My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1451

Vol 5 Chapter 1451: The Most Exciting Drift

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Chapter 1451 The most exciting drift!

"Slow rune! Lotus dance!"

Qiang~! When a slow rune was shot, the blade of light flickered, followed by the overwhelming lotus flying, hiding the ultimate blade of light!

The sharp knife cuts to a halt until the wave of magic energy condenses in the void!

The eight-headed spirit burns the dragon and roars up to the heavens, hundreds of millions of stars turn into a sword and a hundred thousand miles, one sword cuts through the ninth heaven!

boom! boom! boom!

A large number of Saint Demon's offensives were exploded by Lin Chen's six phantom avatars, forcing a large number of Saint Demon Kings who tried to approach Lin Chen!

Some of the holy demon kings that were affected by the offensive were crushed into instant powder!

Lin Chen urged the body method, like a black light flying through the sky, a strong breakthrough!

His six phantom avatars are like stars holding up the moon, striking an infinite offensive like lightning, protecting Lin Chen from breaking through!

"Roar~! This human race is weird!"

"Human Sacred Mind can't withstand so many of our offensives. This human race is very weird, so let us know!"

"His attack can solidify space, and our offensive is weakened by him!"

At a glance, the major holy devil kings can see the clues, and the battle is constantly changing. Even if it is an intermediate holy demon king, as long as it is not a second kill, they can regroup, react, and fight a completely different battle!

"The Holy Demon King is not an ant, so hard hitting will exhaust my hole cards, and can't let the other party know my way forward, otherwise the other party will concentrate on setting up..."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, his spiritual perception alone, thousands of miles have gathered nearly 18,000 holy demon kings and a hundred high-level holy demon kings!

This amount is terrifying!

Waiting for the same 18,000 saints above the condensed environment and one hundred saints in life and death!

"Huh? The hall guarded by those guys is weird!"

At this time, Lin Chen suddenly discovered that in the large halls standing around, individual halls released extremely powerful pressure, and even surpassed the open sky of the human race, making many demon kings stay nearby and dare not approach.

"Could it be that"

Many thoughts were crossed between Lin Chen's electric light and flint, and ten slow runes were played. The top rune energy consumed more than 10,000 points and suddenly rushed to the nearest demon hall!

", he came to us!"

"His grandma, this human race looks so young, why is it so strong!"

More than a dozen high-level holy demon kings guarding the demon palace were desperately corrupted, and the void burst into a windbreak!

Phantom Doppelganger slammed the bow, the sound of the bowstring splitting the stars shattered, and shot the arrow light that circled the sharp glow of Zixia, divided into five, across the sky, shot through the galaxy!

The arrow of light was like a meteor, and a bang came down, shooting the high-level holy demon king in a "slow state" into a blood mist, and all the rest were seriously injured!

Sigh~! A tearful knife of tears slammed into the air and exploded violently while spinning extremely fast!

Buzz~! ! Above a height of tens of thousands of miles, an infinite amount of blade gas fragments hit like a violent wind and rain, and all the severely wounded holy devil king was twisted into pieces of meat, and all the holes penetrated his demon body, and fell on the spot!

At this time, the Holy Demon Kings gathered around again!

The six avatars in a hexagonal formation continue to cover, and with the slow runes, a series of attacks against the devil's offensive!

"Lin Chen Lin Chen, me and me!"

Lin Ping angrily shouted inside the Qiyun planting capsule, he smiled casually: "I haven't come to you yet."

Under the cover of a doppelganger, Lin Chen rushed into the terrifying demon hall!

Bang ~! The devil qi is energetic, suppressing the eternal force pervasively, permeating the holy power of the human race, as if there is a degenerate history of the devil that is quiet here, its pressure is like inhabiting a deity of all demons!

Even the cultivation of the Sacred State of Mind is greatly affected!

However, it was Lin Chen who broke in this time, and even Shenwei could not suppress him. Although this terrifying coercion was powerful, it had little effect on him!

Lin Chen broke straight into the interior, a four-foot-long, two-foot-wide bronze ancient coffin dust sealed.

All the magic power comes from that bronze demon coffin!

Someone Lin could be described as a tiger, and he seemed not to be afraid at all. He rushed up and raised his hand and pushed away the bronze coffin!

But in the coffin, there was a tall and handsome figure!

It has the appearance of a human race and facial features. It is four to five times taller than ordinary people. It has light hair and a white face like jade.

Behind it, there are two pairs of wing-like magic wings. There is a great deal of majesty between life and death between the eyebrows. It seems that if you look at it directly, you can't help but kneel and tremble!

"Devil's body!"

Lin Chen is full of excitement!

Mom, this Demon Race is not small!

Although Lin Chen has not seen it with his own eyes, he clearly remembers the class classification of the Demon Race!

Above the demon king is the holy demon king, and the top-level holy demon king can be comparable to the holy mind state and the open sky realm!

Above the top-level Saint Demon King, it is the Demon Lord!

The heads of the kings, the venerable demon!

Every Demon Venerable is a tremendous existence within the Demon Race! The strength is comparable to the one-turn to nine-turn saint!

The top-level Demon Venerable is comparable to the level of the Human King!

Every Demon Venerable is directly under the Demon Emperor!

During the Nine Clan Wars, countless demons fell in the Nine Clan battlefield, and only a few of the Demon Venerable bodies could retain it.

"No wonder these demons dare not act rashly. They turned out to be the body of Demon Venerable. The pressure of Demon Venerable, such as the idle top-level Saint Demon King, cannot be easily approached."

"There is no doubt that this Demon Venerable is already dead. These Demon Races put the Demon Venerable Corpse's body here. Do they want to be resurrected? Or do they want to squeeze out the last value of this corpse... well, wait a minute!"

Suddenly, a bold and crazy idea came to Lin Chen's heart. He grinned and smiled very simple, just like a child!

Bang ~! Bang~!

The demon palace overturned, Lin Chen punched the demon palace with a boxing!

"Mozun, Mozun, I want to thank you first, hahaha!"

Lin Chen skillfully put on his self-made sunglasses, and the corners of his mouth rose wildly.

"Then the most exciting drift in the history of the Nine Clan!!"


A quarter of an hour later, the Demon Battlefield, the Northwest Demon Palace.

When the three-eye top demon king in the armor received the voice, he couldn't help being slightly stunned.

"Eastern tomb group palace is invaded by human races? How is it possible, there is an area where there is a Demon Lord's Palace, even our high-level Saint Demon King does not feel easy to be close to Lord Mozun's burial area!"

Sigh~! boom!

There was a tremendous explosion, the magic palace was crumbling, and there was a miserable cry of the demons outside!

"Sir, that race is here!"

The Three-Eyed Demon squeezed the jade jade, sulking and said with a sneer: "I'm going to see what the talent of this human race is! It's just a person, but it's impossible to turn the sky!"

Tear ~! The Three-Eyed Demon King rushed out of the Majestic Palace aggressively, and when he was about to fight a battle, the magnificent Demon King's majesty was suddenly suppressed!

Within a hundred thousand miles from the horizon, the encircling circle formed by the Ten Thousand Sacred Demon King was broken through by a streamer!

When his three eyes looked at the scene in front of him, his chin almost fell to the ground!

On the horizon, the young man in silver robe stepped on the ancient demon ancient coffin, wore sunglasses, and resisted the banner. With the mighty power released by the ancient demon ancient demon coffin, he broke through all the way and came to the wind and waves!

He stepped through the coffin quickly, using the inertia produced by the explosion of the dead Saint Demon corpse, neat and clean, rotating 360 degrees in the sky and gliding, marking a drift trail of '666' in the sky. A little coquettish.

The Three-Eyed Demon King saw the scene, and his scalp was numb. When he saw the banner on Lin Chen's shoulder, he was almost angry!

I saw that the banner on Lin Chen's shoulder was engraved with awesome words-One of the top ten handsome guys in Guangshuai City, a stand-alone province. Friendship invitation performance content: hearse drift.

"Spirit, hearse drift?"