My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1460

Vol 5 Chapter 1460: This Kid Hit The Demon Battlefield ?

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The coffins of more than a dozen Demon Venerables are like meteors, with the power of destroying the tumultuous Demon Venerable Venerables, they will fly to the Seven Demon Kings!

All were stunned, dumbfounded!

This young man is really only what they can't think of, and nothing he can't do!

Use Mozun Ancient Coffin as a ball?

What the **** are you kidding me about!

Even their group of saints, regarded by the human race as the'powerful' series, will be completely suppressed by Mowei when they are close to Mozun, making it extremely difficult to move.

Can this kid play them as a ball?

Compared with Lin Chen? These human powers are just farts!

He is called Da Neng, okay!

"Impossible! How can the Peak Saint Demon King come to the battlefield of my human race?"

At this time, there was a horror that had just evacuated from Chiyang Square and was terrified!

"It's not right, it's very wrong! Although we have Demon Races on the battlefield of our human race, there can never be a coffin of Mozun!"

"Don't say... Lin Chen, went to the Demon Battlefield?"

All the evil spirits and all powerful eyes glanced at each other, and an unprecedented chill came straight from the soles of the feet!

Think carefully!

When everyone witnessed the coffin of the seventeen deity statues in the sky, they all thought about fear!

No way

This kid, can it be said that single-handedly killed the Demon Battlefield?

What the **** concept!

To know that Wolong City gathers the powerful forces of all parties, even if they all enter the Demon Battlefield and can leave alive, I am afraid that there is not even one third!

He has a hole-expanding environment! Expand the cave!

Dare to break into the demon battlefield alone?

More than a newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger can describe, this Nima is simply crazy!

Lin Chen single breaks into the battlefield of the Demon Race, and will never leave ten or eight!

Pinnacle Saint Demon King has never been involved in the territory of human races in history.

Not to mention the ancient Demon King Coffin, if it appeared on the battlefield of the human race, it would have been discovered by the demon Tianjiao who had entered the battlefield of the Nine Races in the past, and it will be the top of the ladder tomorrow.

If it is a pinnacle of the Holy Demon King and the remains of one or two Demon Venerables, it can be justified.

Obviously, this kid must have hit the demon battlefield!

"Is he really a human..."

"Even a lunatic is afraid of dying!"

"Too fierce... Lao Tzu didn't even dare to think about it! Dare to kill the Demon Battleground after expanding the hole."

"If he breaks through the condensed environment and the life and death situation in the future, wouldn't he dare to fight the Saint King Realm?"

"The old man cultivates Baiji, and no one will accept it, so he will serve him!

In this short period of time, the amount of information on what happened is too great, everyone has been shocked by the buzz of the brain, and some are not enough.

Yue Xin'er, who was covered and retreated, covered her lips gently with her hands, and her trembling heart shook!

"He... he actually said it was true... he really hit the Demon Battlefield..."

Yuexin'er ghost made the **** think of Ye Qingwu's words.

Never want to try to figure him out, because no one can predict what height he will reach.

"Dancing at night, I really envy you..."

Feng Xueer on the other side gazed at the young man in the void with admiring eyes, just like looking at the stars in the sky.

Shangguanchen's eyes were deep and his eyes looked farther and longer.

"In a matter of time, what would it be like if he went to the Palace of Divine Flame... Ha ha, Wu Pian absolutely, maybe your opponent is no longer limited to the sage list!"

High altitude

When the coffin of Mozun shook back the seven peak demon kings, Lin Chen took the chase!

"Hahaha! Well played, beautifully played, really **** happy!"

"Boy Lin Chen, good job!"

"Come here, we will help you too!"

Swords of light that cut across thousands of miles are actually the big brothers of Jianyu!

They laughed with arrogance and did not care at all. A hand flashed to Lin Chen's holy dragon to help the holy dragon block the blood-tailed demon king, making the holy dragon free on the spot and supporting Lin Chen!

The people in Jianyu are the first team to dare to support Lin Chen!

The four Sword Masters headed are the pinnacle of the Sacred Heart State, and the remaining seven are the middle or late stage of the Sacred Heart State, including the three elders such as Jiansha's Jiansha!

"It's been a long time since I have fought against the Demon Race!"

"The last battle was still the ancient trolls who surrounded the peak Saint Demon King."

Eleven people from Sword Territory surrounded the blood-tailed demon king, and he grinned: "Depending on you, dare to fight this king? Find death!"

The battle between the two sides started in an instant, and the blood-tailed demon fights against the eleven saints of the state of mind, and the fighting power of the pinnacle of the demon is revealed!

Lin Chen heard from the air!

"Seniors, thank you!"

Immediately afterwards, Sheng Long hurried to Lin Chen.

At this time, he was attached to the red gold Taixi Shenguang, one person and one dragon, chasing that green beauty woman is a mess, and the slow runes flew out!

Her injuries have been extremely serious, many wounds spewed out the blood of magic!

When the magic blood drips to the ground, it makes a rustling corrosive sound, corroding hundreds of miles of buildings!

If you fight again, she will be destroyed!

"Quick help..." The beautiful green woman wanted to call for help, and the two grey and white runes exploded again, even without the opportunity to call for help!

Lin Chen flashed behind him, punching with a punch, Wei An's divine power ran through his waist, slammed, punched into the sky!

Tear ~! Five huge dragon-claws leaning against the sky were captured decisively and bombarded in the body of the beautiful green woman. The sky exploded a mushroom cloud and the hurricane swept the sky!

"You forced me, the devil of the human race!"

The turquoise beauty was exhausted, and the blood in her mouth was flowing endlessly, burning violently, and the whole body rose like a sun!


When all the eight ranks can cover their own demon's body, they can't help but take a cold breath!

Lin Chen, this guy, actually pushed a peak Saint Demon King to self-explosive level!

To know that the existence of this level is self-explosive, it basically means that the mountains and rivers are exhausted.

"Did you forget what happened just now?"

Lin Chen's evil charm smiled, without advancing and retreating, an arrow step urged the dragon force, flashing, and the palm of her hand hit her heavenly cover!

The magic blood of the beautiful green woman burns to the moment of self-explosion, the pupil shrinks!

"Macro talent!"

With the order of Lin Chen, the green light flashed and the beautiful green woman disappeared instantly!


The main peak demon king has just stabilized his body and looked horrified!

They feel the breath and imprint of Bi Scorpion Demon King, completely explode and dissipate in the world!

But the horrible thing is that this self-explosive has not brought any threat to this humanoid kid? It disappeared directly!

Lin Chens Overtime Talent has a high probability of failing to face a strong player in the high realm, but if it is touched at close range, it is not a problem at all!

In his time slot, there were no more than twenty Demon Venerable Ancient Coffins, whatever she blew up!

"Another self-explosion into an attribute light ball, very good, very good..."

Lin Chen's eyes turned, and the fierce bloom in his eyes could make the scalp of the six peak demon numb!

Ten archaic trolls, two are dead!

Whose turn is next?

Lin Chen grinned and smiled like a child.

"Next I will randomly select a lucky demon to return to the happy home."