My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1466

Vol 5 Chapter 1466: I Will Give A Hundred Million

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Chapter 1466

The beautiful woman in palace dress said cautiously.

"Lin...Lord Lin Chen, can I do what I want?"

Without waiting for Lin Chen to answer, Lin Ping's old-fashioned and said: "Well, so sloppy, in addition, prepare me a hundred sugar man, sugar candy strawberry, my grandma wants the best brand of Heavenly Sanctuary."

The beautiful woman in palace dress yawned, "Yes, this guest must meet your requirements."

Jian Qingcheng and the little demon were amused by this nizi. Lin Chen took her back and said to the woman in that palace.

"Well, the attitude is fair, let's go, take us in and see."

The beautiful woman in palace dress immediately ordered her to buy a sugar man for Lin Ping'an and quickly lead the way.

Entering the passage, an unprecedented huge meeting place came into view.

The graceful and slender figure of the beautiful woman in palace dress attracted a lot of angry eyes.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. There were many treasures and secrets in the venue, and there were many treasurers with heads and faces.

The beautiful woman in the palace dress smiled: "This is just a warm-up foreplay. It is presumed that Your Excellency Lin Chen came here for the purpose of the exchange of exercises."

Lin Chen teased and laughed: "Foreplay? Why is this foreplay a bit long."

The beautiful woman in the palace was stunned and giggled and shook into a snow wave, Xia Fei's cheeks, but this was the pretense gesture of the mature woman.

Experience can make you calm down, as does your second brother.

Along the way, if the palace-dressed beautiful woman gave Lin Chen a nonsense, Lin Chen seemed to be full of words, but in fact the other party could not ask anything.

"This young man is as miraculous as a legend, even my charm is useless..."

The beautiful woman in the palace dress was secretly surprised, but she used this trick to take down a lot of male demon princes. After a night of romance, she successfully grabbed the other partys handle and knocked on the other partys many benefits.

Ying Guanshi brought Lin Chen and others to a deluxe room, where the transparent venues connected to the outside venues were unobstructed.

Ying Guanying Yingying fell behind, deliberately showing the crisp white beauty, smiled slightly: "This is your VIP room, please remember to call me anything, the slave family can do anything."

Lin Chen was surprised: "Anything can be done?"

Ying Guanshi chuckled, "Yes, in every sense."

Lin Chen gave a thumbs up and exclaimed: "Really capable."

"Then help me sell these too."

Lin Chen threw a ring to give her, and then smiled: "Give you a 5 percent dividend, go sell these things, arrange properly."

When Ying Guanshi accepted the ordination, she opened it, and Xue Xie instantly stunned!

A large number of magic crystals are piled up like a hill, and the magic power is monstrous. If there is no special seal, it is enough to shatter this high-level nano ring into nothingness!

"Holy Crystal? All are high-level!"

The high-level holy demon crystal is the only energy core of holy demon king. This is a rare thing. It is used for casting and arranging formations. It has a strong effect!

The high-level holy demon crystal is extremely valuable, because obtaining one means to hunt a high-level holy demon king, which is equivalent to killing a saint above life and death!

Ying Guan carefully counted, there are 1,380 high-level saint crystals in this ring!

Ying Guanshi's palms were shaking, she had never seen so many Sacred Crystals!

"It is rumored that this son has traveled to the Demon Battlefield and has the power to kill the pinnacle of the Demon King. It is true! It is too strong. This is the teenager called the legend of the demon list. If he can please him, I will be here this time. The status of Dilong City will soar!"

Ying Guanshi felt his opportunity and respectfully said.

"The slave family will certainly not bear the weight of trust!"

This magic crystal is naturally the place where Lin Chen galloped the demon battlefield. The only regret is that he failed to obtain the demon crystal.

In every ancient ancient coffin of the demon, the demon's demon crystal was all digged away, leaving a pair of remains.

If he could get the Demon Venerable Demon Crystal, Lin Chen's net worth would have skyrocketed, but it was a pity that the Demon Clan left it.

"However, the top-level Sacred Crystal has been enough for me for a while."

Although Lin Chen sells high-level saint crystals, he has not sold one top-level saint crystal!

Because his Seventh Grade Sacrificial Artifact Slaughtering Demon Gun can precisely absorb the energy of the Holy Demon Crystal to grow!

Jin Wuxia and the old man Xuanyuan said that every seventh-grade sacristy of Lin Chen possessed unprecedented spirituality.

Due to the special casting materials, each piece has its own way of growth! The growth path of the Magic Slaughterer is to absorb the Holy Magic Crystal, but it is only useful if it is above the top level!

If there are enough Sacred Crystals held by Lin Chen, he can even make it break through the Seventh Grade Sacristy and become the Eighth Grade!

At this time, Lin Chen and three women turned to the bidding platform.

The auctioneer held a jade box with ice flowing around, which caused the cold in the venue to burst, and the faint snowflakes fell into the space, causing a lot of fiery eyes to stare at the crystals in the jade box.

"This is a condensed ice crystal made from the chalcedony of the thirteenth heavy snow mountain! Among the top quality crystals, 4 million gold holy coins!"

The middle-class crystals, which must be rare in the world, are not rare here.

The inferior crystal is generally 1 billion silver holy yuan coins, the converted gold holy yuan coins are 100,000, the middle-grade abnormal crystal is directly 4 million, and the price is directly tens or even hundreds of times!


A lazy and beautiful female voice came from somewhere in the VIP box.

"This lady is really rich and wealthy, hey, just 7 million old."

A hidden powerhouse laughed strangely.

However, at this time, Lin Chen's box came out of Lin Chen's offer.

"13 million."

In the venue, many powerful people were surprised, looking at Lin Chen's box, it seems to see through the true face of his owner!

The value of this middle-grade crystal is at most about 9 million. This man has too much money to spend?

However, the next moment, Lin Chen's voice came from the box.

"Oh, I'm so annoying. I have a lot of money. I can't fit dozens of luck capsules. I want to spend some money. You bid quickly. Will you raise the price for me? Qiuli pear ointment!"

The mouths of all the saints slammed...

Damn, where is the wonderful flower!

What do you think is too much money, you scatter money! What price did you raise here?

"What a strange person..."

There was a doubt in the box at the beginning of the auction.

No one dared to raise the price, this ice crystal was won by Lin Chen.

The old foxes were all present, and they would not be willing to raise their prices. Once the opponent closed their hands, they would have to pick up the Panxia.

The auctioneer's beautiful woman's eyebrows smiled, and the amount of money she made increased again.

Then, she took out a treasure box, which was lined with five abnormal crystals like a roulette, and a cold voice was heard from the audience!

The five elements are different crystals, and the gold, wood, fire and earth are coexisting!

These are the five isomorphic congeners born with very little probability, the energy is extremely pure, and they are all five middle-grade isomorphs!

"I won't say more about the value of this rare five-element crystal, the base price is 35 million, please everyone..."

The auctioneer's words didn't finish, Lin Chen's voice came again.

"I have a hundred million."

At this moment, the audience suddenly became silent, and the needle drop was audible!