My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1452

Vol 5 Chapter 1452: The Demon Battlefield Turned Upside Down

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Chapter 1452, The Demon Battlefield Turned Upside Down!

Nine races set foot on the coffin, I'm the most crazy to cover the sky!

Lin Chen stepped on the demon's coffin, like a dragon, and a coffin like a wind, like an arrow from the string, destroyed and decayed, all the way!

The Holy Demon King who was surrounded by it all was crushed and injured by the devil's coercion, even close to the thousand feet, all was crushed and crushed by Mowei!

Lin Chen tipped his toes, the coffin flipped over, and even came a inverted coffin drift, almost angering the saints on the spot!

What a shame!

What a shame! A disgraceful moment in the history of Mozu!

If this matter is passed back to the Demon Race, the Holy Demon King who guards the Demon Battlefield will have no more prestige! It will even be regarded as alien!

Lord Mazun they believe in, just like that, a humanoid kid used it as a pedal? Is he too bad?

"Ben King will put him on his back today even if he dies!"

"Roar~! Terran! Terran! Yours, why!"

"Don't kill him today, this king is self-disciplined!"

Many Saint Demon Kings are mad, roaring and roaring, and they have formed a new team to rush up!

Lin Chen's mouth was light, just like he guessed!

This deity's coffin has long been detained by the deity's remains.

Especially before they die, they are all at the level of life and death battle, and the hostility left behind makes it more difficult for all living creatures to come near!

If not, he is better than Lin Chen, and he wants to break through the siege of so many fierce and horrible holy demon kings.

The most important thing is that Lin Chen's dozen fights meant that he had to face the siege of the demons on the entire battlefield of the Demon Race.

It's different now, he can use the demon's coercion's coercion to smash the Huanglong and rush to the source of the attribute light!

"Hey, what a joke! The direction he headed to is the great altar of our tribe!"

"His mother, he rushed towards the altar!"

"All for this king! Even if it is dead, stop this lunatic!"

brush! brush! Brush ~!

The sonic boom was rolling, and the four top-order Saint Demon Kings were intercepted in the space directly in front of Lin Chen!

Ordinary top-order Saint Demon King, if he resists with all his strength, can barely resist the coercion of Demon King to fight, but if he is too close, he will also be hurt by Demon Power!

"Thousand Demon Covers Heavenly Hands!"

"Blue Demon Sky Devours!"

The four top-level Saint Demon Kings are killing one shot, trying to break through the power of the Demon Venerable Master, trying to destroy Lin Chen!

In the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen did not use his tricks. Instead, he jumped into the air and kicked the ancient coffin of Mozun directly!

Rumble~~! !

Let the top-level Saint Demon King's many tricks, Lin Chen can be broken, the Demon Venerable Coffin is like a streamer, crushing all their offensives!


When the two top-level Saint Demon Kings were shocked and wounded with bleeding, the other two barely stabilized the coffin and couldn't help but look ecstatic!

"Quick, destroy this kid! Lord Mazun's ancient coffin is recaptured!"

However, the voice just fell-

At the next moment, with a bang, the forest farm waved with one hand, I dont know where to call out a magic zun ancient coffin, and the pressure is stronger than before!

All Saint Demon scalp exploded!


Are you **** there?

But something is wrong!

Many Saint Demon Kings glanced at each other, they were very clear, the human space storage, it is impossible to store the deity body!

That horrible coercion is enough to completely shatter the crystal wall of space into nothingness!

"Hahaha, the coach forced to take a turn first, and leave you! Even if you are not convinced, come up!"

Lin Chen laughed in the sky, frantic, and regardless of their shock, the speed surged by one point and rushed to the extreme south of the Demon Battlefield!

It is true that neither the Qi Yun capsules nor the common space holy objects can accommodate the coercion of the Demon King Coffin.

But Lin Chen didn't use these to store the ancient deity's coffin.

He used it, but his orange rank talent, Macro talent!

Out of space talent plane, only he Lin Chen is absolute, what kind of **** is useless!

Not to mention putting a Demon Venerable Coffin, there will be nothing to put a Demon Venerable Coffin in!

"Human Juniors, don't think about this level!"

A magical energy is coming, covering the sky and covering the sun, the three-eyed demon king!

"Climb while you go!"

Lin Chen jumped into the air and kicked the demon's coffin under his feet like a shooting star. The three-eyed Demon King was rushed to urge the defense without being handsome for two seconds!

boom! boom! boom!

At this time, more than a dozen top-order Saint Demon Kings came!

"Are you here again, anyway, how many of you are there today, how many coaches are shooting! All of them are kicked until you serve!"

Lin Chen was awe-inspiring and grasped the void with his palm. When dozens of light cocoons emerged out of thin air, the power of the Demon Sovereign that swept nine days and ten earths was like an infinite mountain.

Eighteen Ancient Demon Coffins!

Witnessing this scene, some holy demons suddenly remembered that this kid had just made a trip to all the demons' burial halls, did he say...?

"Leave you! Ares Legguards!"

Lin Chen urged the body to move at the fastest speed, while urging the God of War leg armor possession, the pure power surged all the way, violently kicked his legs!

Bang Bang Bang Bang! The divine power that crushed the stars and moon erupted in an instant, and turned into a golden divine ejection, instantly kicking all 18 ancient demon ancient coffins to the extreme!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom!

The eighteen top-order saints were all repelled by the ancient coffin!

Roar ~!

The eyes of the Three-Eyed Demon King are split, however, when he has time to catch up in the future, his pupils tremble!

I saw the body of the Demon Venerable in the ancient coffin, a huge crack was broken in the chest, and the blood flow continued. This wound could not be repaired by any means!

Orange Tier Intermediate Talent: Extinct Split!

Lin Chen urged the orange-order talent Extinct Fissure in advance to cut the demon in each ancient coffin, so that their bodies can no longer be recovered!

Although I dont know what conspiracy the Mozu has, but its definitely not a good thing to leave the body of Demon Venerable, Lin Chens hard work is right!

At this moment, Lin Chen stepped on his toes, and another ancient demon venerable coffin flew into the air.

Lin Shuai, wearing sunglasses, was extremely chic and turned into a whistle as lightning struck the sky.

"In the Xiaguangshuai City Black Horse team, the number one shooter's gold right foot, shot, I only played the demon coffin!"

"Magic Coffin, good kick, kick resistant, kicks well, kicks strongly! Please look for it, the Nine Race Battlefield Mozun card, one coffin is stronger than the six coffin, the hearse drifts, I only choose the Mozun coffin. Single machine hall, Dihuang Wan. Give it as a gift, Demon Venerable Coffin! Demon Venerable Coffin, a sign of a successful man, you deserve it."

Lin Chen stepped into the coffin, sparks and lightning all the way, rushed out of the encircling circle formed by the entire Saint Demon King, and went straight to the Demon Altar!

If the top-level Saint Demon King approached on the way, Lin Chen went up and drove the Demon Venerable Ancient Coffin over, and in the vast and terrifying wave of Demon Races, he was desperate!

On this day, the Demon Battleground of the Nine Race Battlefield was completely turned upside down!

Throughout the ages, there have never been any races and dare to break into the territory of the demon battlefield!

Not to mention, this time the intruder is still the most despised human race of the demons! !