My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1441

Vol 5 Chapter 1441: Longshan

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Lin Chen to Luo Shuiyue.

Terrans vs. Dragons.

In the devastating hurricane, both sides of the arrow cross out!

Luo Shuiyue's eyes flashed several times, and then he sighed.

"Why not talk."

"Because we have nothing to talk about."

Lin Chen shrugged.

Luo Shuiyue took out his own air-transplantation capsule, and then said.

"I can collect the luck capsules of my people, but the premise is that you have to let them go and make sure they have no problems before I will give you the luck capsules."

Facing the conditions of Luo Shuiyue, Lin Chen smiled.


Lin Chens slow runes and supernatural talents are aimed at Luo Shuiyue at any time. She dares to play tricks. He has absolute confidence that Lin Chen will leave her behind!

"Hey! Why do you represent us, woman?"

"Laozi didn't surrender to the human race, shit, didn't he die. Come!"

There are many unruly generations in the Dragon Clan. Seeing that Lin Chen stepped back and agreed to their conditions, he immediately became arrogant!

"Oh? Isn't it just a death, right? It's more comfortable and painful. Which one do you choose?"

Lin Pingan rubbed his fists, the pretty face smiled picturesquely, and the monsters of the dragon clan were creepy!

Yes, they are not afraid of Lin Chen, but in the face of suffering...

Her strength is obvious to everyone, and she is really desperate to fight,

"Princess Shuiyue, thank you."

The two beautiful and beautiful dragon princesses handed the luck capsules to Luo Shuiyue.

Luo Shuiyue and Lin Chen exchanged glances suddenly, he nodded to the two women.

Suddenly, the two dragon princesses flew in the direction of the dissipation of the hurricane destruction. Lin Chen's avatar was seen as missing, and they left safely.

Luo Shuiyue said lightly: "If you want to fight, you can go up and get enough. I won't stop you. Those who are willing to leave, just put your own things with me."

The evil spirits of the Dragon clan looked at each other, but their hearts were helpless. More and more people handed over their own vigilance and luck transplantation.

The wicked evil spirits of the "iron bones and clanks" before now are all handed over for luck and transplantation.

There is a small shadow, and any means they try to hide can't escape their magic eyes.

Finally, all 196 dragon clan sins surrendered their worth!

In the destruction of the hurricane, only Luo Shuiyue and her maid, Lin Chen and others were left.

With a wave of his hand, Luo Shuiyue handed over 198 Qi Yun capsules and dozens of rings to Lin Chen!

The holy dragon swallowed it, and accepted it all!

After handing the Qiyun capsule to Lin Chen, Luo Shuiyue said suddenly.

"Unexpectedly, the king of Wanlong in the new era turned out to be a human race."

Lin Chen gave a playful smile: "No surprise, no surprise."

"It's indeed an accident." Luo Shuiyue smiled suddenly, Mei Ruo Tian Xian vanishes, someone in Lin couldn't help but look at it dumbfounded.

"What does she want? Beauty plan or Meilong plan? No, look at the pants and move."

Lin Chen squeezed cold sweat and looked away.

With this woman's temperament and appearance, it has a good match with the top ten fascination of the evildoer list.

Yue Xin'er couldn't help but frown.

Then, Luo Shuiyue made an unexpected move.

She squeezed her skirt up, and Yingying fell to her body, and gave Lin Chen an elegant hospitality.

"Thank you, son of the human race, can you tell Shuiyue your name."

Lin Chen laughed suddenly: "I robbed you dragon clan, do you still thank me?"

Luo Shuiyue smiled indifferently; "If it wasn't for the son's shot, this demon clan set up an ambush, and my dragon clan Tianjiao must be seriously injured. If something is lost, you can look for it again, and the life is over. The son abides by the credibility and releases Shuiyue. Clan, it is worth to thank."

That's right, if it weren't for Lin Chen's shot, it would be extremely difficult for the Dragons to break through!

With the three demon kings sitting in town, it is almost easy to reap the lives of a large number of dragon clan evils!

Although Lin Chen robbed them, as far as the results are concerned, the Dragon Clan really did not lose.

Moreover, Lin Chen's influence is more than that.

After being robbed by Lin Chen and besieged by the demon clan, it is very likely that the dragon clan devil will be more cautious in their actions and even form a large team.

In this way, their life-saving probability will be greatly increased than before!

Luo Shuiyue just saw through and expected all the benefits, and thanked Lin Chen.

"Chi'er, let's go."

Luo Shuiyue bid farewell to Lin Chen and left with his maid.

"This woman is far less pure than she looks, and she has great wisdom. If there are more geniuses like her in the Dragon clan, I am afraid that there will not be such a large gap between the clan."

Lin Chen looked at Luo Shuiyue high.

As far as the lineup is concerned, the comparison between the dragon clan and the human clan monsters that entered the battlefield of the nine races is obviously stronger!

"However, this wave of harvest is profitable!"

Lin Chen's face was ecstatic when he wiped out many dragon blood imprints of air transport capsules!

Lots of good luck! Moreover, there are more than a dozen Chinese luck plants!

The most important thing is that it all grew to its peak! Lin Chen directly picked up the ready-made, plus the dragon clan gangsters in the dragon clan battle during this time!

For the Dragon Clan, the most important thing is the blood line. A Dragon Clan Sin, the background may not have as many things as the Human Clan Sin, such as the Sacred Artifact.

Dragon wicked evildoers usually carry some treasures and gold holy yuan coins that are beneficial to themselves, as well as their own lucky luck plants!

Yue Xin'er looked at Lin Chen's little shadow and Lin Ping'an, and sighed in a grudge.

"Master Lin Chen, how many secrets do you have......"

Lin Chen pretended to be deep and sighed in the sky.

"Actually, my secrets are really few, just a little."

Feng Xueer wondered: "A little?"

Lin Chen nodded: "Yes, billion points."

Outside the devastating hurricane area, Lin Chen spread his palms.

A crimson blood jade flashed monstrous Longwei, Lin Chen closed his eyes and felt Longwei's traction.

"Go north, 780,000 miles, there is a dragon tomb!"

Lin Chen opened his eyes and let his eyes shine!

Dragon Tomb of Taixi Ancient Dragon!

"How strong must the ancient dragon be? At least it is the blood of the dragon? I don't know how strong my holy dragon can get when the blood of the dragon is..."

Lin Chen could not wait to fly into the air, the three followed, and the avatars were responsible for the surrounding vigilance, flying all the way to the location where the Dragon Blood Jade reacted.

When we arrived at the location where the dragon dragon of the blood dragon jade attracted, e came into view were three giant dragon-like mountains!

The strange thing is that these three peaks have no singularity in the distance. When they are close to a radius of a hundred miles, they will fall instantly and cannot fly!

Lin Chen and others landed, Shangguan Chen said in surprise.

"What a weird mountain, some secrets seem to be hidden here?"

Yue Xin'er looked around.

"Nothing surprising?"

Brush ~!

Between Lin Chen's thoughts, the Holy Dragon possessed, and he and the Holy Dragon merged into one body, so that the blood of several dragon races flowed in his body.

"Don't make trouble, just stay outside and let me in."

Lin Chen's face was extremely rare, and everyone nodded like a chicken to peck rice.

Lin Chen looked at the three giant mountains.

Only he can see that the mountains and rivers are shining brightly with the glorious light of attributes!