My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1454

Vol 5 Chapter 1454: A Full Battle

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Chapter 1454, Full Battle!

After the Nine Clan Wars, no creatures dared to break into the Demon Clan Battlefield!

Not to mention being a human race!

This very shocking scene, even the ten demon kings are stunned!

When they saw the demon's coffin under Lin Chen's feet, their face was even more splendid!

"His mother, what a joke, this kid came over on the ancient coffin of Lord Mozun?"

"What's going on, my saint demon king can't easily approach Lord Mozun's burial hall. How did this human race throw Master Mozun's ancient coffin over!"

The holy demons are shocked!

You must know that in order to retrieve the remains of the Demon Venerables, the top ten demon kings summoned dozens of top-level Saint Demon Kings who were extremely strong, and brought back the remains of the Demon Venerable One by One.

After that, the ancient coffin in the burial hall was built to preserve the remains of the deity. With their ten demon kings, they could not easily move the remains of the deity!

A human race teenager, can his mother take them to the Altar of the Demon Race?

Fuck~! Lin Chen snapped his fingers and faced the ten saints, laughing jokingly.

"What's a surprise? What's his surprise? The surprise is that I, Lin Chen, did not step on the colorful auspicious clouds, kicked the coffin and sang songs and killed it!"

The demon kings are horrified!

"I remember, Lin Chen!"

"Could it be that Lin Chen, the holy king of the human race, let us pay attention to?"

"Damn, there is such a thing under the sky? This kid is so bold that he is so brave enough to dare to kill the high altar of my demon battlefield!"

Bang ~!

The silver-haired youth-like Holy Demon King responded the fastest, the devil qi soared, and he shot a palm with lightning, and the five-finger Yinsha gas rolled like a dragon, and the Yinlong claw pinched to Lin Chen!

"Human, die!"

"Slow rune!"

A slow rune with ten thousand points of top rune energy. When the space is condensed, the slow rune blasts violently and is crushed by the claws of the dragon!

The two figures turned into lightning, punching out with one punch!

boom! boom! boom!

The dragon's claws exploded in the aftermath of the sky, the space was rippling, and the entire demon altar was crumbling!

It is Lin Chens Holy Dragon and Lin Ping'an! One person and one dragon teamed up to break the opponent's strongest devil's blow!

"Damn, you're crazy!

"What are you fighting with him here, the altar has collapsed and our efforts for so many years have been in vain!"

The ten devil kings scolded with voice.

However, their transmission did not avoid Lin Chen!

Lin Chen has awakened [Perception Awakening] since the ladder game, and the voice of Kaitian has not concealed him Lin Chen!

"The altar can't collapse? I seem to hear something good."

The corner of Lin Mou's mouth rose madly, and the four-piece God of War possessed, and the majesty of God of War, which exploded into the heavens and the world, rose to the sky!

Lin Chen's pure power surged in an instant, breaking through 300 trillion, 400 trillion dragon power, and 500 trillion dragon power! !

Before the ten demon kings reacted, the golden Shenhui condensed the armor, and the fist was transformed into a Shenhui. Lin Chen punched the altar with a punch!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The entire Altar Altar was broken open by Lin Chen with a punch, and was overturned in half!

boom! boom! boom!

The airflow screamed, the wind raged, and the earth's veins with a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles centered on the Demon Altar were suddenly bursting.

The horror-like magical energy suddenly surged out from under the altar, rushing away Lin Chen and Lin Ping'an!

The ten demon kings were dumbfounded!

His mother, this human race is poisonous!

Like knowing their devil's strategy, they first destroyed the ancient deity's coffin and broke their demon altar!

"First stabilize the energy of the altar!"

The ten demon kings have experienced many big scenes, and Lin Chen still cannot bluff them. The ten devil kings immediately seized one side and released devil qi to condense the fragments of the altar and barely stabilize the situation!

Bang ~!

When stabilizing the altar for a short time, the silver-haired Demon King looks dire, stepping out in one step, and the magic energy covers the sky!

The silver-haired demon king sighed, "Destroy this son, don't let him endanger our clan plan, leave five maintenance altars, and the rest will follow the king! Don't let him run!"

The four-headed demon immediately stood up and filled the altar with demonic energy!

In addition, the five demons were sealed with both hands, and the backhand pressed against the altar. The dark and deep magic energy wrapped around the altar and firmly stabilized it!

The two top-ranking demon kings who came to the report immediately retreated!

"Yinlong Fengmo!"

The silver-haired demon king's hands became a seal, and the dragon-like creeping veins on the surface of the monster's body were filled with infinite magic energy.

Behind the three-headed dragon-shaped remnant, when Dragon Shadow roared into the sky, an infinite amount of magic energy broke out and blocked the surrounding void!

The first is to separate Lin Chen and others from being allowed to approach the broken altar, and the second is to completely kill Lin Chen and prevent escape!

Lin Chen never panicked, looked around all the demon kings present, and then looked directly under the altar!

Directly below the demon altar is the source of the God of War attribute light. Lin Chen wants to get the attribute light of this God of War component, he must completely break the altar!

"Is the ten heads comparable to the top-level Saint Demon of Kaitian Realm? It is really a tough battle. My rune energy is only 4.62 million. It is completely crushed against the Sacred Mind State, but it is against the strong level of the Kaitian Realm. Not necessarily, let the firepower turn on!"

Lin Chen ascended the battle, controlled the holy dragon plate to sweep the dragon's tail, swept the raging waves, launched the instant light split, the dragon danced violently, and the five pole prison dungeons came!

"What the **** is this!"

"This kid even has a dragon family as a helper, be careful!"

The four demon kings were hindered, and they changed their bodies one after another. They fought, bombarded the surroundings, and attacked the prison prison!

With the strength of the dragon veins of the Holy Dragon today, the super-level supernatural power of Extreme Prisons Heavenly Prison is used in the instant light split, which is extremely powerful and can trap the Sacred State of Mind and complete the injury.

It is better to open the sky, and it may not be able to break through the first time!

When the four demon kings were delayed, Lin Chen calmed down and smiled at Lin Ping.

"Peace, it's your turn to perform. This time you can liberate 90% of your strength and turn them all!"

Lin Ping'an rejoiced: "Ninety percent? Wow, then I have to reward afterwards!"

Lin Chen nodded with a smile: "No problem!"

After Lin Chen robbed many dragon clan evils, he won not be a small number of Qiyun Lingzhi. Even if Lin Ping's Zhongpin Lingzhi was used up, he could make up for it the first time.

The reason why Lin Ping'an and Shenglong were able to take over the attack of the silver-haired demon king was largely due to the slow rune that cut his attack.

In the case of fighting alone, Lin Ping'an must show his stronger strength when he wipes out the demons that day!

"Human race! This kind of garbage can't stop the king!"

Sigh~! Tear ~!

A torn prison dungeon was torn, and the silver-haired demon king stepped on the majestic waves, torn horizontally with one hand, and a celestial demon hand storm shook it!

With fingertips lightly marking the eyebrows, Lin Pingping floated up, a pair of pupils turned into purple and black, lifeless, and the sorrowful air around the body shook like a dragon.

"If you want to move him, you are not qualified."

Lin Pingan squeezed his hand, tearing the magic palm of the sky!

"She is a disaster of pain? It is much stronger than the intelligence!"

The silver-haired Demon King's eyes narrowed, such as the plague of pain, even it must be careful!

At the next moment, Lin Chen's cold drink suddenly sounded!

"God of War, all open!"


The golden light of the **** of war, Xing Chen's body skyrocketed!

"Four top-level Saint Demon Kings can't stop me Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen, who bathed in the golden radiance, smiled awe-inspiringly, and hegemony was overwhelming!

This is the first time since the Ares four-piece suit has been completed!