My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1469

Vol 5 Chapter 1469: Lin Chen Is The Most Handsome

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"Frozen Sky Promise from Ice Field, 1895 in the list of evildoers, Miss Chen Xueying, what I want to replace today is "Thousand Fantasy Step Star Steps", with the power of the star fight turned into the pole of the body, ranked in the orange level primary The absorbed star energy is strong enough to explode the orange-level intermediate body speed."

Ying Guanshi shook the scroll of the twinkling starlight in his palm and said again.

"Ms. Chen Xueying wants to exchange the equivalent of Elixir or wait for a roll of ice defense skills. As for the grade and particularity, you can do it."

The voice of Ying Guanshi just fell, and bids came from the treasure chests of various parties, reporting the names of terrifying practices.

Lin Chens corner of the eye noticed Jian Qingchengs gaze, her beautiful eyes twirling, and sometimes she looked down at the ring on the slender jade finger, and she seemed to want the volume of exercises very much.

"Do you want it?" Lin Chen smiled and looked at Jian Qingcheng.

She shook her head: "Wanted, but I didn't bring an equivalent exchange, and I don't want to trouble you, I know you have important things to do."

Lin Chen suddenly held the jade hand of the beautiful woman, let Jian Qingcheng cheeks fly, Lin Chen implied a long smile.

"Want to buy it if you want it. The money is not spent, but it becomes what you want and stay with you. Not to mention, the last time you saved me was not paid back."

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and pressed the crystal stone.

"Box No. 7, a pretty boy, offered a drop of Tianyi Shengshui branded by the Black Horse Club to cover all the incurable diseases of the bottleneck."

As soon as this remark came out, the forces of the previous bidding quieted down immediately.

The whole venue was silent!

Tianyi holy water? What a special drop?

What are you kidding! One drop of heaven and one holy water want to change someone's volume of the best practice?

The three old men who had previously placed the space boundary appear to be empty, frowning.

Is this person here to make trouble?

If this is the case, it might be a little tricky! A young man who can kill the pinnacle of the Demon King, if he really wants to make trouble, the organizers of this exercise exchange meeting can only stop it if they come out to meet!

"This... Your Excellency Lin Chen, this price seems a bit insufficient."

A variety of Ying-managers who have always been amorous are also embarrassed.

No matter how good the effect of a holy water is on this day, it can't withstand a volume of superb orange-level body method!

At this time, Lin Chen's cynical laughter came again.

"Oh, Ying Guan, Im not teasing you. You can ask the master of this volume of exercises for me. I can make her perfect practice any kind of exercises within a few days until she reaches the state of perfection, including her. At this stage of any bottleneck in practice, I, Lin Chen, can let her break through! Can this price impress her."

Lin Chen's remarks immediately attracted group mocking.

"It's nonsense. I need to practice an orange-level exercise to a satisfactory level. I don't know how much energy and time it will take."

"There is no shortage of heaven and earth treasures to improve temporary perception and comprehension between heaven and earth, but at most it can only assist in the cultivation of a kind of practice to the level of entry, and it must be cultivated to completion, unless there is a very rare special constitution, but it is artificial. Probability is almost non-existent!"

At this time, those who were eager to refute were all the former strong men who participated in the auction. The boxes from the eight ranks of the parties, super demon, but no one was eager to refute, but instead focused on Lin Chen's box!

When others say these things, they won't take a second look.

But if it is this Lin Chen, the nature is completely different!

What this child does is completely beyond common sense!

"Lord Lin Chen, Miss Chen Xueying is willing to give it a try!"

At this time, Ying Guanshi took the seller's answer, full of uproar!

Bang ~!

The heroic and awe-inspiring snow sword flashes vertically, the lady is dressed in a snow-white robe, carrying a sword, her short hair is capable, her skin is like a fat, her eyebrows are awe-inspiring, and there is a heroic heroine!

Many saints' faces changed slightly!

The frozen sky of 1895 in the list of evil spirits, Chen Xueying!

Real super demon! Na Xing Jing Xiu is more than a thousand times more than a hole, 200 times more than a hole!

"My friend Lin Chen, I don't like procrastination in doing things. It happened that I recently realized that a kind of practice has just started and I can't master it. Let me know your skills?"

Chen Xueying's lips outlined a cool smile, and even women were moved by it.

She happened to have heard of the legend of Lin Chen, super evildoers, most of them are unruly generations of the heart, she wanted to see Lin Chen's means.

Moreover, recently, she is about to learn an orange-level intermediate skill of "Awesome Ice", which is extremely strong. If she can practice successfully, her ranking may be able to go further.

But again, it is extremely difficult to practice!

Even with the talents of super monsters, it is not easy to understand an orange-level intermediate skill.

"Cheerful, I like it!"

Lin Chen took a step forward and came to the venue.

All eyes focused on the two, and even the Gongfa exchange meeting was temporarily suspended.

For the saints, the time of the year and the moon, but in a blink of an eye, this time and a half will be nothing.

Lin Chen flipped his palm, and a drop of pure Tianyi holy water floated into the void.

He smirked.

"Open your mouth, embrace it."

Alas! This man, in broad daylight and prosperity, actually said this!

You have to choose an environment where the two are alone and turn off the lights!

Chen Xueying's eyes were as fierce as the sword light. After confirming that Yishengshui was non-toxic that day, Dan Lips lightened up and actually contained Tianyishengshui brought out by Lin Chen.

Lin Chen joked.

"Hang on don't swallow, and then repeatedly practice the exercises you want to practice in the spiritual consciousness, and then meditate in your heart a hundred times. Lin Chen is the most handsome."

Everyone's mouth twitched...

Put the **** ass! What is this ghost cultivation method!

They felt more and more that their IQ was rubbed on the ground by this kid.

Chen Xueying suspiciously closed her eyes, and actually did the same.

[The host starts the function of learning the exercises, the target person learns the exercises, the orange level is intermediate, and the top-level exercises are required for cultivation and fulfillment, 8960 points.

When the system starts-

Bang ~! !

Chen Xueying's body glowed with a holy light, surrounding her like an aperture.

" this?"

She opened her eyes with incredible shock!

All the main points of the exercise method, the operation route, the shortcomings and the meridian route, the essence, all flow into the memory of Chen Xueying's mind!

As if she had only refined this memory, she naturally learned this volume of "Peerless Rin"!

Chen Xueying immediately stepped aside, and the elders of his family's saints protected her.

She produced a fingerprint of cultivation, and a blue smoke appeared above her head. The cold air permeated by the blue smoke caused the temperature of the audience to drop suddenly!

All the saints were dumbfounded, and all were incredible!

Chen Xueying united her mind and soul and fell silent in her cultivation world. If you enter the realm of selflessness, obviously you have entered a state of cultivation of the best enlightenment.

After a moment in the silent meeting place, I did not know which dear friend shouted.

"Lin Chen is the most handsome!!"