My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1448

Vol 5 Chapter 1448: Lin Chen Against The Ancestor Of Shenyan Palace

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The slow runes exploded, and the four figures were slow, but only the will of the Divine Flame Patriarch, who was attached to Xue Haiyang's body, responded with a backhand!

Sigh~! Bang~!

Between the two collided, a mushroom cloud exploded out of thin air! Thousands of miles around, set off a screaming wind!

The other three were lifted off, Lin Chen's speed was so fast that they did not react!

Lin Chen was shaken back and forth, even slightly injured.

If it werent for Lin Chens slow rune to weaken part of his strength, Lin Chens injury would have to increase with this palm collision!

The fighting power of this ancestor's will chasing the sky! More than the pinnacle of Sacred Mood!

However, when Lin Chen urged the dragon's veins, he activated the blood of the Yin and Yang chemical dragons.

The Yin-Yang dragon airflow turned the dragon body, Lin Chen's Holy Dragon injury recovered quickly.

The improvement brought by the Dragon Bloodline will also have an effect on Lin Chenbei's Dragon Bloodline as the ship rises!

The people of Shenyan Palace have no intention to enter the battlefield of the Nine Races.

According to the coordinates passed down by the older generation of brothers, they found the will of the ancestor of a certain Shenyang Palace in the battlefield of the Nine Clan, and awakened it with the special skills of the Shenyan Palace.

And if the remaining will wants to act, it must be attached to a saint and gradually nibble its vitality.

Although the price is high, but the results are also very remarkable, with the deterrent and combat power of the ancestors' will, there is almost no disadvantage in the human race!

Even enough to make them venture into the dragon battlefield boldly!

"People in the Palace of the Divine Flame, are really lingering, do you want to die like that?"

Under Lin Chen's calm face, there was an almost crazy rage!

Little Shadow and his heart have a spirit, he knows very well that Little Shadow is seriously injured at the moment!

His phantom avatar had already rushed past with healing medicine and holy medicine, and the body was alone to stop the other.

"I blame me. If it were not for me to bring peace in, this little guy would not need to be seriously injured!"

Lin Chen was heavy-hearted.

Before entering the Dragon Tomb of Taixi Ancient Dragon, he couldn't ensure that his "Holy Dragon Possession" could disguise the will of the ancient dragon, so that he could bring Lin Ping'an into the air transport capsule.

Lin Chen expected that even if there was an accident, with Lin Ping's and God of War's four-piece suit as the final killer, he still had the opportunity to resist.

He thought that there was a small shadow that could hide the breath of the three people from the outside, foolproof.

But I didn't expect that Xue Haiyang and others in Shenyan Palace had long been guarding against Shangguanchen to cultivate the ancestor's will of the same mind, and locked their position as soon as they entered the dragon battlefield!

There was no accident inside the Dragon Tomb, but an accident outside!

"Lin Chen? Your breath is Dragon Clan?"

When Xue Haiyang was stunned, the possessed Divine Flame Ancestor said coldly: "Junior, this is the person you said that hinders my Divine Flame Palace plan, right."

Xue Haiyang focused on the head: "Yes, the ancestor, this is the guy! Without this, my Palace of Divine Flame will surely brew the consequences!"

Buzz~! The ancestor of Divine Flame looked directly at Lin Chen, and his sight was as sharp as the blade roaring in the spiritual storm.

He smiled hoarsely.

"I heard that you are a 30,000-fold magnificent talent, and you have lost your body. Perhaps it is a good choice. It can also be accompanied by a holy dragon, which is good!"

Lin Chen was not surprised, brewing the talents and blood of the Holy Dragon, and sneered: "Breaking your old immortality, maybe it is also a good harvest for me!"

"Tooth is sharp, dead!"

"Don't respect the old, climb!"

The dragon's tail became visible, Lin Chen urged "Blink of Instant Light" to record a perfect level of bloodline supernatural power, and the azure blue dragon sword slashed away!

The ancestor's will will blow with a punch, and it will shatter the azure blue light!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The earth-shattering big explosion swept around in all directions, and shocked a lot of powerful people in the dragon battlefield!

The two sides retire several miles and stand still.

The ancestor's will can't help but stunned: "Five strokes of the perfect level of the dragon's supernatural powers? Your kid is really a freak, let's fight a half-death first and then win the house!"

Bang ~! The ancestor's will controls Xue Haiyang's holy body, and the massive divine power in the holy cave is sucked into his will, so that his palms circulate the nine-fold fire mark!

Lin Chen's expression dignified instantly!

This trick, he is very familiar, is Jiuzhong burning the palm of the sky!

However, using the ancestors of the Shenyan Palace to exert such powers, I am afraid that the real heaven may not be able to take advantage!

"It seems that firepower is on!"

To deal with this Divine Flame Patriarch, it would be impossible not to take out the Ace of the Dragon!

"Let me come." Lin Ping's voice passed to Lin Chen, and he said in a deep voice: "No, your strength must be preserved."

Bang ~! ! The heat wave turned the sky, and the blazing flames covered the sky, condensed into a giant palm of thousands of acres, and it was photographed!

Buzz~! The blood of the ancient Qingtian is activated, and the vast blue light converges into claws. Divide into five!

Extraordinary bloodline supernatural power, leaning on the sky claw!

After refining the blood of the Divine Dragon, Lin Chens Dragon Dragon's vein expanded tenfold, and when this claw broke out again, weeping ghosts and gods, the sky is open!

The five blue sky dragon claws roared and shook their heads, crashing into the palm of Jiuzhong's burning heaven!

The earth's veins cracked instantly, and the crust of tens of thousands of miles collapsed, collapsed and cracked.

Except for the three dragon mountains standing still, nearly the entire continental plate was shattered into a paste, burning into flames!


The ancestor of Shenyan was slightly surprised.

This is not what an ordinary holy dragon can do!

Not to mention an eighth-order senior, even the eighth-order top holy dragon may not be able to take his hand!

"Dragon of the Ninth Grade Bloodline? No, it's not so simple. Is it why the kid appeared on the dragon's battlefield..."

The old ancestors of Shenyan have become elite, and by analogy, Lin Chens motives and certain possibilities for going to the Dragon Race battlefield are particularly crazy and greedy!

"Shen Yan Dafa Dafa!"

The will of Divine Flame Patriarch was sealed with both hands.

At this moment, the four sacred flame palaces led by Xue Haiyang were arrogant, and with a snorting, the Eucharist burned fiercely!


"Old, old ancestor, what is this!"

"No, don't, ancestor! We were ordered by several other ancestors to sincerely save you from leaving!"

The four monsters burst into screams and were burnt to the point of being like a man!

Shenyan Ancestor Yin said with a smile: "Relax, Master Wu Pian will know that you have contributed to the Palace of Shenyan."

He swallowed his mouth, and the life essence of the burning four holy bodies was all accepted by him!

Qiang~! A sharp shadow of the white mansword flashed vertically, it was Lin Chen's spirit rhinoceros flying knife! There is a spirit in the heart with the owner, an instant, trying to cut off the ancestor of Shenyan to inhale this power!

Dang ~! The Lingxi Flying Knife was bounced!

It's too late!

The will of Shenyan Patriarch has become more and more complete, from the previous appearance of only the upper body to a complete body figure attached to Xue Haiyang in the half-dead state!

"Sure enough, the things created by the branch hall of the Palace of Shenyan are a bit strange."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, the ancestor of Shenyang was more than doubled than before!

"Can you only use the God of War set or the new bloodline supernatural power..."