My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1447

Vol 5 Chapter 1447: Patriarch Of Shenyan Palace

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Less than three days later, Lin Chen perfectly managed the skyrocketing power of the Dragon Blood!

Next to the waterfall, Lin Chen sat cross-legged.

"One of my phantom avatars can be at most comparable to the peak of Na Xingjing. Under the condition that the body and the six avatars work together, they can play against the ordinary Sacred Heartland at the beginning."

"If it is a slow rune attack, it is already the limit to deal with the middle of the Sacred Heart State. As for the late Sacred Heart State and the peak, only the God of War suit can be used, or the sneak attack with the avatar holding the same endless play can barely hurt the late Sacred Heart State... "

Lin Chen pondered that after he entered the battlefield of the Nine Races, the biggest change in the body was the improvement of the flesh shell!

The increase in the pure strength of the flesh shell will also increase Lin Chen's lower and upper limits on the use of the God of War set.

For example, Lin Chen with 1 trillion dragon power needs to consume more than 1% of the charge to use the ultimate strength of a single piece of God of War components!

And Lin Chen of 28 trillion dragon power, using a single piece of extreme power, may only require 0.5% charge or even less! And the speed of increasing the power will also increase the ship!

"Right, Senior Gulong, which direction?"

At this time, Lin Chen finally pointed to the position of the attribute light sphere. After he entered this plane, the red golden attribute light filled the entire plane!

The blonde girl was surprised: "You are making me more and more surprised, this can be found. That is part of the wreckage of my dragon body, I have concealed it strictly, even if it is the sacred dragon Wang can't find it. How did you find it?"

Lin Chen said a serious way.

"Maybe, I look handsome."

Little blonde girl: "...bash!"

The beautiful lady laughed with flowers and branches and laughed for a long time. She grabbed Lin Chen with her slender hands. The lotus stepped into the air, and the fight moved around.

When Lin Chen stood firm again, he came into a star-studded star field, vast and immense, like a piece of planets connected together.

"Huh? Why is it so dark..."

Lin Chen's words didn't finish, his mouth slightly opened!

The red golden dragon horn is like jade, clear and gorgeous, the dragon eyes are closed, and a huge dragon like a galaxy is suspended in this star field!

Lin Chen was shocked to be speechless!

This is the body of Taixi Gulong? Is it just a faucet?

If the body is still intact, I am afraid that one paw will come down, and one domain of the Holy Realm is about to be torn apart.

"At the beginning of the Nine Clan Wars, my body was broken and shattered, and some of it was sucked into the **** vortex. It was terrifying."

The blonde girl shook her head and smiled, patting Lin Chen's shoulder, and smiled with a smile: "Little guy, what are you doing here? Wouldn't it be just to adore me."

"There must be worship."

Lin Chen grinned and skimmed through the sky, seemingly not far away, but he flew under the stars for nearly a quarter of an hour before approaching the dragon head of Taixi Ancient Dragon.

Chijin's attribute light is emitted from the dragon's head.

Lin Chen put his palm on the dazzling dragon horn, and the attribute light was absorbed!

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the light ball of the Shenlong bloodline supernatural power, awakening the ancient dragon bloodline supernatural power of TaixiPeerless supernatural power: Taixi supernatural power.

Lin Shuai made his mouth open...

Dragon supernatural powers are divided into: ordinary, outstanding, excellent, top, perfect, extraordinary, peerless!

Peerless supernatural powers, there is no record of the Taigu Dragon Clan below, only the Few Gu Long Clan has very few historical records!

Of course, it is only a record, not a cultivation method. No one knows how much is left of the Dragon Clan that can be cultivated and passed down.

In terms of human races, peerless bloodline supernatural powers are at least comparable to orange-level advanced combat skills, and even stronger!

There is no doubt that this trick of peerless magic will become Lin Chen's strongest killer at this stage!

"Shenlong bloodline, really abnormal..."

When Lin Chen just sighed, a ray of shadow inside the air-transplantation capsule exploded violently!

Bang ~! A crisis went straight into Lin Chen's heart, and his instantaneous fighting broke out!

"Little Shadow is in danger!"

Lin Chen's expression is particularly dignified. The shadow in the luck capsule is the mark left by the small shadow. Once the mark is broken, it means that this little guy is in danger of life!

The blonde girl frowned: "Little guy, why?"

Lin Chen looked out of the starry sky and said solemnly: "Senior, my friend is in danger, I have to leave first."

"Oh? Is it something outside?"

The blonde girl smiled slightly at Lin Chen with her palm in hand: "Then go, I will send you away."

With a touch of her palm, Lin Chen turned into a beam of space, and when she appeared again, she returned to the three dragon mountains.

"Thank you senior!"

Lin Chen yelled into Longshan and rushed out quickly.

Outside the three Dragon Mountains.

A small shadow enveloped the three men, retreating all the way, moving tens of thousands of miles away with lightning.

Rumble~! !

The ground moved and the four figures were floating in the air.

"Hahaha! Shangguanchen, Feng Xue'er, you two traitors from Shenyan Palace, dare to find Lin Chen to cooperate, and I will destroy you today!"

"Today's old ancestor's will is here. I see where you traitors can escape! First of all, you traitors will be killed. I will go to Lin Chen and wash the blood and hatred for Shangguan!"

These four people are the arrogance of Shenyang Palace!

The **** youth headed by Xue Haiyang is the main force entering the battlefield of the Nine races this time.

At this moment, his eyes were red, his blue muscles were exposed, and a ghost image of a red-haired old man was suspended behind him. When he grabbed it, the large space was distorted, and Shengli tearing the mountains and rivers!

Three people lurking in two mountain gorges, Shangguanchen looked dignified.

"Oops, these guys really made them wake up the will of their ancestors who fell on the battlefield of the Nine Clan."

Feng Xueer said unwillingly: "Brother, if we rush out and fight with them!"

Shangguan Chen shook his head; "We will not be opponents, the strength of the four of them alone is not weaker than us, let alone the help of the will of our ancestors."

Feng Xueer was anxious: "Isn't it a ray of will, Brother, what are you afraid of! I'm not afraid, if Brother Lin Chen would have done him already!"

Shangguanchen rolls his eyes rare!

This sister is really crooked by Lin Chen, just do it?

Shangguanchen knocked on her head and sternly screamed: "Don't be fooling. The ray of the ancestor's will is thin, and it is enough to suppress the countless levels of the Sacred Heart.

He looked at Yue Xin'er again: "Miss Xin'er, this is something inside our sect, you and the shadow brother will withdraw first, let's find a way."

Yue Xin'er shook his head, "You can do anything. My Yue Xin'er is not a person who abandoned his partner on the spot. Since he wants to unite, he has to fight to the last moment."


The little shadow avatar of the black dragon vomited blood again. In order to protect the whereabouts of the three people, it was spread several times by the previous offensive and was seriously injured!

"Well? It was there!"

Xue Haiyang turned his eyes and grinned.

"Death, traitors!"

"You are dying!"

Bang ~!

A grey and white rung descended from the sky, and the horizontal sky exploded from the void where the four were!

Lin Chen's figure flashed in a flash, and the Saint Dragon Possession had not been lifted, urged all the dragon veins, and punched hard at the "Shen Flame Palace Patriarch Will"!