My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1458

Vol 5 Chapter 1458: Lin Chen Is Crazy

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"What's the trick?"

"Don't worry about it, three, seventy-one, twenty-one, this dragon family has to be exhausted no matter how strong it is, as long as you don't let it run, it will be a caged bird!"

The silver-haired demon king is violent and brutal: "If today this human race devil escapes, I will surely be nailed to the devil's column of shame, and I will never turn over! Leave him to this king and use Tianluo to respect Dafa!"

The other eight demon kings are dignified, but they cant take too much care of them. They cant explain it without taking Lin Chen!

All the devil bit his tongue and spit out a sperm of blood to the palm of his hand. When he was imprinting the seal, he suddenly changed suddenly!

"Tian Luo Mozun Dafa!"

laugh! A series of demonic qi interweave, like a heaven and earth net, which suddenly enveloped a million miles of space, like a big net, and imprisoned the space here!

Unless the strong man in the mid-day of Kaitian Realm storms personally, there is no possibility that the space enveloped by Demon Lord Dafa will be broken!

The Nine Demon Kings are determined to die with Lin Chen!

This battle, they have been regarded as a protracted battle in the end!

At this time, within Lin Chen's air-transplantation bladder, the piled-up anodes of golden Shengyuan coins burned quickly, making up for the consumption of Shenglong!

Sheng Long opened his mouth, and the red-gold Taixi God light turned into a cluster of stars, which immediately enveloped Lin Chen and Lin Ping'an.

That's right, this is also a part of the bloodline supernatural power, Taixi God's Light can bless other creatures.

The divine light is not scattered, and the protected target is in a state of absolute defense!

"Fight a protracted battle? Your brother Chen has never been afraid! Isn't it longer than seeing who, who is afraid of who!"

Lin Chen's evil charm smirked, and the sole of his foot slammed to spur the god's divine power.

The face of the beautiful woman in the green dress changed slightly, her hands clapped, she punched, and exploded in the sky!

"I'll help you!"

"Don't let this boy succeed, four of them hacked him together!"

"Crack him!"

Another three demon kings came on foot with magic energy, Lin Chen took a whip leg in the air, kicked thousands of miles of magic energy, and knocked the three kings with one leg! Backhand fist slams down like a violent storm!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen attacked and fought all the way, not afraid of the other party's counterattack, and the fighting trend has a sense of life for life!

However, without taking twenty breaths, the four demon kings were almost vomiting blood!

This human race is too hard!

No matter what bloodline supernatural powers or tricks they use, they can't break through his "Taxi God Light"!

Authentic "absolute defense"! The power of the Divine Light can't break through the sky and the earth!

Although the four demon kings can take the upper hand with the joint, and even occasionally suppress Lin Chen's tendency, they can't touch him! This kid's scalp is so hard!

In contrast, Lin Chen, because of the existence of absolute defense, it is almost the ultimate attack! There is no need to be afraid of the counterattack!

If Lin Chen is just a holy realm with 899 trillion dragon strength, the four demon kings dont have to be so afraid of him. The trick of this kid is too weird! As long as he is injured, the wound will become bigger and bigger, equivalent to chronic death!

Yes, Lin Chen can be beaten a hundred strokes, a thousand strokes, or even 10,000 strokes!

But as long as they hit Lin Chen with a punch or blow, they will get something!

The other five demon kings faced up with Shenglong and Lin Pingping respectively, and a similar scene was also staged on them!

The nine demon kings are completely caught in an unprecedented consumption tug of war!

They are betting that Lin Chen's "Taxi Shenguang" can't stick to the end!

And Lin Chen must create opportunities for super chaos and slow runes as much as possible during the duration of Taxi Gods Light, and hit all the extinct cracks into all demons!

"Send you another surprise!"

Lin Chen waved with one hand, and a coffin of a deity appeared in the void, and he kicked it in the air!

Brush ~! The ancient demon zombie shot like a shooting star, and the scalp of the four demon kings exploded!

They will not be hurt by the power of the Demon Lord, but the pressure of the Demon Lord is not trivial. Too close to it will have a serious impact on them, such as the suppression of the magic energy by a higher order of the magic power, limited conscious response and so on!

When the four demon kings were about to avoid it, a gray rune descended from the sky, and the slow runes exploded!

At the moment when they were sluggish, two demon kings were hit by the coffin!

Brush ~! Lin Chen glanced past in a blink of an eye, punching a devil and punching! The talent of Extinction and Crack is successfully launched!

the other side:

"Wow, this is amazing!"

Seeing that he was covered with a red-golden aperture, Lin Ping'an was so excited.

She urged her own disaster energy, approaching the silver-haired demon again and again, hard against the opponents attack, and between the fingertips, a needle-like poison awn penetrated and beat the opponent. Lost temper, forced it to retreat again and again!

The most aggrieved is the silver-haired demon king!

Although he is the strongest, he is facing Lin Ping'an!

The scent of the suffering disaster can be described as unpredictable, plus one-handed absolute defense, beaten scalp numb!

If it weren't for the help of two demon kings, it might have already caught the scourge of disaster!

Just when the battlefield of the Demon raced in the dark and turned upside down

Heavenly Sanctuary, Wolong City, Sanqing Hall.

Every family of eight products can gather together, looking forward to the empty Wolong City Square.

Today is the day when the Nine Race battlefield is closed, that is, the day when the major evils will return.

"The damage this time is better than in previous years."

"Well, although nine people have also died, none of the main ones have died."

"The only person who died was the **** flame palace, weird, four people died in one death..."

"Hey, I guess, it's about the brave boy. There's nothing he dare not do in this world."

The public was able to discuss one after another, and looked at Chiyang Square,

At this time, there were no people in Chiyang Square in Wolong City, and all of them were evacuated to the south of the city hundreds of thousands of miles away. Near Chiyang Square, a strong spatial boundary was arranged.

The reason is very simple. Every time the Nine Clan battlefields are closed, and when the human races involved are sent back, they will always bring back some strange things.

When the plane energy of the Nine Battlefield takes the teleporter away, it will also ingest the things and creatures around the teleporter.

Therefore, in the past, there were also some enchanted wizards. When they were sent back, they would bring back some rare treasures and even some strange beasts.

Therefore, it is also important to evacuate the people.

brush! brush! brush!

At this time, the sky swirled a whirlpool of tens of thousands of spaces, the ceiling was falling in the vortex, a beam of light descended, and all the evils returned!

When they set foot on Chiyang Square, their expressions were very exciting, some were full of enthusiasm, some were awe-inspiring, and some were reborn, like being baptized.

Some were full of joy, some were flying, some were worried, some were sorry, and some were even brought back to a piece of centuries of ice pith when they were sent back, making the fellow evil spirits ecstatic!

In the Nine Battlefield, there is only one chance to enter life. Their encounters and adventures in it, once they are sent back, it means that everything is over!

The eight rank forces are looking for their children, their expressions are different.

"Well, it seems that there are a few people who have achieved good results. These living people will surely become the pillars of my human race!"

The drunk old man smiled with satisfaction, however, his face suddenly changed slightly.

It seems, who is missing?

correct! Missing the most maverick guy, Lin Chen!

Bang ~!

At this time, the space vortex of the sky trembles violently! The situation has changed, and all the evil spirits have receded!

"what happened?"

Drunk old men and other open-air powerhouses who are hosting the ladder competition have caught a trace of magic energy?

The forces of all parties are as strong as the eight products, and they have never seen such a situation. The transmission channel of the Nine Race Battlefield has a hint of instability!

The drunk man and three others flashed into Chiyang Square!

At the next moment, the vortex exploded!


With a loud noise, all the Sacred Mind Realms looked through the void for the first time. When the vortex exploded, the silver robe was born.

Everyone hadn't had time to marvel, and his face changed a lot in the next moment!

Bang ~! boom!

He punched out with a punch, tearing the sky, and a devilish figure was flying thousands of miles with his punch!

The melee in the sky erupted again in an instant, and the figures of the eight demons and the two dragons fought in the sky and turned upside down!

"Come on, see who is more durable!"

When the young man's violent laughter echoed Wolong City, everyone took a cold breath!

"Peak Saint Demon King?"

"What the **** is going on!"

The eight grades of power are stunned!

Under the Chiyang Square, there were all the wicked monsters just now. This moment was almost scared by Zhou Tian's horror magic power!

The existence of being as strong as a drunk man could not help but breathe a sigh of relief!

Are you **** teasing me?

This... this Lin Chen brought back a peak Saint Demon King!

Are you nine? Nine! The series that all can play against Kaitian Realm!

what's the situation!

Moreover, it seems that the **** one was shot!

crazy! It must be crazy!

What happened!