My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1455

Vol 5 Chapter 1455: With One Block And Four

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If the evil spirit of the Demon Race is as sharp as a blade, the disaster energy of the painful disaster is more like a sawtooth, as long as it is cut, it is a miserable end of flesh and blood!

Lin Ping's petite body flashed like a meteor, and the silver-haired demon suddenly faced the battle with two claws shooting continuously!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The two battled into a ball, and the power was shocking. What is more terrifying is that the two offensives have a little momentum, but each attack can make the space start a terrible explosion!

Space shifting, a special combat technique that can only be used when reaching the open sky, allows the user's lethality to be concentrated in a certain space area.

The power seems to be weakened, and the attack damage can actually be greatly increased!

This is why, the shot of Sacred Mind State has the spirit of ruining the heavens and the earth, but the shot of opening the heavens has a somewhat uncommon feeling.

It is because the latter's fighting methods and attacking techniques are more brilliant!

Buzz~! Rumble~~!

The Holy Dragon is entrenched, and the sky of golden light reveals the invincible God of War!

Lin Chen, step out!

laugh! boom!

The extreme south area of the entire Demon Battlefield is shaking!

"This is, Kamui?"

"It's strange... this king has never seen such divine power, which is completely different from the gods of the human race!"

"That human race actually killed the high altar!"

"Do you want to support the past?"

"Don't act rashly! At first, the ten adults personally commanded that no one could approach the area of the high altar without their orders!"

Crowds of high-level holy demon kings and a small number of top-level holy demon kings stand far away from the high altar. The high altar is about the future of the demon battlefield, and it unlocks the secrets of the Nine Wars.

At first, he was ordered to die, and those who approached without permission were dead words!

550 trillion dragon power, 650 trillion, 800 trillion dragon power!

Lin Chen's pure power, hurricane all the way! Raise the height of his own unimaginable!

In the end, he stopped before the 899 trillion dragon power mark, which was the limit he endured in the stage of the manifestation of his flesh shell!

"This is my current limit... 899 trillion dragon power, which has skyrocketed nearly 30 times compared to the original pure power of my body!"

Lin Chen exhaled like a hurricane, and the wind lingered in clouds!

His eyes were hidden with hundreds of millions of golden divine glances, and at a glance, a divine light ran over and opened up the heavens!

The whole body was circulated in groups of golden light, which set off Lin Chen like a **** of war, and the prestige of war was invincible!

"I don't know this power, and without the talents of the sky-turners, can I get rid of an open heaven!"

Lin Chen was full of enthusiasm, the domineering side leaked, and his eyes were swept away, and he immediately locked the four demon kings!

The four demon kings can't help but shrink their pupils!

This force is even stronger than them!

Lin Chen's foot kicked into an aurora that rushed to the old man in the gray robe and green pupil who was placed in the prison of the extreme prison, almost to the extreme!

There is no need for any body style at all. His pure power is the most terrifying body speed!

Bang ~! Lin Chen raised his hand into a fist, and a vortex-like airflow was formed around it. The center of the vortex was Lin Chens Fist of God of War that he received at Dantian!

Lin Chen punched the green-eye demon king with one punch!

"Spirit Devouring Claws!"

The green-eyed demon tears away horizontally! One punch and one claw, the front is hard!

Sigh~! Bang~!

A small explosion occurred between one person and one demon, but it also exploded a hole in the prison!


The green-eye demon bleeds at the corners of the mouth, the demon body bursts, and the scale armor cracks like a spider web!

The Green-Eyed Demon King still has time to repair, and he was shocked to find that the injury could not be repaired and continued to expand!

"System, super messy!"

Lin Chen screamed at the bottom of his heart, and the green-eye demon's body was abnormally reproduced, and his blood was chaotic! Then a slow rune exploded from above it!

In addition, Lin Chen's body was spinning at a rapid speed, and the Warlord's leg armor bloomed into the golden light, like a bunch of golden whirlwinds, Lin Chen swept out a whip leg in the air, hitting his back!

Bang ~! Lin Chen flew the green-eyed demon king with one leg, chasing after victory!

[Consumption of 19.8 million advanced talent points, orange rank talent: extinction fissure, super chaos, successful launch, 11 launches, target: 4 targets.

The stronger the enemy, the more scary the talent points consumed. This wave of consumption consumes 2% of Lin Chen's total talent points!

"Not good! The old demon was injured?"

"Damn, this human race is a bit wild!"

"Something wrong, this king's body is a little messy!"

The other three demon kings have their own anomalies, and they still insist on outbreaks, rushed out of the shackles of the prison, and surrounded Lin Chen!

Just now in the Jigong prison, the four demon kings have been harassed many times by the Dragon Breath attack, triggering many Super Chaos talents!

Lin Chen fisted like a dragon, swiftly flicked at the green-eyed demon king, and the afterimage became a film.

The Green-Eyed Demon tried to resist, but was repeatedly cracked and repelled by Lin Chen's offensive!

Even with boxing, knee strikes, elbow blows, whip kicks, etc., Lin Chens melee combat is crazy, just like a gust of wind, it can be said to be a real "one thousand blows"!

Thousands of melee attacks were launched in almost a breath! Each blow is a world-destroying force above 850 trillion dragon power!

Even if the three demon kings came to support him, he was not afraid, and almost aiming at the green-eye demon king was a fierce attack!

When the three demon kings tried to interfere with his offensive, Lin Chen kept the runes slow and could not stop at all!

Starting from the tens of thousands of slow runes of the top rune energy!

Bang ~! Five-clawed Sky Dragon claws caught in the air and hit two demon kings. They retreated back and forth on the spot, the Holy Dragon flew, and Long Xiao was shaking!

Lin Chens Holy Dragon is also cooperating with Lin Chens offensive battle!

Two demon kings attempted to forcibly break through the cover of the holy dragon's cover offensive, and they were shocked to find that the holy dragon's claws were hardened. The dragon's attack could not be healed, and the wound would slowly expand. It was a weapon for chronic slaughter!

The holy dragon's offensive is also accompanied by the effect of the talent of'extinction and fissure'. It can't be underestimated. Once it is hit, the injury can't stop!

It's not over yet!

Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and the six phantom avatars held the seventh-grade sacristy, which appeared one after another!


The avatar shed a tear of tears, and the other avatars flew back and forth, bursting out of the unique Lotus Dance!

The shadow of the lotus sword covers the sky dance, and the rain of sword gas debris falls!

One arrow Zixia breaks through the world, one sword starlight billions of years!

A wave of offensive dazzling all over the sky. Also disrupt the support rhythm of a demon king!

Seven people, a dragon with a psychic spirit, fighting alone with the four demon kings in the sky, turned upside down!

Below the sky, the five demon kings who maintained and repaired the broken demon altar were stunned when they saw one scene!

This Lin Chente is too strong!

Alone, blocking the four demon kings?

The most important thing is that, according to their experience, Lin Chen's pure power has overwhelmed the four demon kings at most, and his holy dragon is also some distance away from Kaitian Realm.

It is obvious that there is a huge gap between the four demon kings to fight with this force, it is basically impossible!