My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1444

Vol 5 Chapter 1444: The Will Of God

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Chapter 1444, God's Will!

In front of me, this naked and charming, lovely and charming girl is Taixi Gulong!

Lin Chen looked at her again, her mouth slightly twitching.

The blond girl lifted her long hair, and her finger raised Lin Chen's chin, charmingly laughing.

"Boy, the cost is not small."

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly...

This style is wrong!

What about the unpredictable grandpa?

The overlord of the owl who blasted the sky!

What about a cynical old naughty boy?

What a feeling of a female rogue!

Taixi Gulong laughed.

"Hahahaha, look scared to you, tell me something serious, what happened to the Dragon race recently."

Lin Chen shame, he was indeed terrified.

"Dragons are indeed not peaceful. According to the juniors, the dragons have split into several classes and grades after the Nine Clan War..."

Lin Chen carefully told all the information he knew.

He had done homework before going here. If he didnt know what to ask, wouldnt it be easy to reveal?

Lin Chen whispered while massaging the big brother.

This is the most difficult massage in Lin Chens history, although I havent pressed it before.

The 50 trillion dragon power can only afford to massage others, Lin Chen deeply feels the gap between himself and these'monsters'.

It must be said that if it were not for this kind of latent danger factor that was extremely great, it would be a special miracle that Lin Chen could hold it down...

The little girl in Gu Longs incarnation listened to Lin Chens information quietly, without any surprises and with ease.

"Well, it seems that the descendants of the Dragon tribe are really not good after these guys left..."

Miaomu Bibo circulated, and the little girl smiled indifferently.

"That, Senior. What's the matter with the battles of the various races carved in the Dragon Totem?"

Lin Chen said quietly.

The war he saw in the dragon clan totem is obviously not the same as the war of the nine clan battlefields.

"Oh, I cant think that a little guy like you will care about this kind of thing. That battle is the battle of the destruction of the Zulong. After the fight, all the Zulongs disappeared. I dont know what the reason is, just Knowing that at that time, some extremely powerful existence came to our world."

"After the ancestral dragon vanished and disappeared, the major dragons have gone through a few world wars, and they died dead and wounded. We are too Xi ancient dragons, there were ancestral dragons in the world, and in the end, only me remained, and even almost behind Extinct...I thought this will never wait for the descendants of the Dragon race."

The little girl smiled and said: "But I didn't expect to wait for you, this wonderful flower. There are very few blood veins of Taixi Ancient Dragon on your body, and even there are many kinds of blood veins, even the blood veins of Taizhou Ancient Dragon. It is indeed rare."

Lin Chen was shocked!

Sure enough, it was the will of Taixi Gulong, so terrible!

I saw through his details at a glance, to know that the attribute value of his three sacred dragon bloodlines is higher than that of the two ancient dragon bloodlines!

It is hundreds of millions of times more difficult to find the pale blood of Taizhou Ancient Dragon in his body than to find a needle in a haystack!

Lin Chen suddenly asked with a weird face: "Senior, don't you think weird, a monster with multiple bloodlines like me."

"Monster?" The little girl stunned and laughed: "Is this a monster? It's still far away!"

She turned sideways, and the beautiful white arc made Chen Ge's pants almost move, the little girl continued.

"The world is too big. There are always some unreasonably strong guys. I have seen too many of these monsters. You are more adorable than them."

The little girl's eyes suddenly flowed with golden light, seemingly caught in memories, even a trace of fear and fear.

"Don't talk about the two types of blood of the Shenlong. In this world, there was a monster with the blood of the nine chaos ancestors, or a personal race..."

Her expression changed rapidly, and when she got up, her hands were on her hips and she was exposed in front of Lin Chen without any shyness, with a smile on her face.

"Okay, your kid massage is not bad. My Taixi Gulong is extremely difficult to reproduce, and now extinction is normal, I will give you my last dragon spirit and blood of the dragon."

Lin Chen's face was overjoyed!

Just click on it and get it? This, such a good thing?

"However, those who can get my dragon blood can't be van dragons, you have to take the test."

The blonde girl's sly smile smirked.

Lin Chen helped the amount, I knew.

"What a test, just come here."

The little girl admired: "Well, it's bold."

When Lin Xianyu pulled Lin Chen's collar, he froze, and the blonde girl pulled him over.

The sweet lips were printed on his lips, and the lilac was entwined, pulling down the crystal-like filaments.

Lin Chen was forced three times for the first time in a very short time.

"Young and awesome." She smiled broadly, grinning her white tiger teeth, and shallow shallow pear vortex emerged, "Leave you!"

The blonde girl threw a small hand and threw Lin Chen, who had never recovered, directly into the waterfall!

"Little guy, don't die!"

Her voice echoed in Lin Chen's ear.

Bang ~!

Lin Chen sank to the bottom of the waterfall!

Surrounded by a starry sky, he reached a brand-new plane.

"Fuck! The coach has been molested so many times, blood loss!"

Lin Chen wiped her mouth, very unwilling!

He was the only one who had molested others, and no one could molest him!

No, I have to tease back later!

Bang ~!

The whole plane shook, under the vast starry sky, Lin Chen's opposite, came face to face with a dark nihility figure!

When this figure appeared-

laugh! laugh! laugh!

At this moment, Lin Chen's whole body was bloody! The blood of the holy dragon is like a spring of blood, and it bursts out!

Outside the waterfall, Taixi Gulongdai, who had Erlang's legs, frowned, muttering to himself.

"Is this test too difficult, but if you don't even have this level, you won't even have the ability to protect yourself in the next turbulent era."

At this time, Lin Chen was shocking!

He was defeated by the power released by the figure in front of him, and he continued to retreat, and the injuries on his body became more terrifying!

"It is the will of the gods! Taixi Gulong perfectly reproduces the will of the true god, which is even more terrifying than the will of the gods I felt in the tomb of Haotian Saint King that day!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, crushed the void with a bang, and stood still under Shenwei!

His yin and yang chemical dragons lingered and twirled, repairing his wounds as quickly as possible, and quickly tearing out more injuries!

"Roar~!" Lin Chen burst out a roar of dragons full of wildness and violentness, unyielding, and disobedient to God!

Different from before, Lin Chen was able to resist the will of God with Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju before.

But now it doesn't work, any of his human race methods can't be exposed!

Can only rely on the background of his own holy dragon to resist Shenwei!

This test allows any dragon clan evil to be carried out today, and there is a fatal danger!