My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1465

Vol 5 Chapter 1465: Gongfa Exchange Meeting

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Lin Chen, who has 280 deities, has seen his combat power soar!

Even if there is no God of War suit, each of his avatars will have the combat power of the middle of the Sacred Mood!

For the time being, I did not count the massive resources in the air transport capsule, and Lin Chen returned to Wolong City.

Inside Yunding Building.

Each of Jianyu, Danyu Presbyterian Church, Jie Tower and others heard Lin Chens request, but couldnt help but be surprised!

"You want to inquire about an archaic sword gate?"

"There are a lot of Kendo sects in the Sanctuary this day, you are a little haystack like this."

After listening to Lin Chen's explanation, Jianyu and others fell into contemplation.

"The sword sect that was related to the sword Wuji Qiu family at that time, plus the words of migrating to the Heavenly Sanctuary."

The three elder Jiansha glanced at each other and said in unison.

"Nine Evil Sword Hall!"

The Nine Evil Sword Hall was famous for its sword territory. Of course, the reason for its popularity is that when this force reached the top, it used the various denominations of the sword territory as a springboard and moved to the Heavenly Sanctuary.

It is said that the power of this sword palace is extremely complicated, which made all the sword domains very spurned at that time, but the strength is undoubted. The newborn black horse in the Eighth Rank sect has a strong background!

"Where is this nine evil sword palace?" Lin Chen asked hurriedly.

However, Lin Chen's unexpected answer was yes.

"I don't know where their headquarters are."

"These guys are right and evil, and some of them are commendable, but many of them are also very bad in character. Since the migration of Jianyu, although we know that they have come to Heavenly Sanctuary, no one can know their Where is the headquarters."

The old man's answer made Lin Chen's eyes narrow, wouldn't he even know?

His uncle, can the duck in his mouth still fly?

Lin Chen's eyes gradually darkened...

If the normal method cannot be found, then he does not mind to fight at all costs to hit the door!

He is bound to get the fourth part of Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju!

Seeing that Lin Chen's appearance was not right, Shen Lao Guan of Jie Tower lost his smile.

"I said, you old guys, it's not good to talk to young people, don't let this little guy go crazy again later, but he dares to go to the Demon Battlefield and do bigger things every minute. Come!"

The three old swordsmen looked at each other, but shook their heads helplessly.

"Little fellow, if you really want to find them, there is only one way to go to the practice exchange meeting of Dragon City in the Heavenly Sanctuary."

Lin Chen was shocked!

"Cultural Exchange Meeting?"

The elders nodded, Jian Qingcheng smiled, and explained to Lin Chen carefully.

"The practice exchange meeting is an exchange meeting held by the Eighth Rank forces and some retired sects. Its purpose is to exchange the practice and cultivation resources! Each time the exchange of practice will attract many top super demon to go."

"This exchange meeting is mainly for the equivalent exchange of unsuitable top-level exercises. Although it has the nature of an auction, it is different from the ordinary auction."

"Every eight-grade sect is different, and it is not suitable for the strong man's exercises, but normally, top-level exercises are difficult to appear in the market, there is no market for the price, most of the denominations will not Selling exercises, but in order to maximize the value of top-notch exercises, some denominations will use their own copies of the exercises for equivalent exchange."

Jian Qingcheng's explanation made Lin Chen suddenly understand!

Indeed, the more powerful the cultivation, the more the exercises must be matched in order to maximize their strength.

If you force yourself to practice some unmatched exercises, it will be counterproductive.

In this situation, it is the smartest choice to seek the interchange of exercises!

"Yes, although the Nine Evil Sword Palace is mysterious, it will never be absent every time the exchange of exercises, if you want to find their people, this is the only way."

"However, little guys, you better not expect too much, these people are not easy to deal with."

The three old men urged Lin Chen to nod.

"Anyway, always have a try! Earth Dragon City is right, I'm in a hurry, go now!"

When Lin Chen stood up, Jian Qingcheng blurted out subconsciously.

"I will go with you, you are not familiar with the rules."

After talking, Jian Qingcheng's cheeks were stained with a faint red glow, as bright as her red hair.

"Hee hee, I seem to hear something interesting."

At this time, the little demon pushed the door open, patted her chest, and the waves were undulating, and she said with a look of expression: "Lin Chen, Miss Ben takes you to fly, I know how to get there."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, "Come on, let's go."

Instead, the three elders handed over the sword to Lin Chen at the right time.

When leaving Wolong City, Lin Chen had to leave in a low profile.

Now he has become one of the characters on the tip of the Holy Realm. Although the ranking of the enchanting list is still outside 2000, the degree of attention is no less than that of some of the most front-end enchanting lists!

Four days later, Lin Chen set off at full speed, and the scope of the Heavenly Sanctuary was so wide that it took a while for his cultivation.

Heavenly Sanctuary, Earth Dragon City.

This Dragon City belongs to the lowest-key one in the 100,000 Dragon City of Heavenly Sanctuary.

There are not many forces on the bright side, but it is because of this that it is convenient for some secret transactions between the eight rank forces.

The practice exchange meeting is a secret secret meeting that only the inside of the power can reach a certain level of knowledge.

Even if it is known, not many people can participate.

Coincidentally, the little demon queen and Jian Qingcheng, Lin Chen, three people, just happened to enter.

In Dilong City, the exchange of exercises will be carried out in the underground city.

In the underground city pool, Lin Chen and Lin Pingan, the demon queen and Jian Qingcheng arrived.

In front of the VIP channel, the old gatekeeper of life and death stared at the token in his hand.

When he looked at Lin Chen in front of him again, he couldn't help but stunned.

"2001 in the list of evil spirits? It's you, expanding the cave? What are you kidding! Although the old man said that he has been closed for a while, his experience is not so good!"

Lin Chen teased and said with a smile: "Why, have you never seen such a handsome demon list?"

The old man in the yellow robe throws back the tokens of the demon list to Lin Chen, shaking his head and laughing.

"Now young people, its really a tremendous means to get involved in the exercises and exchanges. This token of the evildoer list is faked like the real one. Who do you despise? The old man was known to be wearing yin and yang pupils of thousands of miles. Not see through at a glance."

"Just your kid's life fluctuates, and in the time of about a thousand years, can he be listed on the 2001 list of evildoers? What about the devil? Rolling, look at you with three beauties today, the old man leaves you a face, don't hinder the old man work."

The old man in the yellow robe waved his hands impatiently, Jian Qingcheng's eyes stared slightly, and the little demon smirked aside.

"He's fucking, this is too clumsy, and sometimes it's a trouble, it seems to show a little real ability..."

Lin Chen laughed, is this the consequence of acting too strong? Do everything independently, and want others to believe that sometimes it is a very difficult thing!

"Lin...Lord Lin Chen?"

At this moment, a soft and delicate voice came, and the tone was horrified.

The beautiful lady came along with the lotus, is a beautiful woman with a variety of styles and goose yellow palace costumes, her waist and legs are slender, like a beautiful snake, and her breath is strong.

The old man in Huangpao smiled and said, "Ying is in charge, this child wants to impersonate the top 2001 in the list of evildoers, and he was exposed by the old man..."

Fuck~! boom!

The woman in the palace dress slaps the old man in the yellow robe directly!

"You stupid, this is Lin Chen, who is 30,000 times more! You can also question his identity? For the old lady, how far can you roll!"

She is like a timid tigress, and the old man in black robe looks scared!

"Expand...expand 30,000 times?"

Seeing the surrounding eyes gather, Lin Chen and Lin Pingan put on sunglasses at the right time, revealing an iconic smile.