My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1456

Vol 5 Chapter 1456: 5. The Fifth One Is Here

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Shengjing cultivation is mainly divided into several grades.

The Seventh Sacred Star Realm, when the holy force repaired for life is incorporated into the new holy cave, condenses into a holy force like a planet-like great shore!

Opening a holy cave in Na Xing realm can increase the holy power with a total repair of 0.2 times. When converted into dragon power, it will be doubled when 10 pieces are opened.

The fulfillment of Na Xing Realm is three times the power to control the sum of Life and Death Realm!

For example, taking the mid-stream and lower-end monster list talent as an example, a monster has a total expansion of 250 times and a total of 50 times. Then when he is promoted to life and death, the holy power he controls is 37 trillion dragon power.

If this evildoer can be promoted to the satisfaction of the Star Realm and 70 Holy Caverns are in full bloom, the foundation of the Holy Power ultimately controlled is about 112 trillion Dragon Power!

But the foundation is the foundation, and actual combat is actual combat, and it cannot be completely confused. Moreover, not all Na Xing realm has the talent of the evil spirit list.

A super demon of the enchanted list has a basic divine power of about 112 trillion dragon power when the "life and death realm is complete". When the last Naxi Realm with the same basic divine power is completed, it will be a high probability to accept the star. The situation wins!

Because just as the advantage of Life and Death Realm is to increase the resilience of the Eucharist, the biggest advantage of Na Xing Realm is to increase the explosive power of Holy Power.

The holy cave holy force condenses the planet-like great shore, and the explosive power of using the exercises will far exceed the superficial holy force foundation!

In the Sacred State of Mind, each opening of the Holy Cavern can increase the Holy Strength by 0.1 times.

Converted into dragon power, it is doubled if you open 10 pieces. Taking the example of the demon list just now, the promotion of the Sacred Heart State is complete, which is the basic holy power of about 225 trillion dragon power!

However, to become a strong player in the Sacred Mind Realm is almost all of the upper qualifications, even top qualifications, so most of the Human Sacred Sacred Minds are successful and must exceed the minimum limit of 225 trillion Dragon Power!

The strongest advantage of the Sacred Mind State lies in the opening of the 10 Sacred Hearts of the Sacred Heart, the Sacred Heart is not destroyed, and the saint is not dead!

But Kaitian Realm is different. Kaitian Realm opens a holy cave, which will increase the basic holy power of more than 400 trillion!

As for how much basic holy power can be broken away, it is entirely up to the saints previous accumulation to judge whether they have opened up more holy cave space to accommodate stronger holy power!

After Lin Chen used the Ares four-piece suit, the limit of improvement was 899 trillion dragon power! Compared with most of the open heavens where 81 holy caves are opened, it is inferior to 82 open holy caves.

However, Lin Chen also has many of his killing tricks. It is these killing tricks that match his four-piece suit of God of War, so that he can play this unprecedented record of "one enemy four"!

In this battle, you can't fight against each other in front of you, so the potential ratio will be exhausted. You must choose one to fight! Break each other one by one!

Lin Chens six avatars can be described as desperately stopping one of the demon kings with life, while the Holy Dragon used many supernatural powers, combined with slow runes, super chaos, and turns to delay the two demon kings!

Bang ~!

In the void, Lin Chen's punch from the heavens and earth shook the head of the green-eyed demon king, followed by a whip-like whip leg that cut across the waist!

When the green-eyed demon king was flying, Lin Chen was chased by a mad demon, and he punched dozens of punches at the vital point of the upper body of the demon body continuously!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen struck a thousand blows, before reaching fifty breaths, and finally beat the Green Eyed Demon King seriously, spitting blood madly! Attribute light ball is falling all over the sky!

"Quickly, hammer it again, this old guy will die! Undoubtedly, continue to expand the injuries on his body!"

Lin Chen made up his mind that he didn't even rush to close the attribute light ball.

This is the terrible place of extinct fissures!

After the upgrade, the extinction and fissure wounds, and the snowballs of the injuries, Lin Chen's "extinct fissures and wounds" can be said to bring all the saints, holy realms, and restraints to death!

"Damn it, you human devil, you're the one who forced this king!"

The Green Eyed Demon King vomited blood and roared angrily, and his whole body was soaring, flickering and expanding like a cluster of star cores, and his energy climbed up!

"Old Devil!"

"Mother, the old demon was forced to explode by this kid!"

"Although it won't die after it explodes, the old demon's body is considered ruined!"

The three devil kings sighed and retreated in an instant!

Even the silver-haired Demon King in the void couldn't help but stop hand in hand with Lin Ping'an and started to retreat!

A top-level Saint Demon King comparable to the open world explodes, and the power will be ruined! If he is involved at close range, I am afraid he will be seriously injured or even on the verge of death!

The Green Eyed Demon King was also forced to a desperate end!

Lin Chen's methods are too many, can be described as dazzling, so that he is unpredictable!

Super chaos affects combat power, slow runes interrupt the offensive, and extinction fissures continue to increase the damage! Three-pronged approach, he thought it would be hard not to pounce on the street!

However, all the scenes expected by the Demon King did not appear!

The next moment, their scalp numb!

Facing the rapid expansion, the green-eyed demon who is about to explode, Lin Chen does not retreat, but rushes up!

Are you crazy?

The demons were stunned!

I saw Lin Chen slapped the green-eye demon king's chest!

When the palm touches the demon body, Lin Chen's mouth corners rise wildly, making the eyes of the green-eye demon king shrink!

He smelled of conspiracy!

Lin Chen gave a cold drink!

"Macro talent!"

Buzz! A green light flashed, and the green-eyed demon disappeared!

It's not over yet!

After Lin Chen launched the Macro talent, it was almost between the electric light and the flint, with a sharp grip and another blast!

"Super-dimensional transmission!"

Brush ~!

A purple light came, and the green-eyed demon king's demon body that was about to explode was sent by Lin Chen to the Demon Great Altar like ghosts!


The major demon horribly changed!

Sigh~! Bang ~! !

An unprecedented big bang rolled up!

The energy storm permeates thousands of miles, thousands of miles, 100,000 miles! Xiantiandi, directly into the sky!

Then, tear the magic enchantment unfolded by the silver-haired demon into two halves!

Some of the remaining nine demon kings are blown up, some are injured, and some are spirally flying on the spot!

But more importantly, the demon altar was completely blown into pieces!

"Successful! Hahaha! The talent of super-dimensional teleportation has rarely been used since facing the Sacred Heart State. Once the powerful people above the Sacred Heart State blocked the space, the super-dimensional teleportation would hardly be used."

The space above the Sacred Mind State is blocked. Although the super-dimensional transmission cannot be used, it can be used in the Macros!

Lin Chens supernatural talents can infiltrate enemies into his supernatural space plane, but the higher the opponents cultivation base, the higher the probability of intake failure.

Lin Chen just took advantage of it, and after approaching at close range, launched the Macro Talent, which is almost a 100% success rate, and inhaled the Green-eye Demon King into the megaplane!

Then he threw it out of the super-space plane with the talent of'super-dimensional teleportation', which is equivalent to throwing a super bomb on the Altar of the Demon Race!

There is no way. After all, it is an individual or a demon. It is difficult to imagine: Lin Chen, a lunatic, will fly towards a self-detonating Saint Demon King...

This is not suicide!

It is equivalent to the last moment of ordinary people firing artillery, who will rush up to grab the artillery at the last moment of artillery explosion? Isnt this crazy behavior?

"The Demon Altar has exploded! It is now!"

Lin Chen's heartbeat quietly speeded up, and his fifth God of War suit was close at hand!