My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1443

Vol 5 Chapter 1443: I Am Taixi Gulong

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"The emperor has orders, the demon kings of all the army, summon the demon capital."

When the cold and ruthless voice spreads all the planes of the demon clan, the biggest unrest in the history of the demon clan ushers!

call out! call out! call out!

A magic light flew straight for nine days, across the plane, shining like light to another plane.

In front of a dark and boundless hall,


The demon clan strong, gather together!

Among them, there are some strong human races who are also among them!

"Damn, why are there humans here!"

"Do you want to destroy them."

"Do you want to participate in the holy meeting of our people?"

"It's the running dog brought back from the Holy Prison by the Queen Empress."

The magicians of all walks of life are sullen or angry, with a savage face and grievous anger!

The group of people surrounded by people, old and young, men and women, some are lonely and gloomy, some seem free and easy, but in fact they are sharp and restrained. Some are charming, hiding a knife in their smiles.

Faced with the murderous intentions of the demon clan, their clouds are light and windy, and they should drink alcohol, drink the fake sleep, some yawn, some sleepy, or even have no discoloration, and have the ultimate ability!

This group of humans among the devil is the most terrifying existence under the holy prison! !

The fierce and evil people whose names have been erased in the history of the Holy World!

If the group of strong men taken away by Lin Chen is the one with the strongest potential, then these people are the strongest!

Each of them is a history of blood disasters in all areas of the Holy Realm!

Potential and strength are not a concept at all!


An old man drinks cold!

Throne in the void, claw feathers into pieces.

The faint magical energy turned into a cloud, and the beautiful and thin Qianying walked step by step to the throne of the void and re-entered the throne.

"See Empress!"

All the demon clan knelt down on their knees, sweating and dreading, with fear in their respect.

The criminals of the previous infernal prison all kneel down!

"She really reached that level, within this world, no one can beat it!"

"It can't be wrong, it is stronger than the gods of that year! It is stronger than the **** of Asura who disappeared in the long river of history!"

The criminal's complexion changed, and his pupils were filled with inexplicable fear!

The shadows in the void are indifferent.

"In the shortest possible time, prepare forces to notify the elders of the demon clan that retreat from the major planes, and order to exit at any cost, without paying, and cut them. They, those who dare not surrender, cut!"

"To unify the power of all the demon clan, wait for the order of the emperor, wield the army of the Holy Realm, and clear the clan!"

Qiqi Wang, the demons, drink!



Dragon family, temple of bliss.

Jiuchi Roulin, the bliss of luxury, beautiful women in groups.

However, the man in the royal robe in the hall seemed to be summoned, and his eyes suddenly opened, and he ruled the world, and the invincible momentum that dominated Wanlong suppressed the entire plane and shivered!

When he stood up, the ghost disappeared.

When reappearing, standing on top of a mountain, looking far into the sky, the eyes are especially deep.

"After all, let them finish it, the devil adds a new emperor, and the world is about to be in chaos. Was it the same battle in the same year?"

"The target of the devil is the human race. After the human race, is it the dragon race or the orc. My family inherits the dragon blood lineage, fewer and fewer. , The gods dissipated, could it be this world, and it was the turn of the devil to claim the emperor?

As the man in the royal robe spread his palms, ten different dragon patterns flashed.

Suddenly, one of the dragon patterns flashed faintly for a short time, making the look of the emperor's robe greatly changed!

"Taixi Ancient Dragon's Tomb, has any tribe finally found it!!"


Endless underground cave.

The young man was sitting in the hall of the skeleton, holding the jade cup with two fingers, shaking the holy blood in the jade cup, taking a sip.

"The blood of the Sacred State of Mind is inferior to the blood of the nine-turned saint and the King of the Holy King by several grades."

The evil charmer hid the knife in his smile, and his pale neck suddenly opened an eyeball, making his eyes narrow.

"Oh? The Demon Race is finished?"

The boy stood up and stretched his waist, terrifying pressure shattered the entire plane!

His eyes looked up to the sky, and he smiled awe-inspiringly.

"It's time to gather forces to overthrow this holy prison!"


Let's talk about Lin Chen.

The mountains and rivers are undulating and the birds are fragrant, and he is transported to a place of paradise.

The light of the attribute light sphere is like a red gold pattern, forming a beam of light rising from a distance!

But Lin Chen didn't hurry, he felt an unprecedented coercion of the dragon race!

"Taixi Gulong's will is here, shit, a little nervous... Gulong was alive, afraid that it would be stronger than any of the nine-turn saints and holy kings, and it is very likely that he is a series of true gods!"

Lin Chen walked cautiously into the valley.

What does the ancient dragon look like?

An old man with a fairy bone? Or the kind of bad old man? Or a handsome middle-aged man? Or is it the kind of domineering overlord with a look on his face?

Or is it the kind more handsome than the handsome?

Finally, Lin Chen reached the center of the valley, a waterfall like Yinchuan.

Lin Chen sealed his holy cave deadly, and the holy dragon possessed the whole body, which seemed to have the same human form. In fact, Lin Chen is accurate to a hair at the moment, and he is all like his holy dragon.

At this time, in the mist of water in front of the waterfall, a voice as light as a bell came.

"La La La~~~"

Lin Chen was stunned, how could there be a little girl's voice?

He looked closely, beside the waterfall bluestone, with his arms wide, his hands overlapping, his delicate hands holding a lazy pair.

The silky long blond hair dropped crystal clear water droplets onto the white collarbone. The jade arms were as delicate as jade, the charming charm was beautiful, and the petite and exquisite, such as a beautiful lady handed down, looking at the Qingren City and then the Qingren Kingdom.

She didn't open her eyes, her long golden eyelashes flickered, and she smiled.

"Boy, come and give me a massage. I haven't seen alive in a long time."

Lin Shuai is a little dumbfounded.

What's going on!

Here is a little girl?

Could it be that Taixi Gulong gave himself the test?

"This... little sister, you are..."

"Why is there so much nonsense, not coming quickly."

Lin Chen: "I..."

Blond girl: "Don't think I'm so handsome I won't dare to hit you."

Lin Chen was speechless for a while.

He stepped into the waterfall and watched the little girl naked and snowy, and she could not help swallowing subconsciously.

Lin Chen started to press his shoulder, but found that it seemed that he could not move?

To know the strength of Lin Chens one finger, he may be able to cut off the level of the mountain and river stars!

Still can't press a little girl?

The deputy director of this club is a bit shameful!

"I don't believe this evil..."

Lin Chen exerted his strength, 1 trillion dragon power, 5 trillion, to the full power of Shenglong, 50 trillion dragon power!


The little girl groaned lazily, "50 dignity, barely."

She smiled slyly, the snow foot in the water ticked back!

Lin Chen took a breath!

Come on, come true!

"Boy, talk about the situation of the Dragon race recently."

The blond girl smiled softly,

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly; "Well then, little sister, don't make a fuss, okay, Senior Xilong?"

"Senior Gulong?" the little girl was surprised. "I am Taixi Gulong."

Lin Chen was dumbfounded...