My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1467

Vol 5 Chapter 1467: I Want To Buy A Bigger Wallet

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"This... what a joke!"

"Although the five-element crystal is valuable, it can't reach 100 million?"

"This kid doesn't have much money. I'm afraid it's brain damage?"

All the sages sneered; one hundred million, this is not a silver sage yuan coin, this is a gold sage yuan coin!

If it is converted into silver holy yuan, it is one trillion!

Isnt that the way to spend money?

Lin Chen is really terrible with more money!

Not to mention his seizure on the battlefield of the Nine Clan, he only robbed the Dragon Clan's evildoer, and the gold holy yuan coins are in the hundreds of millions!

Lin Chen has more than 70 Chinese luck plants on hand!

Secondly, during his time on the battlefield of the Nine Clan, Bai Qian Qian who stayed in Wolong City cultivated a new top-grade spirit plant for him, and the golden Shengyuan coins were produced like raindrops!

Lin Chens gold holy yuan coins are indeed terrible! He didn't even bother to count how much money he still had.

Secondly, Lin Chen now lacks alien crystals, which already requires refining, and secondly, a large number of alien crystals are needed elsewhere!

So, the more the better!

One hundred million gold holy yuan coins, Lin Chen directly ruined everyone's bidding ideas!

"I want to play too!"

The little demon's beautiful eyes shined, as if she had recovered her previous anger. Jiao was full of excitement. "I want to bid, Lin Chen, what do you want to buy, Miss Ben gives you a bid, you come to pay."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, you bid me pay? Isn't it still my money?

Jian Qingcheng's wonderful eyes flashed, and then said, "I want it too!"

Lin Pingping looked as if it was fun, eating a sugar man and grinning his little tiger teeth, "I want it too!"

Boom! Lin Chen knocked on the seeds in her little head.

"What do you want, join in the fun, you eat yours."

Lin Chen raised the amount and then said: "I heard that there are three auction venues in this venue. If you want to buy them, please help me buy all the crystals and holy artifacts, whether it is inferior or middle grade, the holy utensils are also Need, more is better."

"no problem!"

"give it to me!"

When the second daughter gave a high-five and showed a smile, she was absolutely stunning, a smile that made Lin Chen feel dazed.

The two women split up and went to two other auction venues.

In the three auction venues, every alien crystal and all that appeared below were all packaged by Jian Qingcheng and the demon queen!

Moreover, although Jian Qingcheng and Little Demon Queen did not buy it for themselves, the outcry was extremely joyful.

Lin Chen couldn't help but sigh.

Women's desire to shop is really born!

After a lap, two days and two nights have passed. In the three venues, all the holy objects and crystals were packed into Lin Chen's pocket!

Inside the venue; the auction is about to come to an end, but everyone knows that this is just a foreplay and warm-up, the real highlight, in the back of the practice exchange meeting!

"I think you can't wait to go directly to the exchange meeting, but before the exchange meeting starts, let's start a small episode."

At this time, in the conference hall, the former Ying Guan, who personally took the stage to preside over, she had red lips and cherry red, and her waist and limbs were as soft as bones, wearing a close and thin dress, and some snowy whites appeared out of nowhere, outlined With a perfect arc, the atmosphere of the audience was pushed to a higher climax!

She waved her hand, and a goose-yellow kit appeared in her palm.

"This object is a four-season planting capsule, which is a top-grade, high-grade air-transplanting capsule, with a range of more than one million mu. There are four seasons, eight climates, excellent energy and air transport absorption, and it can hold more than 100 air transport plants. Completely more than that, price: 15 billion gold holy yuan!"

Those who can buy this thing are the ones who really have a great heritage!

Generally speaking, the big forces have their own space for nurturing luck.

Generally speaking, Zhongpin Qiyun capsule is enough.

The top grade luck capsules can be used by the real big guys!

However, before waiting for everyone to speak, Lin Chen's voice came again.

"Well, I like this wallet. I'm worried that my wallet is too small and the space to hold money is too small. I have 30 billion gold coins!"

All the saints stayed in place!

I think the wallet is too small, and the space for holding money is too small.

Listen, what's this talking about?

If the former Lin Chen was a sensation, then now it is really tens of billions!

"Fuck, I really want to beat him!"

"Fuck! Does this kid not treat Jin Sheng Yuan coins as money? 30 billion Jin Sheng Yuan coins! The eight-grade sect can't say that they can just take them out!"

Lin Chen was helpless to hear the unspoken scolding around him.

"Alas, I have withstood the pressure brought by this unattractive handsomeness, and finally became a honest child, and said a big truth, I was caught up to this level. Specialty and handsome and rich men are even harder!"

In the end, no one dared to bid for this thing with Lin Chen and won a new'wallet'!

Yes, Lin Chen bought this top grade planting capsule, really just used it as a wallet!

Before, he used Zhongpinqi to transport capsules. For him now, the scope is really a bit small.

He was honest for a while, but it caused a lot of glances.

It's hard to be an honest child!

Then, the palace-dressed beautiful woman chuckled, waved her hand, and slowly rotated with a huge sapphire compass, which caught everyone's eyes!

I saw that the light was dazzling, illuminating the whole venue!

Countless saints were stunned for a moment, their pupils were trembling, and they stared at the crystal-like gemstone above the sapphire compass in disbelief!

High-level Sacred Crystal!

According to the experience of the strong men present, there are those from the Hundred Thousand Dragons City and those from the thirty-six domains, all of which are dominated by the heroes, the characters of the top corner, and the high-level holy demon crystal, they are not without firsthand experience.

However, they have never seen so many high-level saint crystals!

Take a closer look, it's even over a thousand!

Does this mean that a thousand high-level Saint Demon Kings have fallen?

This is the number of super wars that are rare in history.

Then, there was a heated discussion on the two nearby conference venues. Obviously, the same scene was also staged on both sides!

"These high-level holy crystals are each sold for 5 billion gold holy yuan. If any VIP wants, please press the crystal stone on the seat! If the number of purchasers exceeds the number of holy crystals, it will be excluded by bidding. The first one is listed in turn."

Ying Guan chuckled and said again.

"And, the auction guarantees that the source of these high-level Sacred Crystals is guaranteed to be the right way, and that it was brought by our VIP guests in Box 7!"

As soon as this remark came out, many saints even stood up in shock!

Box No. 7? That dumb brother with a lot of money?

Moreover, all these holy crystals are brought by him?

Doesn't it mean that he has the power to kill thousands of high-level Saint Demon Kings?

Or is it the destruction of a thousand high-level saints?

"Please also give me a solemn introduction. The owner of Box No. 7 is the most popular in the limelight recently. The hole-expansion is the strongest in the history of the enchanting list, and the hole-expansion is 30,000 times. The Peak Saint Demon..."

The mouths of countless saints opened slightly...

This is too much information!