My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1453

Vol 5 Chapter 1453: Stepping On The Coffin To Airborne Unparalleled

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Chapter 1453: Stepping on the coffin to land, unparalleled!

The demon altar is one of the many forbidden places in the demon battlefield. Without the permission of the high level, even if the high-level holy demon king approached without permission, it will be bombarded into scum!

The Demon Altar was created in the outermost area of the Demon Battlefield, and was the closest to the core space coordinates of the Nine Wars.

The Demon Altar is an important place to maintain the entire Demon Battlefield.

If it is not an altar, there are dozens of powerful top-level holy demon kings and ten archaic trolls sitting on it to maintain it. The demon battlefield will be like any other plane space, and you can only enter it when it is open.

At this time, inside the demon altar.

Ten archaic trolls are continuously pouring their own energy into the altar, and the dark eyes that rotate above the head grow deeper and darker.

The beautiful green woman looked up and swayed the giant tail behind her, trembling and excited slightly, exclaiming softly.

"After so many years of maintenance and perseverance, it's almost time to finally arrive!"

The shady and cold old man in gray robe couldn't help but sigh.

"Yeah! This ghost thing is simply a big stomach king who can't feed enough. Fortunately, within the next few days, when the energy accumulated in the altar is sufficient, a Demon Venerable Lord can be accommodated outside the battlefield! "

Several other trolls also glanced at each other and exchanged ideas.

"Yes, at this juncture, no mistakes can be made!"

The demon body has the opening of a cyan troll with three heads of pythons, and the voice of the urn is loud.

"For this moment, we can no longer live up to the wishes of the former demons!"

The two giant trolls with their hands like claws quacked and laughed.

"As long as the Demon Race can hold a Demon Venerable, and then use the cultivation of Lord Demon Venerable as a stable altar, continue to send power back and back and forth, you can accommodate more Demon Venerable!"

"By then, the reincarnation blood that Lord Mozun obtained from the emperor, who buried the desolate demon kings here, will be fully awake! One day, when I wait for the Demon Clan to let an emperor enter here, More than half of the secrets of the battlefields of the nine races belong to my demon race!"

The conversation of the nine trolls caused the tenth troll to open his eyes!

It was a fifteen-year-old demon with a silver hair, and it looked like a human fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy. Its silver-gray pair outlined dense dragon patterns, and there was a scary scar at the corner of his eye, like a knife cut.

When he spoke, his voice was hoarse and ruthless.

"It is said that... the thing that caused the war will allow our emperor to enter the dream state."

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was silent.

The Demon Emperor, in his mind, can create hundreds of millions of Demon Races!

In a blink of an eye, it can turn upside down and destroy thousands of planes!

Every demon emperor is at the apex of the demon, the historical creator of the devil's hundreds of millions of times!

Every great emperor is a rival to the true **** of human race!

But I dont know when the king came to the apex, and the great emperors who had never been born were born one after another, pointing at various races, especially waging wars against the human races, fighting for countless eras!

There were rumors of Heavenly Demon Venerable, the emperors found that the culmination of the Demon Race is not the realm of the emperor!

There is a higher level! Its realm was once called by the emperors, Demon God King!

Once an emperor achieves the position of the demon king, splitting countless demons, will usher in unprecedented unification, sweeping across the tribes!

"The legend of the demon king is only a legend after all..."

"Now the power of all ethnic groups is not as good as it was in the past. If the great emperors of my family join forces, they will be able to devour all ethnic groups!"

"Shenhe galaxy, there are still human holy world gods, within the dragon clan, there are still dragons to suppress the heavens, after the Nine clan war, there is a new race, the devil clan has another party, although the bloodline is low, but there is an emperor single clan Holy World, the situation is not yet clear, any war may lead to the siege of my devil from all races."

"Oh, why not give the devil cave where the eternal flame is suppressed..."

Bang ~!

The terrifying power of the silver-haired demon broke out, and he looked at the demons with great deterrence!

The nine ancient trolls glanced at each other, seeming to touch certain taboos, and then kept silent.


The ripples in the space caught the attention of the ten demon kings present.

"What's going on, how can there be space shaking nearby."

"Who dares not succeed here?"

When the demon kings were in doubt, this time, there was a commotion from the outside world!

Brush ~! The heads of the two birds are all grey and white, and the demon body plunders into the altar like the highest-ranking Saint Demon King!

The eyes of the ten devil eyes narrowed, what happened this time? In the past, if you were close to the Demon Altar, you would have to sue them, and you must enter with permission!

I saw that the two top-ranking Saint Demon Kings did not greet each other, and were in a hurry. When they rushed in, they said quickly.

"All the adults, my clan battlefield invaded by human races, breaking all the encircling circles of the top-level Saint Demon King!"

As soon as this remark came out, it completely exploded!

boom! boom! boom!

Three of the ten demon kings stood up in shock!

Hello, what a joke!

This is the base camp of the Demon Battlefield. Who dares to break in here? The **** is the human race?

"Human race? The human race dares to enter the battlefield of our race, and it turned upside down!"

"Ben Wang went out and killed him personally!"

The three terrifying and demon kings immediately turned into anger, sulking, and the airflow around them was torn, roaring like a whirlwind.

The whole sky suddenly surging with wind, killing intent to the sky, terrible devil screams and roars like a dragon, mountains and rivers tremble!

The ten devil kings, each of which is a series comparable to heaven!

The two top-level devil hurriedly said: "Masters, according to the information brought back by Feisha before, this time the human race that broke into my demon battlefield, and annihilated our own hundred high-level holy demon kings, 29 top-level The holy devil's human race is the same person!"

As soon as this statement came out, it aroused all the devil's anger!

"His mother! I haven't even approached him to settle the accounts, he dare to hit the door!"

"Really bully me, the devil can't succeed without the strong!"

Two more demon kings got up, raging, and the dignity of the devil in the top position seemed to be humiliated!

When the two top-ranking Saint Demon Kings are about to continue to tell the story-

Sigh~! Bang Bang Bang!

The whole demonic altar hall burst out with a series of explosions, and it started to falter!

Bang ~!

When the golden light flashed and a loud bang that rang through the world exploded, the enchantment of the Demon Altar Hall was broken, and the roof of the temple was instantly opened!

boom! boom! boom!

Three coffins penetrated the hall like a meteor, and fell on the altar in front!

The wolf smoke raged, and the smoke filled. When the ten demon kings fixed their eyes, their pupils could not help shrinking!

"Hey hello, fake..." I don't know which demon murmured to himself.

Above the coffin, the smoke was rolling, and the silver robe rolled in the wind. The young man embraced his chest with his hands. He stepped on the ancient coffin of Mozun and looked directly at the ten demon kings present.

The demon kings are shocked and horrified!

He was alone, and killed their Demon High Altar!

Throughout the ages, no human race demon dared to enter their demon battlefield, let alone do such a bold thing!

This kid is the first!

Lin Chen, step on the coffin and descend, the Demon Altar!