My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1442

Vol 5 Chapter 1442: Chishen Qiling The Emperor Is Born

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Within the three giant mountains, the light of the attribute light sphere shone, but Lin Chen could see the attribute light sphere for the first time, but could not find out where it was located.

Lin Chen was alone, and walked into Longshan, even the small shadow was left outside by him.

"The land of the ancient dragon is not the same as the small one. If I enter under the status of a personal race, it is because I am tickled and I have to act carefully.

Half a day later, Lin Chen went deep into Longshan on foot.

In the center of the three dragon mountains, the dragon altar stands and surrounds the three mountains and rivers.

"This is it."

Lin Chen exhaled and stepped into the dragon altar.

There is a dragon pattern groove on the dragon altar, Lin Chen took out his blood dragon!

He quietly urged his thinnest bloodline: Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline!

At this time, although he was an ontological action, he was actually in a state of possession of the Holy Dragon.


Under the groove of the dragon pattern, two blood dragons of the dragon were put down, and the faint reddish golden brilliance flowed through Lin Chen's whole body.

At this moment; Lin Chen is like a possessing dragon, and the powers of dragons are bursting like dreams, and a red golden dragon shadow is flying straight for nine days!

The dragon groove disappears quickly, and when it disappears with the Shenlong Blood Jade, the light is strong, and the battle is moving!

From the outside, there are no changes in the three peaks.

But in Lin Chen's eyes, the whole world has undergone dramatic changes!

Lin Chen saw that the starry sky was vast all around, and the starlight of hundreds of millions of times shone,

In the boundless void, a bunch of energy rays of world extinction burst into the sky!

Planets exploded one after another, thousands of dragons covered the sky, and thousands of holy dragons screamed or fought in the same direction!

Lin Chen's eye corners also found people around, demons, and shadows lurking deep into the stars, and the Zerg disappeared today!

The Henggu Zerg that covered the sky and the sun was torn apart and became the center of the battle vortex, a dark vortex surrounded by aura and boundless darkness.

Inside the vortex, the twisted space-time was compressed to the extreme, as if not even the light could escape.

There seems to be a figure in the vortex!

That figure, with his own strength, contends the offensive of many powerful people and all races!

"What kind of battle is this? Is it the battle I saw in the Dragon Totem? But, no, the characteristics are different..."

Lin Chen took a look at it for a while. There were too many races and creatures involved. He couldn't see exactly what the situation was.

This earth-shaking super war has lasted too long, and, from the perspective of Lin Chen today, the strongest people who participated in this battle at the same time were also open to heaven!

There are some strong men who can't see through the depths! Raise your hand and tear the whole star field, terrifying as the creator!

With Lin Chen now encountering this kind of battle, it is as small as an ant breaking into the center of the storm!

As the battle came to an end, Lin Chen suddenly saw that the terrible space storm suddenly exploded into the dark and deep vortex!

With the explosion of space storm, there are seven red streamers!

Although there was only a moment, Lin Chen saw clearly the seven red streamers!

"It's the seven cut red silks!!"

Lin Chen was shocked, his mouth slightly opened!

This thing, he has a part!

It's that long red damask!

Lin Chen obtained it from the dean of Tiange Academy, and obtained a piece of pseudo-god that destroyed the invasion of Kyushu.

In addition, there is also an inheritance of the ancient god. Even the ancient **** and his old man were seriously injured, and fell into a mysterious thing that the saint could not see through after cultivation.

And, in the holy king's saint coffin, Lin Chen brought one!

Lin Chen obtained a total of four pieces of red silk!

And this red long damask, if according to the war he saw, it should be a total of seven!

Moreover, Lin Chen remembered very clearly.

At the beginning, Lin Xingchen at any cost, one person and one sword, when he broke into the world tower alone, killing himself was second, but came for this thing instead.

"Lin Xingchen called it, Chishen Qiling? Isn't this something the major races want to achieve the goal of the Nine Races at all costs?"

Lin Chen felt palpitations for a while, and was afraid again!

His mother, almost turned the water!

Feelings have taken such a big hot potato!

Lin Xingchen must have wanted to **** this thing, before he had spread his news outside.

If not, as soon as the news spreads, let other powerful people or races know that they have the Red God Seven Aya, and the potential will send out the real pinnacle of powerful people.

"Lin Xingchen also thought that I only had one red **** red silk stolen from the Holy King Haotian, but I actually have four. If I can get the other three, does it mean that I can solve the mystery of the Nine Wars? ?"

When Lin Chen is thinking about--

Bang ~! All visions disappeared, Lin Chen appeared in a beautiful and peaceful valley.

In the valley, there is a pure and mighty dragon power, calling for the blood of Taxi Ancient Dragon in his body!

"this is?"

Lin Chen's eyes shine!


The extremely distant void inhabits another plane.

In a fighting field.

"Strengthen! What are you doing, are you arrogant? With you, how can you recover my devil's plan!"

"Kill your opponent, remember, kill your opponent as soon as you get out, and take your murderous power!"

In the arena, countless afterimages come and go, fighting into a ball.

They have the appearance and appearance of the human race, but the skin or characteristics have more or less the characteristics of the demon race, and the grievance between the shots, are all the devil's brutal and violent!

This place belongs to the plane of the demon clan, specializing in training powerful devil clan warriors!

A man of the Demon Clan headed, with a face like a knife and axe, killed coldly, left eye wearing a blindfold, is a one-eyed.

"Crazy Dragon, if you train like this, you will die a lot of demon children."

At this time, a beautiful young woman with a magic horn above her head said helplessly.

The cold-eyed one-eyed man said indifferently: "The demon clan does not need waste. It is better to die in the hands of their own people than to die in the hands of foreigners. This kind of ability is not there. How to form a large army to destroy the human race. Not the kid who came here to play the cultivation game."

The beautiful young woman frowned: "Are you still thinking about revenge..."

"I want to dream!"

His magic pupil was filled with hysterical madness, "Do you know how the human race treats my clan! They cut off the head of my clan, dug through their bodies, and skinned them with their bodies, high above the walls top!"

"More than a thousand years, I can't forget the look of my dead blood before leaving every night!"

boom! boom! boom!

The terrifying shame spread from the body of the mad dragon, and the sky and space trembling tremendously!

Buzz~! Buzz~! Buzz~!

At this time, a pressure from the depths of the blood came from the distant plane!

All the demon clan suddenly stopped, almost suppressed by this coercion almost breathless!

The mad dragon stunned, and immediately bloodshed tears in the corner of his eyes!

"Sir Empress is out!"

"Sad Empress finally chose the throne! The days of crusade against human race are not far away!"

At this time, a cold and ruthless indifferent voice spread through all planes of the Demon Clan.

"The emperor has orders, the demon kings of all the army, summon the demon capital."