My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1449

Vol 5 Chapter 1449: Shadow Clan Battleground

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Chapter 1449

"This guy is really ruthless. He evacuated the four lives of Shenyan Palace for three and a half. Is this iron-minded and wants to kill me."

Lin Chen took a step a little, and there were Yin and Yang dragons in his palm.

This old monster has the possibility of guessing that he has the blood of the dragon.

After all, in the eyes of one of the many ancestors of the Shenyan Palace, the Dragon Race of the Ninth Grade Bloodline may be regarded as an outstanding potential stock junior, but it is definitely not worth their series madness.

Only Dragon Blood! This is comparable to the potential of the descendants of human race gods!

The ancestors of the Palace of Divine Flame laughed wildly!

"Junior Linchen, I need all your body and the Holy Dragon!"

Bang ~! He once again launched Jiuzhong Burning Sky Palm, and with one palm photographed, the fire blazed all over the sky, as if a round of blazing sun came!

This time, the power is fierce and unmatched. It can crush Zhou Tianxing River and burn hundreds of millions of stars!

"Taxi... eh?"

Lin Chen is planning to try his new trick, the nine-folded sky palm in the air burst instantly, and it turned into an endless meteor shower.

The fire kept burning for 100,000 miles.

I saw that in the meteor shower center where Nine Heavy Fired Palm exploded, a petite and delicate blonde shadow stepped in the air.

She was dressed in pale gold cheongsam, graceful and elegant, but the domineering way with her lips slightly raised, it seemed a bit glamorous and majestic.

The ancestor of Shenyan stunned the gods instantly!

He looked at the little girl's eyes, like falling into an ice cellar, as if remembering something, his voice was shocked!

"You, you are Taixi Gulong..."

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The slender and jade hands, which were soft and boneless, were pulled horizontally, and the space cracked open!

Lin Chen took a breath!

The space crystal wall of the Nine Battlefield can be several times more stable than the outside world, so it is torn like a thin paper!

Kaka Kaka~!

The will of Divine Flame Patriarch broke apart, and his expression was full of disbelief before the smoke disappeared.

"Don't... Did he inherit the blood of Taixi Ancient Dragon..."

The last ray of imperfect will of the ancestor of Shenyan disappeared into the world.

Then Xue Haiyang disappeared into a pool of blood with the disappearance of Shenyan Patriarch!

The blonde girl turned and smiled slightly: "It's alright."

Lin Chen frowned, "But, senior you..."

Lin Chen found that her figure became more transparent. According to what she said before, she could not leave the plane she created.

"Although this old man of the human race is not very good, it is also a remnant party of the same era as me. Even if it is a remnant of souls, if he is allowed to fight back, I don't want the little guy who was cultivated to die here."

The blond lady came from the golden light.

Before Lin Chen responded, her scented lips touched Lin Chen's forehead like a dragonfly, and Jiao Mei smiled.

"Human little guy, you picked up a life."

Lin Chen's heart twitched, and he stepped back a few steps unconsciously.

Exposed? The identity of the other race is exposed?

"Previous... Did the senior see through?"

Lin Chen cold sweat DC.

To be reasonable, after he and Gu Long practiced the pair of wills, he did not think that he and Lin Ping's joint forces could resist her.

But she was going to kill herself, and Lin Chen could not kill him!

The dragon clan has a strong sense of repulsion against other races, and the dragon clan with higher strength and blood lineage has a stronger sense of racial status and honor!

Therefore, the Dragon Clan almost does not let their blood or secretly pass on to other races, especially some human races that have experienced the Dragon Clan blood, are almost regarded as a thief by the Dragon Clan, and they hate it extremely.

The blond lady laughed jokingly.

"I've seen it for a long time. If it wasn't because you dared to challenge that guy, you would have been killed by me in the Dragon Tomb."

Lin Chen was ashamed, he thought his disguise was impeccable.

In some ways, Lin Chens possession of the Holy Dragon is indeed unassailable.

However, after passing the ancient dragon test, when facing the mysterious man, he used a four-piece God of War to punch the ancient and unprecedented punch, exposing the breath of his human race.

After taking a deep breath, Lin Chen bowed deeply to her.

"Thank you Haihan!"

She knows that she is a human race, but she passes the blood of the dragon to herself. This love is not important!

The blonde girl waved her hand and smiled like a flower: "You are a special case. If you don't die in the future, remember to come back and see me."

She stared straight at Lin Chen. When she glanced down, her delicate tongue lightly licked the fingertips of green onions. She was charming and giggled: "It's so delicious, I don't want to drink it only once."

Lin Chen was staring at her with a blush.

Why is this senior Gulong so skilled! It's really a set of people.

At this time, the sound of breaking wind came--

"Lord Lin Chen!"

Shangguan's anxious shouting, he pulled the dying little shadow over.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and flew away, his palms turned into a dragon-shaped little shadow.

"How could it be so serious!"

Lin Chen frowned, and the little shadow accompanied him for a long time. He had never suffered such an internal injury. The dragon vein was broken and the blood vein was injured. The heart of the shadow family alone appeared to be broken!

It's not that one or two sacred pill can restore the treatment to a good degree! Unless Lin Chen has eight ranks of Holy Pills on hand, there will be only one way to go!

Feng Xueer said with tears. "In order to wait for your brother Lin Chen, it has been protecting the three peaks and the four people of Shenyan Palace. It has been injured several times by the will of the ancestor of Shenyang Palace..."

"Little guy, if you want to cure it, there is only one possibility."

At this time, the blond lady came into the air, a rare dignified look!

I have to say, she was the first time she saw this strange creature!

The dragon's flesh, a mixture of shadow and demon.

Lin Chen said in a deep voice: "I also hope that the seniors will point out!"

"Going to the Shadow Clan battlefield, as far as I know, there are countless innate shadows falling there. Perhaps there are still some old antique remnants that will wander there, and only the Shadow Clan can save it."

Although the blood of the three tribes is mixed, the structure of the small shadow is still dominated by innate shadows!

"Dark... Shadow Clan Battlefield?"

Shangguanchen moved!

This is the most difficult space plane to find on the battlefield of the Nine Races. The Shadow Races all fell during the war. Their bodies and blood were scattered in the space, and all of them were perfectly hidden.

"I can send you over, but you have to be extra careful, those guys are not irritating."

"Senior Labor!"

Lin Chen nodded seriously.

In any case, he can't abandon the little shadow!

"I only send you in the past, other people I bear too much."

The blonde lady glanced at the three of them with salt and lightness.

Lin Chenchong nodded: "Three, you go back to the human race first."

The three of them only nodded, still reminding Lin Chen to be careful before leaving.

"Senior..." Lin Chen looked at the fair-haired lady and solemnly said: "Senior is gracious, my Lin Chen has no teeth to memorize. If he has the opportunity in the future, he will definitely save the senior from the sea of suffering!"

The blond lady flicked Lin Chens forehead and smiled picturesquely, "Its not very young, and the tone is not small, take care of yourself first."

With a wave of her sleeve robe, Lin Chen and Little Shadow were taken into a vortex of space and disappeared!


At this time, the demon battlefield, inside the boundless altar.

Ten archaic trolls looked at the dying sacred demon king.

I don't know which troll burst.

"Damn it, just die and come back?"