My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1457

Vol 5 Chapter 1457: 5. The Fifth Ares Parts

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Lin Chen incorporated the Divine Dragon and Phantom Doppelganger into the body, and urged pure power to form a body protector in the field of dragon power, protecting himself.

After confirming that Lin Pingan was fine, he stared at the blooming Devil Storm and continued to wreak havoc.

A holy demon king who opened up the heavens exploded, and his power destroyed the heavens and the earth.

Those demons who tried to get close to the demons altar were instantly destroyed by this wave of energy and annihilated into pieces!

Even the demon inside the ancient coffin was blown through several holes, but Lin Chen did not regret it.

He tried to use the [decompose function], decomposed the remains of the deity, and the obtained attribute value was not satisfactory, and he had to decompose it with 5000 advanced heavenly value!

He only had 40,000 high-level Heavenly Dao points left in his hand. Decomposing the remains of seven or eight Demon Venerables had to use up his home. The attributes of Heavenly Dao are very useful.

The attribute values of the demon drop are mainly talent points, enhancement points and advanced blood. Although these attributes are missing from Lin Chen, they are not as important as the [awakening function] brought by the value of heaven.

"Energy dissipated!"

Lin Chen stepped into the sky, rushed into the storm, and then plunged into the bottom of the altar.

The magic energy under the ground is magnificent like a sea, if the ordinary saint saint in the realm will even be crushed by the magic energy directly!

"Give me!"

Lin Chen forcibly blasted away with a punch, punching the magic energy upside down, all through!

Deep into the air, I finally saw the source of the attribute light!

In the attribute beam, a golden treasure chest with magnificent attributes was suspended. When Lin Chen's fingertips touched, the attribute light suddenly disappeared and was incorporated into Lin Chen's body.

[The host opens the property chest of the Ares suit and obtains: the main piece of the Ares suit and the armor design.

"The design of the God of War armor?"

Lin Chen ecstatic!

God of War suits, armor is the core component!

If the armor is counted, the five sets of the God of War Lin Lin obtained!

Only the last armor is left!

"According to the system display, a complete Ares suit can at least give the host the power comparable to the true god..."

Lin Chen was excited, but he couldn't take a closer look at the materials of the armor casting design. The nine demon kings outside were completely turned upside down, and they were full of anger!

"Roar! The hard work of this king for countless years!"

"It's just one step away! It's one step away! We can let Lord Demon Lord come, and the last step away from unlocking the secrets of the Nine Battlefield!"

"You, why! Dare to destroy our altar, the devil of the human race, today you must die without a burial place!"

"Very well, either you died or I died today. The dog of the human race, this king wants you to survive not to die!"

All the ancient trolls are furious!

After so many years of accumulation, all of them have gone to the forefront. It is like when a cave waiting for thousands of years has to go in. Suddenly someone blows up the cave.

Brush ~!

Lin Chen rushed out and stood with Lin Ping'an.

Around him, there were nine completely ecstatic ancient trolls, each one according to their own, the monstrous demonic pressure was like a wave of extinction, drowning all directions!

If the ordinary hole-expanding environment is standing here, I am afraid that even Mowei can't bear it. Even facing the ancient trolls with nine hairs, even opening the heavens can be life-threatening!

Lin Ping'an rarely had the frivolity of the past, and seriously said seriously: "Lin Chen, or should I..."

Lin Chen frowned: "Don't mess up, you can't completely liberate the disaster."

Lin Pingan smiled: "It's alright, I'm used to..."

"You can't do this even if you are used to the pain. You promised me to be obedient."

Lin Chen interrupted her directly, looking at Lin Chen's eyes, Lin Ping'an lowered his head and yelled.

"What's more, I'm not sure, how dare I challenge these guys, it's time to try new tricks!"

Lin Chen smiled with evil spirits and awe-inspiring, once again, released the Holy Dragon again.

Bang ~!

Nine demon kings shot together, the world is overturned, and the situation is changing! The crystal wall of the space as strong as the battlefield of the Nine Races was also shaken to a tremendous emptiness in the empty space of 100,000 miles, like a moment of extinction!

boom! boom! boom!

The sky exploded continuously, and a series of explosions continued on the extreme south of the entire Demon Battlefield. Those top-level Saint Demon Kings who tried to watch the battle were forced to retreat!

This is the battle of the sky level!

Those high-level holy devil kings in the star-level have even a fatal danger even when they are close to support!

There is little room for intervention except for the level of cultivation of the Sacred Mind State!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The divine light shines in the world, a divine light is opened from the beginning of the world, and the light slowly falls to the direction of the demon altar!

"Then... what is that?"

"This is the first time this king saw you, what a powerful blood pressure..."

"Is it from the human race? It seems not! It is the blood pressure of the dragon race!"

The holy demon kings are horrified!

The nine archaic trolls narrowed their eyes and stared at Lin Chen's direction.

They felt an extraordinary dragon power!

As the smoke dissipated, a mighty dragon shadow coiled around the void.

It is Lin Chen's Holy Dragon!

It's just that his holy dragon no longer appears in the form of a human body this time, but a real ontology!

Its dragon body is endless, and its body is meandering like a dragon. It is hundreds of miles in length, the head of a unicorn, the tail of a carp, its red angle is like a deer, its face is covered with gold whiskers, its wings hang down, its dragon scales are red gold, and its golden dragon claws are like stars. It's as huge as it is!

The dragon body permeates the dignity of the souls that dominate the ten thousand people, and the divine power suppresses eternal ages, making the world invincible!

When Shenlong opened his eyes, heaven and earth were in the day. With eyes closed, it seems that the world is in eternal darkness!

It seems that the dragon of the ancient times came to dominate the world for nine days!

Nine archaic trolls were shocked! I was completely shocked by this scene!

The Power of the Dragon!

Perhaps it is not a real Shenlong, but this divine power is undoubtedly a level that only pure descendants of Shenlong can hold!

It is Lin Chen's holy dragon body!

After obtaining the blood refinement of the blonde girl, Lin Chens Taixi Ancient Dragon bloodline was raised to 5 billion points! It became the head of all bloodlines!

When revealing the ontology, the characteristics of Taixi ancient dragon will be the main body. The three major characteristics of the ancient dragon, the yin and yang chemical dragon and the extreme prison water dragon only occupy a very small part!

At this time, a red divine light twirled around the Holy Dragon, such as a star ring spinning very fast, protecting Lin Chen and Lin Ping'an!

"It's worthy of peerless supernatural power, and it didn't disappoint me!"

Lin Chen looked at his holy dragon with satisfaction, to be precise, it is time to call the descendants of the dragon!

The starry red light surrounding the bodies of Lin Ping'an and Lin Chen is the Taixi ancient dragon bloodline supernatural power controlled by the Holy Dragon: Taixi Divine Light!

Divine light, one of the abilities that only God can control, the descendants of the Shenlong are perfectly reproduced with the power of blood. Although it is not as powerful and perfect as the true God, it can be used in the most basic way.

For example, when Taixi Shenguang protects the body, the body's defense is almost in absolute defense!

As long as the power of the Dragon Vessel has not been exhausted, the ordinary Kaitian Realm can't break through the time that Taixi Shenguang maintains!

That's right, a real absolute defense under the saint!

Under the protection of Taixi Shenguang, Lin Chen rubbed his hands and raised his mouth frantically.

"If the nine Archaic trolls are violently beaten, the accumulation of my condensed caves should be so exciting?"