My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1463

Vol 5 Chapter 1463: Like It? How Many More Do You Want?

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The white-haired old man slowly stepped into the air and smiled lightly.

"At that time, I spared some of your demon clan's lives, you should spare these young people's lives, right? Their time has just begun."

" turns out to be you...the king will not intervene in this matter."

The Dragon-Dragon Lord stepped back a few steps in a row, when preparing to retreat-

laugh! Tear ~!

The Heavenly Feather Demon King beside him suddenly blew his blood, his wounds burst, and the desperate pain was revealed in the Devil's Eyes. After vomiting blood, he died in anger!

The holy demon kings were shocked!

Immediately looked at Lin Chen in horror!

He is the ghost!

Lin Chen evil charm smiled.

"What's wrong, it's just the gift I gave you to the Demon Race, do you like it? If you like it, stick your head over again, and I'll send a few more?"

The Swallowing Demon King was startled, and his face was sullen immediately, and his handsome face was unbearably distorted!

Actually, actually killed a peak Saint Demon in front of him!

He didn't care about Tianyu Demon's life, but his majesty was trampled on by the opponent!

When he killed a peak demon king in his face, didn't he not swallow the dragon demon king in his eyes?

"Very good, Lin Chen, human king, this king remembers you, in time..."

"It's done, how many times have you said these things to the Demon Clan, can you change something new."

Lin Chen whistled and joked, swallowing the dragon demon with anger exposed.

However, the next moment, the Dragon Swallower almost vomited blood!

Lin Chen flashed, kicking his feet and kicking the coffins of the demons scattered all around, kicking them across the sky like a meteor and hitting the dragon demon king like a meteor.

Lin Chen clapped his hands and waved with disgust.

"Okay, don't talk nonsense, bring these obscene things in and out."

The open worlds and powers can't help but whimpering...

This kid is really fearless!

In the face of such characters as Dragon Swallower, you can fly arrogantly!

Everyone seriously doubts, is there really anyone in this world that Lin Chen will be afraid of? The Holy King's tomb was jumping, and he kicked the ancient demon's coffin, and there is nothing in this world that he dare not do!

"Good! Very good, the Terran really gave birth to a demon wizard..."

When the Dragon Swallowing Demon took over all the Ancient Demon Venerable Coffins, he smiled angrily.

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Do you know it now? Your news is too backward, hasn't my handsome name been passed back to your Demon Race?"

The Dragon Swallowing Devil pulled the remaining seven peak Demon Kings, and the body of the Tianyu Demon King, and all the coffins of the Demon Venerable, concealed from the dark tide wave.

At this time, a more hoarse and simple voice came from that wave of magic energy!

"Lin Chen... the name is remembered here."

Everyone was shocked!

Obviously, behind this dragon swallowing demon, there is a stronger demon coveted here!

The reason why the old man with white hair shot is probably aware of this reason!

However, Lin Chen was not afraid of what it was for them to take away the demon venomous coffins. The corpses of these demon venoms were all cut by him with flying knives and launched an extinct fissure.

When these demons are brought back, they will only get a group of tattered demons, but they can do nothing but stare.

"Senior, what a pity."

Lin Chen floated to the white-haired man and shook his head: "Why didn't the senior just kill them just now? The ability of the senior is very easy."

The white-haired old man smiled and said: "Haha, young people are bloody, dare to fight and dare to fight, um, indeed the old man can destroy them, but these seven-headed pinnacle demon king and dragon devil king, and the one behind them If the Demon Clan retaliated, no one in the Wolong City would survive except the old man."

"There are friends and loved ones of your friend Lin Chen, are you willing?"

Lin Chen was stunned and shook his head and smiled: "Really unwilling, thank you senior."

"I want to thank you for being right, little friends, killing the two pinnacles of the Holy Demon King, and making outstanding achievements for the human race. Based on your point, I believe that the law enforcement team of the evildoers will no longer embarrass you."

The white-haired old man looked at Lin Chen with great appreciation: "Expansion of the acupuncture point is 30,000 times, there are descendants of the dragon, the old man is looking forward to you in the future, I hope you can set foot in the holy king prison early, and regain your love."

Lin Chen stunned slightly, and this white-haired old man seemed to have guessed his details.

However, it is normal to want to come to this old predecessor for his extreme terror and identity.

"Then borrow the predecessor Ji Yan!"

Lin Chen arched his hand, the Holy Dragon flew into the sky, and wiped out all the attribute light **** that fell and fell from the Sky Feather Devil!

[The host gains 1 billion top qi blood, 800 million top qi blood, 500 strengthening points, 30,000 rune energy...]

Lin Chen's attribute value, all the way!

Especially his blood power, soaring all the way, is unstoppable!

After Lin Chen was forced to fall from the first peak Saint Demon King, after absorbing the attribute value, his avatar has been madly refining the massive top qi and blood attributes!

However, when Lin Chen lifted the Ares four-piece suit, he still collapsed for a while. In this **** battle, the consumption charge of the Ares four-piece suit exceeded 23%!

In addition, his holy dragon is also really seriously injured. The dragon veins are exhausted. With the holy dragon's current cultivation practice, the use of a peerless supernatural power has a serious weakness sequelae, which is extremely tragic!

Fortunately, there are many gains!

Although the essence of the suit is not much, the design of the fifth God of War suit is ready, plus three attribute light **** that fall from the peak of the Saint Demon King!

"Little fellow, you are too terrified of the world..."

"When you hit the demon battlefield, how dare you kid think of such a thing!"

The drunk old man and others came out of the air, and the four open heavens also saluted the white-haired old man.

The four of them were filled with wonder when they understood Lin Chen's gaze after understanding the coming and going.

It's too fierce! When did their human race show such a monster, they would dare to go to the demon battlefield in the cave expansion...

I thought that they were still complacent when they expanded their hole-drilling realm to defeat the life and death realm. Other peoples cave-increased realm slaughtered the pinnacle of the Demon King, which is equivalent to the sky realm. The two sides are not of the same magnitude...

Lin Chen's eyes swept. In the entire Wolong City, all forces and powers looked at him completely differently from the past!

The former Lin Chen, no matter how evil, they are just as a junior who has not yet formed, and now their eyes are swept away, all bowed their heads in awe or fear!

Having the strength to slash and open the heavens will mean that Lin Chen will be on an equal footing with them and even surpass them!

Of course, this is just a deterrent. Lin Chen knows that without the essence of the suit, his combat strength can fight against the early stage of the Sacred State of Mind.

"You have to find a place to absorb these top qi and blood attribute values first. After the pure power rises again, this time, my strength will be even higher!"

Lin Chen, ignoring the doubts of the drunk man and others, rushed to the direction of Leng Yueqi and everyone in Class 66!

When he saw everyone's worried faces, his heart rippled.

it's time.

It's time to return to Kyushu mainland! Solve the last scourge of Kyushu mainland!

Now he is no longer the weak war emperor that year!