My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1470

Vol 5 Chapter 1470: Don't Guess The Handsome Thought

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"We got a traitor, beat him!"

"Lin Chen is the most handsome!"

"I'm leaning, there is more than one crooked ass, beat him!"


The saints were stunned.

They looked at Chen Xueying's state very clearly. This is the best state they can encounter when practicing the practice!

However, they don't know that this so-called best state is just what she used to fuse the memory of cultivation, there is no need to take the initiative to practice!

Lin Chen rubbed his chin in his palm and commented seriously.

"Um~~ It seems that this Miss Chen is very kind, and contains it very well, oh no, the comprehension is very fast, so it seems that within three days, she can perfectly comprehend the remaining exercises now. Steps and bottlenecks."

That's right, the so-called'specially-made Tianyi Shengshui' was simply used by Lin Chen to sway a shot.

His real purpose is to directly use the [Function Learning Function] to avoid being targeted by intentional powerhouses.

The Holy Realm is so vast, there are many hidden monsters who can't find out the details. Although Lin Chen can have the trump card to open the heavens, it does not mean that he will reveal everything.

"Now let's wait for the result after three days."

Lin Chen was not in a hurry, Yun Danfengqing smiled.

Everyone looked at each other, and Ying Guan shouted immediately, "The practice exchange meeting will be postponed for three days."

Lin Chen cast a glorified glance, and this manager had directly postponed the Gongfa exchange meeting for himself.

However, a large part of this is because other saints are also very interested in it.

"Friend Lin Chen, why not leave Wolong City?"

"Oh, the heroes of the world come out of my generation, His Excellency Lin Chen, really a man who is against the sky."

At this time, the drunk old man and others, accompanied by several super monsters and Shangguan Chen of the Palace of Shenyan, among them Yue Xiner, who seemed to be weird, weird, and tender, like water, and Feng Xueer.

"Eh, senior drunk man, isn't this afraid of causing a commotion when he looks too handsome to leave? I just like to keep a low profile and I can't change it."

"Miss Xiner and Sister Xueer, I haven't seen you for a long time! Come and hug one... mother, who kicked my ass!"

When everyone saw goodbye, a few sights came from the box not far away, staring at Lin Chen and others.

"This is that Lin Chen? Refining the realm of 280 divine power, although the expansion of the hole is amazing, but it is just the expansion of the cave. It is worth it, brother, do you warn him?"

In Box No. 18, a handsome man with a pair of mouths slightly raised his lips, sketching a grinous and grinning smile.

"He scrapped my cousin Xiao Jing. This account is not that simple. If I want to ravage this kid, I will make him unable to survive, not to die!"

VIPs in the No. 18 box, all seated in the door of the gods!

The handsome and enchanting youth like a woman is also a big figure of 1795 in the list of evildoers, Xiao Jianqing who is known as one of the hundred great swordsmen under the sage list!

"Oh? Is anyone staring at me?"

Lin Chen's mental perception was extremely strong, and he immediately noticed the hostility of Box No. 18.

"Well, it's interesting... It seems to have a holiday with me..."

Lin Chen smiled, but so many people offended him, and it was normal for a few enemies.

After all, looking handsome is also very hateful. Some people in the world know it well.

Inside the box, the drunk man asked with a smile of interest.

"Friend Lin Chen, what are your plans after that? Do you want to start a sect in the Heavenly Sanctuary?"

He knew that Lin Chen was happy with sex, and he did not want to join the sectarian personality. He simply asked questions directly.

The forces of all parties in the Heavenly Sanctuary are mixed, and all parties fight, if Lin Linchen can take root in the Heavenly Sanctuary, it will also be of great benefit to them.

"Opening school? Planning?"

The forest farm shook his head and smiled: "Without that interest, I have a lot to do, where to go, where to go."

The drunk old man was surprised. In a flash, he seemed to see the stars and the sea in Lin Chen's eyes!

In addition to Bai Ruoyan, Lin Chen was really worried about Luo Yaoer and the demon clan.

In the identity of Luo Yaoer, she has pointed out that important changes have occurred in the demon clan, which proves that the near devil clan may have great changes!

The most important thing is that he is still too weak, even if he knows the plane of the demon clan!

"Let's get things done right now..."

Lin Chen threw a happy heart, and then asked the drunk old man and the three super demon around him to inquire about Shenyan Palace.

Three days passed by.

In the venue, since Chen Xueying opened her eyes, there were ten icy cold pillars rising around him, and a sudden burst of cold air came!

Buzz~! Bang ~!

The coldness was like a tide, and the whole conference hall was like a plane space in a icy sky.

If it were not for the saints and women who were on the scene, they would have been completely frozen into ice sculptures by this bone-cold frost!

When she brought cold into her body, she opened her eyes and shouted.

"Not only practice to perfection, as if this skill is inherently skilled, like a part of your body, you can control it freely...It's amazing, it's amazing!"

As soon as this remark came out, all the saints were surprised, and many saints were as if they had seen a ghost!

Practice an orange-level intermediate skill to perfection within three days?

Is there such a magical thing in this world? Unless it is the legendary Wushen bloodline!

But the blood of the God of War is even rarer than the Saints List! This is obviously not!

"Actually let this kid do it?"

"No, I also have to use the Tianyi Holy Water specially made by him!"

"The mental state of the old man has been stuck in the last step of the great consummation for tens of thousands of years, maybe this kid can let the old man solve this mental problem!"

The forces of all parties noticed Lin Chen and were shocked!

After Chen Xueying pressed down the shock, he waved his palm and simplified a roll of Jade Method Jade into a streamer and shot it into Box No. 7.

"This is the remuneration you want, Mr. Lin Chen, I hope to trade with you next time."

Lin Chen held it out of thin air, and the volume of "Thousand Fantasy Steps to the Stars" was handy!

"You're welcome, it's just a deal. I have only entered other people's bodies, not other people's lives."

Lin Chen smiled at random, threw the exercises to Jian Qingcheng, and blinked at her.

Jian Qingcheng smiled, only to accept.

Seeing the little demon, beautiful eyes shine!

The drunk man and others looked at Lin Chens eyes, full of incredible, how many secrets this young man has!

Yue Xin'er was astounded, "Mr. Lin Chen, your secrets will never be exhausted..."

Lin Chen joked.

"Don't guess the handsome and beautiful woman."

Despite the shock, Ying Ying on the stage could be extremely professional and immediately said.

"Now that it has been determined to be effective, our exchange of exercises will continue."

The practice exchange meeting continued, and everyone looked at the position of the box No. 7 and wondered.

There are a lot of eight rank forces, especially the super monsters present, who are eyeing Lin Chen!

Among the various exercises they practice, there are some killer skills that are extremely difficult to practice. If they can achieve perfection, the background will definitely be better!

However, the next practice, Lin Chen shined!