My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1471

Vol 5 Chapter 1471: Fragment Of The Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju

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Ying Guanshi twisted his waist, and his jade hand held a roll of dark green scrolls, the light was restrained, the light was illusory, and if there was a worldly murderous creature sealed in it.

"The next volume of fingertips is the Weihai Sanctuary from the Light Field, the Orange Rank Intermediate, "Fengmo Di Shengzhi"!"

"This **** has the mysterious effect of the fusion of the holy power of the wind system and the pure power. Both the near and far attacks have the magic effect. The near attack can explode pure power, the far attack can penetrate through the power of the wind magic aurora, and the power can penetrate several plane spaces with one finger... "

"The seller hopes to change to the equivalent value of Shengdan, or a volume of water-level orange-level intermediate exercises. Of course, the seller has the latest command, if you Lin Chen exchanged the previous special version of Tianyi Shengshui, you can also bid for this exercise!"

Directly call Lin Chen's "specialized version of Tianyi Shengshui"! If he bids, he can bid!

"Oh? It's a good thing..." Lin Chen moped his chin.

Almost no one in this "Feng Mo Di Sheng Zhi" is interested in bidding.

It is not that it is not strong, on the contrary, its power can be called the top of the category of orange-level intermediate.

But the prerequisite for exerting the full power of this volume of **** is to have a strong state of refining the body.

The forces here are well-informed, and none of them are fooling. This volume of exercises is extremely difficult to practice!

Even if you practice, you can only exert about half of your power.

There are not many state-of-the-art refining holy realms. Human race holy bodies are different from powerful holy beasts such as dragon races.

This volume of **** needs to be launched together with Holy Power and Pure Power to have the best lethality!

At this time-

"Tell the seller that the special version of Tianyi Shengshui in my dark horse club is only suitable for on-site consumption. If the seller can accept it, I can go out!"

Lin Chen sent a message to Ying, she immediately negotiated with the seller, and within a short time came the agreed answer. The negotiation was completed!

In this way, Lin Chen used the name of "Special Edition" Tianyi Shengshui, used the "Function Fusion Function", and took turns bidding, buying two volumes of orange-level intermediate exercises for Ye Qingwu and herself!

However, the exercises sold this time are all re-engraved versions, which are not the original cultivation secrets. Even if you practice, you cant pass them on. This is one of the benefits of the exchange of exercises.

However, this is not in the category for Lin Chen's heterogeneity.

"Well, this "Wind Devil's Sacred Finger" and "Golden Jade Garment" are very suitable for making up for my short board, defense and speed attacks at the current stage, and also have the power of close-range eruption."

"Golden Jade Garment" is a volume of orange-level intermediate ancient ruins from Lin Chen's bidding. It condenses a personal robe to protect the Eucharist with Gengjin Shengli.

The creation of objects by the power of the saint is easy, but this jade cloth can protect the lifeline of the cultivator and has an important protective effect at a critical moment, and does not hinder the wearing of the defensive holy weapon!

[It consumes 130,000 points of top-level exercises and spirits, and begins to merge the practice memories of "Jinzhiyuyi" and "Fengmo Di Shengzhi".

Lin Chen fusing the memory of exercises while waiting for the Nine Evil Sword Palace to appear.

As time went by, the exercises exchanged for nearly half a month, and finally, at the end.

"The next exercise can be described as a heavy finale!"

When Ying Guanshi got a black treasure box, there was an extra layer of space around it.

Even many saints felt a trembling breath in the void!

Open the strong realm! Sit in person!

Lin Chen's eyes locked on the black treasure box in no time!

Everyone is looking forward to--

Ying Guan said aloud.

"The exercises to be exchanged this time are undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and powerful exercises in the history of the exercises exchange meeting!"

Ying Meng's wonderful eyes swept the audience, and finally landed in Lin Chen's box, throwing a charming eye at his box.

"It is provided by the Nine Evil Sword Palace, and it is still a rare fragment of the mind. After dozens of identifications confirmed by the sword master of the Nine Evil Sword Palace and the holy tasting treasurers of the exchange meeting, they agreed that Its a volume, the orange level is higher than the level, and even the higher level of the mental remnant volume!"

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was horrified!

Orange-level advanced mindset?

Throughout the creation of the Holy Realm, the orange-order mind has been a peerless classic and inherited.

The Orange Rank Intermediate Mind Method can only be held by the Giant Engine of the Eighth Rank Force.

As for the higher-level orange-level advanced, almost only exists in the legend!

Only those non-born forces of nine ranks and the existence of giants can have legendary things!

Today, there will be someone who exchanges the fragments of the orange-level advanced mental technique in this exercise exchange meeting? Is this crazy or silly?

"Nine evil sword hall this wave of behavior did not understand!"

"Even if it is a fragment of the mind method, is it worth the price? If it is to use the information of the fragment to figure out other fragments, wouldn't it be an orange-level advanced mind method?"

"You can think of it, of course people can think of it. It must be that after studying for countless years, there is no result before taking out the exchange of high-value things!"

"Oh, you only saw the first floor, and the Nine Evil Sword Hall is on the fifth floor, but I saw the tenth floor. This exchange is very tricky, at least there are a hundred layers of games!"

The saints of all sides, the forces of a hundred schools, and the super monsters suddenly burst into the pan!

Especially the super demon on the list of evil devil, which one is not the lucky one?

Maybe they can collect the complete fragments of this volume after they get them?

Some people's lifelong pursuit of things is not as good as others' interception.

After all, the luck thing is too mysterious!

When Ying Guanshi opened the dark treasure box, a roll of simple and dark scrolls lay horizontally in the treasure box.

[The system has sensed the next volume of the fragment of the mind cultivation practiced by the host. Please ask the host for cultivation.

Before Lin Chen looked carefully, the system's light screen popped out instantly!

Lin Chen stood up suddenly, his expression was urgent!

"The fourth volume of Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju!!!"

"Get this volume, and the fifth volume is left!"

How could Lin Chen be calm, he and Xiao Yingying were born and died, infiltrated the holy prison, turned the holy prison upside down, hit the sky and cracked, and killed countless prison guards and prison masters. Isnt this a skill!

"Do you want to simply release the Holy Dragon and use the God of War four-piece suit to grab?"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the war intention flashed.

"No, there is not a small number of Sacred Minds here. The organizer has two more openness of heaven and space. Once the East Window incident happens, they can also try their best to keep this volume of practice..."

Lin Chen took a deep breath and calmed down.

The drunk old man and others were very surprised. For the first time, they saw Lin Chen, who was always calm, revealing this look.

"Master Sword Master of the Nine Evil Sword Palace, want to use this fragment of mind to hire a top pharmacist to refine the designated Holy Pill for him. The Holy Pill that he needs to refine is exactly what is known as the Seventh Grade Holy Pill The most difficult to refine the'No Dream Breaking Heart Pill'!"

"Alternatively, exchange it with the eight-grade Saint Pill! In addition, there is no two price!"

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in an uproar!

Eight-grade Shengdan!

You should know that the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm today, including the Dan Realm and the Heavenly Holy Realm, on the bright side, can be used to refine the eight-grade Holy Pill of Refining Medicine Great Engine, you can count it with one palm!