My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1468

Vol 5 Chapter 1468: Information Of The Nine Evil Sword Hall

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This is too much information!

Expansion of 30,000 times? Directly exceed the highest point expansion in the history of the monster list more than ten times?

Breaking into the Demon Battlefield alone?

Have you killed two Peak Saint Demon Kings? That's equivalent to the existence of the human race!

Every one of this **** girl sounds like a fake!

"He is, Lin Chen, who is on the list of the evil spirits, and is titled the goddess!"

As soon as this statement came out, everyone looked at Box No. 7!

I saw that in the transparent window of Box No. 7, there was a petite girl in a peach skirt. She was wearing sunglasses, her hands on her hips, and a pretentious tone of pretensions.

"Lin Chen, I cover it, you guys, understand?"

Lin Chen's help, should she be domineering or cute?

Seems to be a little bit?

"Box No. 7 is Lin Chen, who has expanded the hole 30,000 times?"

"Interesting, he actually came!"

"I have heard of his legend as soon as I entered 100,000 Dragon City.

"I would have known him for a long time, shit, itchy hands! He beheaded the pinnacle of the Holy Demon King, he must have used some external force, I dont believe he can have this kind of combat power at this age, I really want to fight him. One game!"

Many curious voices came out, and some even released their fighting intentions until Lin Chen's box!

"Oh? There are a lot of fighting intentions directed at me?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and his spiritual realm was nothing short of different, and he instantly felt the fighting intention in the three venues!

"This senior saint crystal, the old man wants two!"

"I want it too."

Many hidden elders, various forces, all bid one after another!

Although the Sacred Crystal is not as good as the Sacred Beast Core of the same level, its usefulness and value are still not cheap. Lin Chens wave is almost bloody!

Demon races are far from dragon races and orc races. If it is a holy beast and holy dragon comparable to life and death, the value of each part of the whole body is extremely high.

But the Demon Race is really valuable to the Human Race, only the Holy Devil Crystal.

However, high-level Sacred Crystals are still inevitable.

High-level holy demon kings usually only appear in the powerful tribes and plane spaces of the devil.

Generally speaking, playing against a high-level Saint Demon King will attract the attention of another Saint Demon King. It is extremely difficult to kill, as much as launching a large plane war!

In the end, Lin Chens holy crystal was sold, and 64 people participated in the auction, and a higher price was auctioned!

Lin Chen's wealth has accumulated to a terrifying level!

The sale of this holy demon crystal alone exceeded 690 billion gold holy yuan coins!

However, other purchase costs have to be deducted afterwards.

Ying Guanshi saw that all of them were sold, and his waist was soft. Looking at Lin Chen's box, it was an affectionate model. She was charming, silky, and her jade legs were tight.

It seemed that as long as Lin Chen had an order, she could be picked at any time.

After all, aside from the 3% commission charged by the auction, Lin Chen may have said that she enjoys a 5% dividend, which is nearly 5% of the nearly 7 trillion gold sage coins, but more than 300 billion gold sage coins what!

Even if she is a pinnacle of Na Xingjing and wants to earn this huge sum of money, I don't know how many years it will take!

"Very good, I bought all the crystals and holy items I bought in the past two days. I also earned a wave of blood. Well, I can buy another medicinal material. I hope I can recover as much as possible for everyone... "

Lin Chen's heart was vaguely expecting. I wonder how far he can restore his servants?

Finally, this wave of auctions ended the warm-up auction perfectly.

Then, the space was rippling, and the three venues became one, turning into a huge ring!

The three old men came out of thin air, but they were all strong men at the peak of the Sacred Heart!

The three joined forces to urge the Holy Forces, and a square space was formed to form a boundary, locking the surroundings like a cage.

"Today, please forgive me all, old rules, let's start today's highlight!"

After completing the space demarcation, the three elders clenched their fists against the parties and immediately retreated.

Then, Ying Guanshi spread out the information in his palm and exhaled the thought.

"The Shangguan family from Qianyu, represented by Shangguan Mingzi, ranked 1970 in the demon list, this exercise exchange meeting brought a volume of orange-level intermediate-level fire attribute swordsmanship, "Yan Mo Qian Tu "!"

Orange-level intermediate swordsmanship!

As soon as he came up, it was Wang Bo, and even Lin Chen could not help lamenting the top level of this exercise exchange meeting!

If you want to buy a roll of orange-level intermediate exercises, it is really hard to find money.

"This time the Shangguan family's exchange is a volume of gold-level orange-level intermediate combat skills, both swordsmanship and palm art. Or a number of six-grade and seven-grade Shengdan equivalent!"

"If there are VIPs you want, please press the crystal stone under your seat."

Ying Guanhua turned his eyes on the audience, and his eyes fell directly on the VIP box.

This kind of equivalent exchange can only be qualified for bidding by the eight rank forces!

"The Ai family produced a volume of orange-level intermediate palm techniques."

A beautiful voice came from Box No. 15 and a stream of Gengjin shot towards Ying Shi. The breathing in the venue became a lot quicker.

Ying Guan took over, spread out the palm space jade jade, urged the spirit to read it easily, and smiled with a variety of styles.

"But who else is interested?"

Immediately afterwards, bidding came from other boxes.

In the box, Lin Pingan waved a small pink fist and said excitedly: "When will we bid? Forget it, I will call now!"

Lin Chen quickly stopped the little ancestor, "If you make trouble again, I won't take you out to play!"

Normally, the exercises shown in the exercises exchange meeting will not be sold as gold holy yuan coins, so there is not much in line with Lin Chens bid.

The only option is to exchange with Elixir, but the value of Qipin Shengdan is not low. In addition, Lin Chen is now scarcely lacking Elixir and buying it with Elixir is not realistic.

He watched the changes, and seemed to be waiting for something.

Then, a graceful girl walked into the box, bowed respectfully, and put a jade slip in her hands.

"This distinguished guest, this is what Ying Manager told the younger to hand over to you."

When Lin Chen held a void, the girl retreated when the jade jade was spread out.

Then, Lin Chen almost jumped with excitement!

"Good guy, this bonus really didn't give the woman the wrong thing. Nine evil sword palace really participated in this exercise exchange meeting!"

In addition, Ying Guanshi also helped her to investigate that this time the Nine Evil Sword Hall still sent a volume of mysterious fragments of the exercises!

Even the organizer of the exchange meeting failed to identify the specific grade of the fragment of the exercises!

This volume of incomplete exercises may be the fourth part of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju" that Lin Chen wants!

Normally, only the top-level individual of the exchange meeting can know what the sender of the exchange meeting is.

In order to get this information, Ying Ying is afraid of paying a great price.

"The only pity is that I don't know what these nine evil sword palaces want to exchange. Only when they talk about their ruins on the stage..."

A gleam in Lin Chen's eyes flashed.

If it is really a fragment of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju", you can get the best through positive channels.

If not, even if it is a hard grab, he will have to grab Lin Chen!