My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1459

Vol 5 Chapter 1459: Brother You Have To Be Scared Of The World..

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"Expansion of caves to open the sky? Are you going to write this novel?"

"God...Dragon Power?"

"I'm a mother! Lin Chen still captive a descendant of Shenlong?"

"Why don't you care what he writes, hurry up! Come to our side!"

"Am I dreaming!"

"Crazy! The world is crazy!"

The entire Wolong City, whether it's the evil arrogance, the Eight Powers, and the forces of all parties, all exploded in an instant!

The amount of information is too great!

Just kidding, what is the concept of Pinnacle Saint Demon King?

The absolute existence above the top-level holy demon king, second only to the demon king's strongman, exists at the top of the demon pyramid!

Every peak Saint Demon King is basically a shocking monster that has become famous in the Demon Race from the early days of the creation of the Human Race Holy World!

Its fighting power is equivalent to the human race opening the heavens, and the hands are dyed with the blood of many saints. The history of annihilating every peak Saint Demon King is a fierce blood battle of the human race!

Even the ordinary eight-rank power is nothing but the cultivation of before and after the Sacred State of Mind!

Although there are ordinary eight-ranking forces, there is no open world, but it is by no means a series that requires action. Basically it is the highest fighting power of the eight-ranking force. When it is dispatched, it represents the moment of life and death of that force!

And Lin Chen's expansion of a cave realm, and actually fight back and forth with the peak Saint Demon King?

At that moment, many people even thought that this **** thing was an illusion, an illusion!

Moreover, this dozen is nine!

Not to mention the monster list, even drunk old men and others can't believe this outrageous scene!

Not to mention Wolong City, more than half of the heavenly realm in the entire heavenly sanctuary, at this moment, suddenly opened his eyes, stunned!

"One, two, three...nine?"

"Nine Peak Saint Demon Kings dare to step into the holy land of my human race?"

Some of them are astonished, while others are thunder rage!

"Great dog gall!"

"When did the Demon Race become so outrageous, and dare to hit the Heavenly Sanctuary of my race!"

"Real name system to death? The old man succeeds you!"

"Big Brother, call someone! Go to Wolong City and kill these Holy Demon Kings who came over!"

"Go for a walk, bring the millet porridge of Shengguo wine, let's go to the theater!"

All roads open to heaven, and they all dispatched, pointing directly to Wolong City!

For a time, a terrible earthquake centered on Wolong City, shaking all directions!

One hundred thousand dragon city, thoroughly fry!

"Eh, I was sent back?"

Lin Chen's electric light and fire stone reacted. When all the forces in Wolong City were still in a state of coercion, he immediately transmitted a voice to Lin Ping'an.

"Peace, come back! Put away all your breath and give it to me next!"

Lin Ping received the voice, she tapped the mark on her eyebrows, and immediately suppressed the aura of disaster to the extreme, and immediately opened the cherry mouth to **** slightly.

All the distressed breath instantly swirled into her petite body, and she suddenly turned into a streamer into Lin Chen's direction, and entered Lin Chen's air transport capsule.

After all this, but one thousandth breath.

From the perspective of many saints in a state of coercion, it looks like a petite Qianying who can contend with the pinnacle of the demon king was taken away by Lin Chen in no time, and she did not pay attention to her true identity.

Because the former, Lin Chen, shocked the scene of the peak Saint Demon King all the way, it was too shocking! No one is shocked, no one is shocked!

In addition, the painful disaster has long erased the traces of historical existence, and almost no one can recognize it in the first place.

Taking Lin Pingan back into the luck and planting sacs, Lin Chen's war intentions climbed up and down without any counsel, and turned into a golden light to continue the beating all the way!

These nine pinnacle saints have already had seven talents for his "extinction". Then you just need to do it, hard work, and hooded work!

As soon as Lin Ping'an disappeared, the pressure of the three peak demon kings, including the silver-haired demon king, suddenly decreased, but they didn't besiege Lin Chen for the first time, but they were shocked by the drastic changes in the surrounding environment!

"Sure enough, it's human territory?"

"Oops, today is the time when the Terran Battlefield teleported back. We closed the stable altar for too long and forgot all of it!"

The faces of the three top demon kings have changed slightly!

The plane energy maintained by the Nine Battlefield is extremely limited, and each time it teleports, it will be forced back no matter where the teleporter is!

If you are in a different space plane, it is possible to send out the same space plane of the sender!

Thats right, they didnt even dream about it. The space bounded by the tactic "Tian Luo Mo Zun Da Fa" brought them over!

Because they wanted to imprison Lin Chen in the prescribed area of the Demon Battlefield, which caused the planes of the Nine Battlefield to be forced to teleport, the space they blocked was also transferred together!

"Lin Chen, what the **** is this?"

A bald old man beside the drunk man snorted coldly.

Lin Chen repulsed one of the pinnacle holy demon queens on one leg, frowning and said: "What is the situation, wouldn't you watch it? Do it!"

Then, Lin Chen waved impatiently.

"Okay, don't talk nonsense. I'm in a hurry to kill them, I'll do it, you are free."

The corners of the mouth were rushing wildly, and many eight-rank powers were messy in the wind.

Are you free?


Any hair!

The Wizards of the Monster List dont be crazy, they are crazy on the spot.

Brother! Do you know what you are doing?

This is why it's so hard to fight the Peak Demon in the expansion cave!

"The situation is not right, listen well to everyone, don't worry about the dragon race, kill the boy with all his strength, smash his divine light to the point, rob people, and run immediately!"

The silver-haired demon snorted! They are in the holy world of the human race, which is equivalent to entering the human camp. Every time they waste a second, they may never escape!

The space entrance of the Nine Race Battlefield, they cannot be opened here, only return to the Demon Race!

If they return to the Demon Race empty-handed like this, they will definitely die, and handing Lin Chen alive to the Demon High Level is their only way to live!

boom! The three sage demon kings headed by the silver-haired demon rushed to Lin Chen, and one of the two pinnacle sage demon intercepted by the holy dragon broke out of the circle of war, and all rushed towards Lin Chen!

It seems that they are determined to kill Lin Chen!

Brush ~!

At this time, the drunk man and others blocked the three-headed peak demon king!

Although I don't know what the situation is, it is not the time when these Holy Demon Kings are troubled. Once out of control, countless people will be killed in Wolong City!

"You go to catch him! Ben Wang will delay these three human races!"

The silver-haired Demon King spit out a bit of blood when he was cold and grabbed his palm. Its vitality plummeted for a long time, and his palm exploded with boundless magic energy.

The magic energy formed an enchantment, and immediately covered the three elders, and the three elders were suddenly delayed!

The remaining three demon kings, and the other four injured peak demon kings outstrip Lin Chen!

The pupils of all powerful powers shrank, and the seven pinnacle demon siege, even if the sky was open, there was a danger of death!

Other great powers dare not go up to help at all, it is the limit to protect their children, and go up to help? Doesn't take life seriously?

Many powerful forces stared at this scene with their hearts in mind. If Lin Chen could not stop them, Wolong City would be destroyed!

Lin Chen's mouth was raised, mad and evil!

"Yeah? Siege of this handsome man? Just right, your big demon coffin hasn't been used up yet, arrange!"

Lin Chen waved with one hand, a dozen groups of streamers emerged from the sky, and the magic pressure instantly covered the sky!

The eight ranks of powers who were so nervous the other day were stunned!

"Demon...Demon Lord's coercion?"

"My God... Demon Venerable Coffin?"

However, before everyone was finished, Lin Chen raised his leg and kicked diagonally!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

All the dozen coffins of Demon Venerable were kicked away by Lin Chen and blasted towards the Seven Demon Kings!

All the powerful people instantly exploded their scalp, and their chin almost fell to the ground!

Is there any other way...

Is there any reason...

For the first time in history, a generation of acupuncture expands into a handsome state, punches the peak Saint Demon King, and kicks the Demon Venerable Coffin!

You must have a degree of horror at the world!