My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1450

Vol 5 Chapter 1450: Play Big

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Chapter 1450

The space vortex disappeared, and Lin Chen reached a dim and dark space plane.

There was a dark darkness all around, and even Lin Chen was working with the divine power, and the light emitted was extremely weak and limited, as if in the void, there was nothing blocking the way of light.

Like eternal silence, there will never be light.

Lin Chen's spiritual perception was released a little, as if he was caught in an endless quagmire, and the mud bull entered the sea without any movement.

Lin Chen has never acted rashly, and the Shadow Clan was once the most feared race among many races.

Their strength may not be the strongest, but the innate gift of space is above all living things!

Legend has it that only a handful of space dragons can contend with it, and almost all races are in awe of the Shadow Clan.

"What a weird space... little guy, can you still hold it?"

Lin Chen looked at Xiao Yingying, but found that Xiao Ying's gaze was staring in a certain direction.

"I seem to have been to this place..."

When the little shadow passed on to Lin Chen, he raised his paw and pointed to the other side.

"Over there, it seems to be the place I've been before..."

Lin Chen was surprised. Has Little Shadow been here?

Isn't it the time when the egg was born? Could it be that Tuo Sheng has also arrived here?

"Here...all around, dark energy...can't, turbulence..."

The little shadow said with blood, "It's all dead corpses of shadows. Their corpses will change the space into the most chaotic state..."

Lin Chenton felt horrified!

Then, according to the direction given by the little shadow, Lin Chen walked all the way, wandering the endless dark void, the coldness of this void made Lin Chen feel a bone-cold cold penetrating through the body.

Less than a quarter of an hour before, Lin Chen's mental perception suddenly exploded, and Han Mao stood upside down!

The dark void seemed to stare at him!

Brush ~! The four pieces of God of War were immediately possessed, and Lin Chen was standing by.


A strange wave of space erupted, and the small shadow behind Lin Chen also sent out a wave of unique space.

Lin Chen never acted rashly.

He had heard that this is a unique communication method of the Shadow Clan, and no racial creatures can spy on the conversation of their clan.

"It...let me go by, and brother let me... come down."

The little shadow said weakly.

"No! You are all like this. I still hand you over, don't you give your life to someone else."

Lin Chen's decisive rejection: "I will help you find a way..."

"It's okay, I can feel the predecessors malice, and I always feel that I should come here... It seems that some secrets occurred in the family, and the dead predecessors here need me to bring the news back. Within the Shadow Clan..."

Little Shadow's injury worsened, and even the sound he made became particularly weak.

Lin Chen clenched his fists, and after a dozen breaths, he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"Your shadow is still inside my luck transplantation capsule. If you have any accidents, I and Ping An will lift their graves here!"


"Also." Lin Chen looked directly at Xiaoying Ying's eyes: "You should have your own name."

The little shadow was startled.

After being hatched by Lin Chen in the state of being born as an egg, the little shadow opened the spiritual wisdom and followed Lin Chen to the Holy World. Lin Chen was also a father and brother. The so-called master was also called before, and Lin Chen did not really enslave the little shadow. .

Lin Chen has never given it a name, because it has never chosen itself. Whether it is coming to this world or being taken away by him, Lin Ying has never chosen it by his own will.

But this is the first time it has made its own choice, and it means that since then, it is a truly independent individual.

"Well! Brother Lin Chen, I will!"

The dragon's body in the little shadow was spilled with blood, but his eyes became brighter!

Lin Chen let go of it, and handed the air-transplantation capsules containing a large amount of Sheng Dan and Jin Sheng Yuan coins to Xiaoying.

The shortcomings of the ultimate shadow still exist. If the small shadow is depleted of energy and there is no supplement of the holy medicine, although it will not die, the combat power will be greatly reduced.

Lin Chen watched it drift towards the boundless darkness, like a light and shadow diving into the darkness until it disappeared.

At this moment, an obscure voice echoed in the void.

"Thank race..."

Lin Chen didn't answer, but just stared at the direction where the small shadow had left, slowly retreating back to the location where it had been teleported to, and left the Shadow Clan's battlefield.

The boundless dark void returns to eternal silence.

"The shadow of the little guy is still there, it should be fine for the time being."

After Lin Chen withdrew from the Shadow Clan battlefield, a vortex of space disappeared. He actually arrived outside a dark hall, surrounded by giant halls, solemn and solemn!

However, what made Lin Chen even more noticed was that a golden beam of light exuded the immortal divine power, rushing into the sky from the distant dark sky!

"That is, the attribute light of the God of War suit!"

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly!

The attributes of the components of the Ares suit are brighter than any previous one!

But soon, Lin Chen reacted!


Lin Chen touched his chin, this style is wrong!

Lin Chen took one-tenth of his breath to react and took a breath of air!

"My mother, I wouldn't have come to the Demon Battlefield!"

Demon Battleground, Demon Base Camp! !

In the Nine Clan Battlefield, only Demon Clan could stay in the Nine Clan Battlefield in the first battle!

If it is not mutually exclusive between the planes, the Demon Clan transportation is limited, the battlefield of the Nine Clan has long been occupied by the Demon Clan!

But even so, this is their home base!

No one can imagine that there are many holy demons here!

Lin Chen arrived here and the sheep joined the wolves! You know, even the ancestor of the Shenyan Palace, who controls the Shenyang Palace, has the courage to open the heavenly realm.

"Huh? What's the situation! There are human races in the Venerables area?"

"Hahahaha! Some people dare to break in and find death!"

"This king just happened to have never tasted the flesh and blood of the saint, quack!"

The screams and roars in the sky echoed the world, and Lin Chen's whereabouts were instantly exposed!

Losing the little shadow, Lin Chen's disguise is not brilliant.

There are also many kinds of holy demon kings. There are holy demon kings who are good at perception. Lin Chen feels his position almost in the electric light and flint!

Rumble! Rumble~~!

The space was shaking, and the overwhelming magic energy was like a storm sweeping nine days and ten places, and suddenly came to Lin Chen!

"It's coming towards me, it seems to be breaking through!"

With three flying knives in hand, Lin Chen released his mental power while waiting for him, and there were nearly ten thousand heads of the middle-level Saint Demon alone!

If the offensive is launched together, even the Sacred State of Mind will be overwhelmed in an instant!

"However, I can't just leave it. There are parts of the God of War suit in the Demon Battlefield!"

The corners of Lin Chen's mouth are rising crazy!

It seems that he is going to play big!