My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1446

Vol 5 Chapter 1446: Have You Eaten? ?

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Gu Long's essence and blood condensed into a crystalline form, suspended in front of Lin Chen.

"This is the blood of the dragon of Taixi Ancient Dragon..."

Lin Chen clearly felt that the blood vessels of Taixi Gulong, who were very weak in his body, were mobilized, and he was about to move.

"Hey, don't move, just rely on your small body and absorb it directly, fearing it will burst on the spot."

The blond girl knocked on Lin Chen's head, "Drop your blood on it."

Lin Chen waved his fingertips, and a drop of essence blood shot into the dragon blood crystal.

Buzz~! Bang ~!

The dragon blood crystal filled the unprecedented dragon power, and was included in the waterfall without affecting Lin Chen!

Sigh~! Blood smoke bursts around the waterfall, and the waterfall below turns into a blood pool, red.

The little girl smiled and said: "Okay, let's go down, strip your clothes and soak for an hour every day until the blood pool becomes clear."

Lin Chen was stunned, "Well, Senior, will you strip your clothes..."

She has a small face on her face: "Why, what are you afraid of, you have eaten everything, and you still have ink."

Lin Chen: "?"

What, when did you eat it! I rely on!

The coach is losing 100 million?

"True ink, let me go down." The blonde girl tore back and ripped Lin Chen clean.

The tender lotus kicked him and kicked him under the waterfall.

Bang ~~!

The whole blood pool is boiling in no time! Lin Chen was hot and hot like a lava, and was about to run the dragon air to resist, screaming!

"It is forbidden to use any means to resist, let the essence blood enter your body in the most natural form."

Lin Chen sighed with cold air, sinking his heart and letting the energy of Shenlong's essence and blood flow into the body!

[The host gains 10,000 points of Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline, 9900 points of Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline, 19500 points of Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline...]

The attribute value of Lin Chen's ancient dragon bloodline is rising rapidly!

"This... this is?"

Lin Chen found that his holy dragon pure power continued to rise!

But his dragon veins remain unchanged at 5 trillion dragon veins, but each dragon vein is becoming stronger and stronger than the previous capacity!

"This little guy is quite powerful. It stabilized so quickly. If he changes to another dragon clan, he will scream."

Holding the snow-white chin, the blond girl recalled the previous scene.

"Don't dare to go to that guy, this little guy's potential may well exceed my expectations..."

The passage of time made the blonde girl unexpected again, Lin Chen even soaked more than one hour, and in the day, soaked more than four hours!

Then on the second day and the third day, he was able to persist for longer and longer, and the speed of absorbing the dragon's essence blood was very fast! !

On the seventh day, Lin Chen has been able to soak in it!

On the eighth day, Lin Chen began to swim in the blood pool!

On the ninth day, Lin Chen was singing a song while eating hot pot in the blood pool.

The blonde girl was stunned!

Where is this monster!

You know, when she awakened the blood of the dragon, she accepted the awakening ceremony of the blood of the ancestral dragon, and she could not move her for half a year!

Can this kid eat swimming, singing and hot pot in the blood pool?

"If you put it in those days, you might be better than me..."

The blonde girl was amazing!

After one month!


Lin Chen rushed to the hemorrhage pool, naked, standing proudly above the waterfall and couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"This is the blood of the dragon!"

Lin Chen held his fist and had an invincible illusion!

Now the Holy Dragon can flip Lin Chen's body with one hand!

"The power of the Holy Dragon has reached an unprecedented height. Although the grade is unchanged, it is different from the previous one!"

Lin Chen's eyes bloomed with absolute confidence!

He looked at the dragon veins in his body. Each dragon vein was like a raging dragon.

However, with Lin Chens current holy dragon, every dragon vein has undergone upheaval and drastic changes!

The capacity of the dragon veins has been expanded ten times!

Too **** strong!

Dragon Blood, isnt it a foul?

To put it bluntly, now Lin Chenruo fights with his holy dragon, Lin Chen, will be hammered into a fool!

And this is the premise that includes all avatars, talents, trump cards, killer skills, all used!

Not to mention the many transformations brought about by the dragon blood veins, let's take the term "dragon veins". Now the Holy Dragon has the same number of dragon veins as before, 5 trillion dragon veins!

Under normal circumstances, a dragon vein can hold a lot of dragon gas, and the pure power brought is increased to 1 billion dragon power.

Each additional dragon vein increases 1 billion dragon power.

Even if the dragon's dragon energy is exhausted, it can also exert the power matching the number of dragon veins. This is the advantage of the dragon and the orc.

But now the capacity of the dragon vein has doubled, that is to say, the dragon vein of the Holy Dragon at this time is a dragon vein containing 10 billion dragon power!

How much is 50 trillion dragon power doubled?

500 trillion dragon power!

What makes Lin Chen feel abnormal is that this is still the most basic improvement!

Even if Lin Chen now uses the four-piece Ares suit and can fight to win his holy dragon, he still says two things!

The dragon bloodline is so outrageously strong!

Within the same level, descendants of the Shenlong, one claw can kill a group of so-called dragon evildoers!

"No wonder the Dragon Clan values the bloodline talent so much, the Dragon Bloodline! This and the eighth and ninth bloodlines are certainly excellent, but in front of the Dragon Bloodline, it is not worth it! It is not a level!"

"The handsome man finally has a descendant of the dragon!"

Lin Chen sighed!

From this moment on, Lin Chen's Holy Dragon has once again become his strongest ace!

"Little guy, come."

The blonde girl came out of the air and whistle at him frivolously.

Lin Chen found himself naked and waved his palm. The new robe covered the whole body. The little girl smiled and said, "Come, I will practice with you."

After a minute.

Sigh~! boom!

The plane is oscillating and the sky is shaking!

Lin Chen was thrown back, turned his horse, turned 360 degrees, turned his head on the ground, **** turned upside down.

"Senior, can't you just tap it."

Lin Chen sighed, twitching at the corner of his mouth.

Damn, I havent been handsome in three seconds! I felt like I was almost invincible the moment before, and then I was beaten into a Muggle!

"I'm already the lightest. It's not as much as a kid's slapstick."

The blonde girl clapped her hands. "You just gained strength. There will be some unskilled control. I will practice with you for a while."

"Also, when my body fell, I lost too much power. Your dragon bloodline can only be regarded as the lowest level. Although the dragon of this world, there may be very few descendants holding the dragon bloodline, but once encountered other The descendants of the Dragon Clan of the Dragon Blood, you might be exploded, so now you have to work hard to control your own strength."

Lin Chen rose and the blonde girl stepped in and continued training with him.

However, the speed of Lin Chen's progress once again moved her!

His body seemed to perfectly contain the dragon's essence and blood, and there was no power in a state of vain. At most, the control of power was not yet in place.

"It's an incredible kid..."