My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1445

Vol 5 Chapter 1445: Pass The Test

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A dragon roared to heaven and earth, and actually had a bit of warfare against the will of the true God!

The little blonde girl outside the waterfall shined and clenched her fist.

"Resisted! This little guy resisted Shenwei. Then, after ten more breaths, he passed!"

This phantom of the true **** is the true **** of a human race she once fought. It is also a space plane simulated by her spiritual will through countless years.

In this plane, there are opponents she has played against.

She wants to test the dragon of later generations with divinity.

If he can't pass, he is not qualified to inherit his own dragon's essence and blood!

The ancient dragon of Taixi, a family of ancestral dragons, has no godly dragon in its blood!

Heirs, must be more than common sense, strong and tough enough! If not, even having Gods blood in the outside world is just a living target! Lamb to be slaughtered!

Bang ~!

In a special plane, Lin Chen twisted his body and directly revealed the body of the Holy Dragon!

At the next moment, even the blonde girl didn't expect it to be--

The five dragons that cut across the sky violently tear the sky, and suddenly grabbed the shadow of the true god!

Immediately afterwards, the dragon slammed down, the hurricane waves raged, and five pole prison dungeons came!

A piece of azure dragon's tail turned into a sword blade, and it was blasting away.

The offense that covered the sky and the sun was violently killed by the true god, not at all frightened!

"I am your uncle, my **** is a fart!"

Lin Chen turned into a holy dragon and roared, flying into the sky, killing the sky, the war intentions swept through nine days and ten places, and looked at the heavens of the world!

Even the blonde girl was dumbfounded!

Ordinary dragon clan devil, Mo said that a ray of dignity in the face of the true god, even if it is the might of the Nine-turned Holy Realm and enough to crush it, the liver and gallbladder are all split, hard to fight!

Not to mention, above the Holy Realm of Nine Turns, there is also the Holy King, and above the Holy King, is the Real God Realm!

A ray of divine power in the realm of God, slaughtering sages like slaughtering pigs and dogs! One thought can crush a large area of holy land!

Between the two, it is not in a cognitive category at all!

In spite of innate talents, this tribe of the Holy Realm crushed Lin Chens souls too much.

But Lin Chen can be regarded as the most terrible alien between heaven and earth in terms of fighting spirit and courage.

He went all the way from Kyushu to the Holy Realm, and the powerful enemies he faced have always been beyond common sense, which sharpened his fighting spirit and mentality to an extremely strong edge.

When it comes to geniuses and lunatics, Lin Chen is more like the latter, clinging to his own will to a kind of crazy firmness!

This deep hidden edge will not be easily revealed in his usual cynical appearance, but once bloomed, the gods can make him succumb!

Even if there is no such thing as a fate, he will not bow his head to any god!

Even the blonde girl didn't expect it.

Her expectation is that in the dragon of the afterlife, she can hold ten breaths under the dignity and die, which is enough to meet her standards.

"I can't see that this little guy has such a strong fighting spirit. It is much stronger than those monsters at that time! The eighth-order holy dragon shakes the divine power."

The blonde girl was surprised.

However, the next moment!

Sigh~! boom!

In the face of Lin Chen's many offensives, the phantom image of the tremendous **** of Wei'an was blown up frontally!

Exploding the true shadow of the real god, Lin Chen turned into a human form, covered in blood, panting.

The blonde girl shook her head and marveled!

"What a fierce little fellow, it's really overbearing, and dare to take a sharp look at the true god..."

Appropriate, it can't be more suitable!

This child is her last handed dragon of Taixi Gulong!


At this time, the space rippled, and a figure appeared again in the mysterious plane!

The man's long-haired shawl, gentle and gentle, in the calm attitude, hides the spirit of dominating the world, at a glance, if there is a million years of reincarnation!

His ring finger is wearing a dragon ring with a dark dragon head!

He just stood there, the universes of the heavens were reduced to chaos, the stars collapsed, and there was a peerless supernatural power of dragons and dragons dancing around, and the world was invincible!

An unprecedented fatal crisis immediately enveloped Lin Chen!


Little girl's pretty face has changed slightly!

She only recalled that this is a special plane for her spiritual will training. Once you repel the enemy, you will usher in the next imaginary enemy!

In fact, it wasn't that Taixi Gulong's will has bad memory, it was Lin Chen's behavior that was too unexpected, who could have imagined that he could explode a wave of divine might of the true god!

The imaginary enemy that Lin Chen encountered at this moment is the only strongest person in Taixi Gulong's life who feels he can't be surpassed!

Brush ~! The blonde girl disappeared instantly and rushed into the plane!

In one thousandth of his breath, Lin Chen and the man caught their eyes!

His eyes, like the end of countless dragon souls, like the apex of the dragon family, seem to be the origin of the dragon's civilization.

When meeting him, Lin Chen had an unprecedented sense of crisis!

This sense of crisis is better than the will of the true God, better than that of the Devil Devil, and even better than when we met Luo Yao when we first met! !

Just because of his coercion, Lin Chen was almost crushed, and even his spiritual consciousness was distorted!

"Want to crush me with prestige? I want you to drop the flesh before I die!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed!

Boom~~! !

Almost instinctively protective, Lin Chen urged his four-piece suit of God of War!

200 trillion dragon power, 400 trillion dragon power, 600 trillion...

Lin Chen's power soared to an unprecedented level in an instant, and he punched him with a punch!

This punch made Gu Long's will move, and his pretty face was wonderful!

Sigh~! Bang~! !

The sky was overwhelming, Lin Chen threw a punch, emptied everything, consciousness coma...

After a long time.

Lin Chen seemed to be in a dark place like a dream, and his consciousness continued to sink. Eventually, there was a warm, narrow heat and softness, and the smooth feeling surrounded himself for a long time. It seemed that after all the fatigue was released, Lin Chen felt relaxed from spiritual consciousness to the inside and outside of the body.

When finally waking up slowly, Lin Chen found himself lying on the ground, pillowed on the knee of the blonde girl.

Her slender fingers lightly picked up the whiteness of her lips, while licking the white greasy fingertips, she smiled charmingly.

"You can't see it, little guy. In addition to the outrageous fighting spirit, you can still fight like this."

Lin Chen was stunned. His consciousness was faint, and he couldn't remember what he did before the coma. He asked vaguely, "That... Senior, have I passed the test."

"Can't you remember?" The blond girl was startled.

Lin Chen shook his head and got a headache.

"Well, passed." The blond girl stroked his forehead and smiled, "Passed in every sense."

She murmured to herself.

This is the first time I saw that besides me, there is a dare to challenge that guy. Maybe your future will grow to an incredible height...

"The dragon blood you want."

Then, she flexed her head, sinking a stream of light into the waterfall, and then the waterfall caused a huge wave!

Bang ~!

A blood jade holds the power of hundreds of millions of dragons, releasing the breath of the immortal dragon clan, suspending the void.