacked by Lin Chen!

[Successful in launching the Extinction Fissure, costing 1.3 million advanced talent points.


Two of the three Saint Demon Kings were injured by Lin Chen!

For the first time, the dragon evil spirits present had an inexplicable fear...

Is this guy still a human...