My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1461

Vol 5 Chapter 1461: He Is The First And The Last

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In the distance of Wolong City.

Witnessing this terrifying worldly war, the Ye Family and the Zhao Family were all stunned!

Even the heavenly cover of a group of elders in the night house with a wicked cold!

They had cold backs and pinched cold sweat secretly!

Dangerous, too **** dangerous!

In this way, their night house was almost lifted!

Think about what happened when Lin Chen came to cut off the marriage between Zhao and Ye's family.

This child can beat the Pinnacle Saint Demon King, and still a dozen or four, also forced a Pinnacle Demon King to explode, what is this concept? It is equivalent to having infinite combat power close to the mid-day of Kaitian Realm!

On that day, if he didn't give Yejia's face, if he really fights, I am afraid that the entire Yejia, no one can stop him!

Ye Family had to be lifted by him!

The power of Kaitian Realm is not placed in the Eighth Rank Force. It does not mean that you can move as you please. Basically, it is the highest-level combat power. It is not in the family or sect at all!

"This... this kid is not a bluff at all, he really has the power to subvert my night house..."

"Fortunately... Qingwu's relationship with him is not bad, he didn't move my night house for Qingwu's sake..."

The elders of the night family only knew at this moment that they had been jumping on the edge of death repeatedly!

Zhao Mingyu, who finally recovered from his injuries, stood staring on a mountaintop, staring at the distant war, lost his soul, and his mouth was full of self-deprecating sneers.

It turned out that he really wanted to kill himself...

Open heaven, this is the realm he pursued for life!

At this moment, Lin Chen is fighting with the Demon Strong who belongs to the realm he pursued all his life!

He knew very well that in this life and this world, he can only look up at the back of this man!

Its not that Zhao Mingyu is too weak, but the former is too ridiculously strong...

The Zhao family beside me seemed to think of something. When he woke up at the beginning of his dream, he jumped directly and hurriedly said.

"Quick! Quickly order to stop all the acts of harassment and assassination of Zixia Wanggu!"

"Give Lao Tzu all the killers as fast as possible!"

He was cold and sweaty, and the corners of his mouth were trembling.

"Damn, if the people who moved the valley of Zixia King, Lin Chen, the **** of disgust, had to lift my Zhao family! Lao Zite has no face to meet the ancestors!"

The Zhao family also fried the pan for a while, and all the staff were dispatched.

They went to put away all the small actions against Zixia Wanggu!

You know, a guy who dares to shoot the Nine Clan battlefield to the Demon Battlefield alone will be afraid of their Zhao family?

If I knew that the Zhao family would move the Zixia King Valley, what would be the cause?

I am afraid the result is that the next time he kicks, it is not the coffin of Mozun, but the coffin of their ancestors from Zhao family!

Moreover, Master Zhu is not stupid. He clearly remembers that when Lin Chen appeared at the beginning, there was a mysterious little girl who could also compete with Kaitian Realm! Still able to make a tie with the silver-haired Demon King!

A strong man in the sky, they are not afraid of the Zhao family.

Two open heavens, not afraid!

But in the face of a dare to kill the demon battlefield, kill Lin Chen!

Sorry, say goodbye!


Chiyang Square is high above the sky.

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

In his macro space plane, there are a dazzling array of attribute light balls, which is simply dazzling!

A self-destructive fall of a pinnacle holy king, the attribute light ball produced is equivalent to Lin Chen's killing and falling.

Because this is the result of the extinct fissure, its unusually self-destructive, which is equivalent to Lin Chen killing another peak Saint Demon King!

Kill the two peak demon kings in a row!

It is not an exaggeration that Lin Chen's record is enough to be recorded in history! On these two peak saint demon kings, if you start a war, I don't know how many saints have fallen!

However, the most terrible thing is that he is not finished yet, he still has to fight!

"too strong"

"This kid is forcing a peak Saint Demon to explode, and then it's gone!"

"Is he in control of some space holy objects against the sky? But, impossible!"

"There is no space holy object in this world that can withstand the power of a peak Saint Demon to explode!"

Lin Chen's "time-out" talent scares all the eight ranks of power!

This child is far beyond their imagination! This is equivalent to blocking the last retreat of a strong man!

"Well, if we go on like this, we will be killed by this kid!"

"Do you want to continue fighting?"

"If we fight again, even if we can capture this kid, we can't take it away!"

The six pinnacles of the Holy Demon King communicate quickly, not to mention that the silver-haired Demon King forcibly intercepts the drunk old man and the three old men. With Lin Chen one person and one dragon, they also have a very tricky feeling!

This kid is even more difficult than some super-powerful human races!

If the human race is open to the sky, even if they can't beat it, one will explode and either the other party will be seriously injured and run away, or they will all die directly!

But this kid doesn't work!

You blew yourself up, and he gave you a backhand to disappear! how to spell?

The most trembling thing for the devil kings is that if they don't explode, they will die even if they fight hard!

Because their injuries cannot be recovered!

Since the explosion did not die, the hard hit was consumed!

Damn it!

The only possibility is to support his "Taxi God Light" past.

With the vision of the pinnacles of the Holy Demon King, Lin Chen is now also the end of the crossbow.

His "Taixi God Light" has become dim and free after the previous round of attack!

Hitting it again, his Taixi divine light must be broken!

As soon as the divine light broke, only two peak demon kings could be equal to him, and three besieged him, they must be won!

But the result is also obvious, they will also be consumed to full weight injury, the most important thing, after taking Lin Chen? Can they kill the Heavenly Sanctuary by dragging their wounds?

This game is full of unknowns!

The six pinnacles of the Holy Demon King hesitated, Lin Chen did not hesitate, he turned his eyes, and immediately selected the most injured Tianyu Demon King.

Tianyu Demon King: "...what are you doing, lying trough, he is staring at the king! He is coming!"

Bang~! Lin Chen stepped on the holy dragon, one person and one dragon, galloping in the dragon city, facing the six peak demon kings!


Under the Chiyang Square, the world is tumbling, and all buildings are destroyed!

The moat enchantment of Wolong City is completely activated, completely isolating the war zone!

All the saints stared at this scene staring, looking up at the ordinary figure of God that day!

"If there is a **** in this world, maybe this is the case..."

A sage has a quick eye and quickly records this scene.

Throughout the ages, in the Nine Race Battlefield, no human race demon dared to approach the Demon Battlefield!

But today, a wicked wizard born out of the world broke all common sense in this world! With the practice of expanding the cave realm, he killed the Demon Battlefield, kicked the Demon Venerable Coffin, and bombarded the Peak Demon King!

He is the first, and perhaps the last!


At this moment, a devilish sigh, suddenly reverberating in the world!

The sky in Wolong City instantly dimmed, and the devil's energy was raging, and the hearts of all the saints suddenly shrouded a heavy haze!

Is there another demon coming?