My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1440

Vol 5 Chapter 1440: Is It Robbery Or Carrying Away?

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Lin Chen didn't get into the distance with a single blow, and the Sky Demon wings withdrew.

Lin Chen still has a long distance to the strongest at the peak of the Sacred Heart State, unless he is against the enemy with a three-piece suit of God of War.

But his goal is to hit the opponent with the effect of extinction and fissure wounds. With Lin Ping's ability, the injury will be more and more snowballing!

Less than twenty breaths, the slow rune state is broken!

But at this moment it does not help!

A large number of high-level holy demon kings fell, and the top-level holy demon kings were injured.

Bang ~! A high-level Saint Demon King was shot by Jiuzhong Burning Heaven's Palm. Shangguanchen, Feng Xue'er and Yue Xin'er also started to take the initiative to siege those seriously injured Saint Demon King!

They are very careful not to get too close to each other.

The three can't be as crazy as Lin Chen. This is the top powerhouse in the Demon Race, and even a slight accidental counterattack can cause a fatal crisis!

"I have already killed 84 high-level Saint Demon Kings!"

"I remember! The holy dragon is the new king of dragons of this generation!"

"The King of Wanlong is mixed with the human race? What the **** is going on?"

The Dragon Clan demon finally stood up from the state of'delayed rune', which was shocked and horrified.

But when the Dragon Clan tried to break through, they found that not only there was a hurricane of destruction, but also a piece of catastrophic gas floating in the void. Approaching without permission is equivalent to finding death!

"Stopped here, we must find a way to break through!"

"How about letting the Yin and Yang Clan Dragon cover us?"

"Useless, this toxic gas can easily penetrate the Holy Power and the Dragon Air, and it is impossible for our people's chemical Dragon Air to protect it."

"Mother, this human race really intends to kill this group of demons!"

Luosuiyue shook his head and laughed when the dragon clan evils who had been struggling all the time suddenly united.

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen once again played the slow rune, trying to fix the last top-level demon king, the other party had already guarded, broke through in one fell swoop, and faced Lin Chen with a punch, unscathed!

"Sure enough, the slow rune is strong, but it only works wonders when it comes to sneak attacks."

When Lin Chen withdrew and retreated, he was about to hand it over to Lin Ping'an, and the two devil kings ignited a dark red flame!

"Heaven and earth are unified, the devil falls to heaven and earth!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed when the two demon kings screamed in anger, and a huge and tall golem turned into an entity into their body!

"Want to run? Macros talent!"

Lin Chen was about to hit his Macro, and the two demon kings turned into a bloodline, breaking through the entire encircling circle in a blink of an eye, and passed through the poisonous poisonous fog!

[Failed to launch the Macros talent, the target is not in the effective range.

"Fuck! Running very fast!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, in the end it was a demon king comparable to the pinnacle of the Sacred Mood, and it was not easy to kill.

The last devil did not have such good luck. After being torn by Lin Chen's "Nine Tribulation Stars" at close range, he was penetrated by Lin Ping'an several times.

The demon body was hit hard, the demon blood flowed, and the wound could not be healed, and was overwhelmed by Lin Ping's disaster gas!

In less than a quarter of an hour, the Demon team was completely destroyed!

Twenty top-order Saint Demon King, one hundred high-order Saint Demon King!

These demons, placed in any of the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm are mobile world-destroying disasters!

However, they were all wiped out by Lin Chen and his entourage within a quarter of an hour!

"Have you really killed so many demons..."

"Brother Lin Chen is great!"

"Unexpectedly, Shangguan Chen can participate in such a huge battle before stepping into the Na Xing Realm, which will have enough accumulation and sharpening to impact the realm!"

The three of Shangguanchen were excited and happy, and at the same time, in their state of mind, some seeds were quietly planted.

Every battle with the high-level Saint Demon King will make the young demon of the human race get transformed like grinding! This kind of experience will be carved into their bones and spirits, and eventually grow into a part of the human race that supports the Holy World!

[Get 500 million points of top qi, 900,000 points of top mental power, 80,000 points of merit, 500,000 points of advanced talent...]

The holy dragon dances and gains a large number of attribute values for Lin Chen!

Lin Chen and Lin Pingxin gave a smooth tacit palm and grinned.

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Good job, how does it feel to control your own strength."

Lin Ping said something incredible: "It's amazing, if I could fight like you, the two of them just couldn't run away."

Although Lin Ping has existed for a long time, her combat experience is not rich.

Lin Chen held out her hand to investigate her air-transplantation sac. Two of the fake middle-aged air-transplantation plants had turned black and could no longer be used.

"The price of the shot is still heavy, but it's okay, and I can make up for it later."

Lin Chen turned to look at the dragon monsters, and smiled simply, like a child of 250 jins.

"Then you guys, you choose to accept the robbery or take it away. I don't care."

After all, Lin Ping's fist clenched a powder fist, exposing white tiger teeth like jade, pretending to be fierce; "Robbery, still, carry away!"

The corners of the dragon's mouth are mad...

Hell, do they have to choose!

Mortal counterattack? The dragon demon they were present at least had to fall by more than 90% to be able to kill the encirclement!

"This son of the human race..."

Qianying fluttered, like a fairy in the cloud, is Luo Shuiyue who is extremely powerful and prestigious in the dragon clan evil!

"I would like to give my son enough compensation, and hope this son will let my people go."

Luo Shuiyue yawned, her skirt swayed gently, like a hibiscus out of water, elegant and beautiful.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and his movements were quiet.

"This woman's blood tank of extreme prison water dragon is more than ten times stronger than my holy dragon!"

His blood of the extreme prison water dragon is already at the top of the eighth grade [enhancement + 15] level! Compared to Jiu Pin bloodline, it's not too much!

But when faced with this woman, Lin Chen clearly felt that Longwei on both sides was not at the same level!

"Is it the Dragon Bloodline? The Dragon Bloodline is so handsome that he doesn't buy your account!"

Lin Chen said with a smile.

"Don't think you look pretty, I won't engage you. Now I am not talking about the conditions with you, I am telling you."

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

The flying sword dances, Lin Chen's six avatars reappear, the gray-brown light of Lin Ping's brow flashes slightly, and all the dragon clan evils are shocking!

Lin Chen will not eat the meat on his mouth? These dragons are all rich in oil, and there are also a lot of treasures in the dragon battlefield. How can there be a reason to give up?

The more resources he obtains in the Nine Battlefield, the more hope his servants will heal!

If you can choose, Lin Chenba must not directly evacuate the Nine Race battlefield!

"Son, must I?"

Luoshui Yuelian's steps moved gently, the blue waves flickered, slowly rose, and his breath climbed all the way!

"Usually I don't like to beat women, except for certain moments. But if you want to bet, then I will accompany you in the end."

Lin Chen's mouth was raised, and the four-piece Ares set was ready to be fully fired!

This woman is not easy! Want to suppress her, unless let peace open again the state of pain and disaster!

Otherwise, Lin Chen can only deal with God of War!