My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1472

Vol 5 Chapter 1472: Lin Chen To Tang Qianmei

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It is unrealistic to have the legendary figure of the medicine refining giant to make alchemy!

The cost of exchanging this fragment of mentality is too high. I am afraid no one can afford it!

Moreover, the value of the eight-grade Shengdan, there is no market price!

Although the Dreamless Heart-Blood Pill is known as the Seventh Peak Pinnacle Pill, it is also worth catching up with the Eighth Grade Pill!

This panacea has a miracle effect to help saints break through the bottleneck!

Wu Meng Po Xin Dan also plays a vital role in Na Xing Realm and Sacred Mind Realm. It is called the first Qi Dan under the Eighth Grade!

However, the two sounds sounded almost simultaneously!

"I want it!"

One was Lin Chen, and the other was a lazy female voice who was at the beginning of the auction.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed in the box, someone robbed him?

For a time, the faces of the saints were even more exciting!

Is he actually able to afford the price?

Will the bidder carry Bapin Shengdan with him or can he refine the "Dreamless Heart Pill"?

No matter which side is extraordinary!

"Oh? Two VIPs are also asked to show the bargaining chips."

Ying Guanshi's hot eyes flashed fiercely, with a smirk.

"I can try to refine the dreamless heartbreaking pill for the seller."

The lazy, soft and delicate voice of the previous voice became gentle and pleasant, and the tone was more dignified.

Lin Chen also said: "I also exchange alchemy chips."

It seems that both sides are not prepared to Bapin Shengdan.

Everyone wants to come too, what level is Bapin Shengdan.

There are few immortals of this grade in the thirty-six domains, and the characters who can enjoy it do not know where their status is.

There are not even many eight-grade Shengdan recorded in history, let alone the existing stock.

"Excuse me, is there anyone else who wants to bid!"

Ying Guanshi heard the sound, and the eight-ranking forces on the scene repeatedly considered and chose to give up.

At such a large price, it is unrealistic to bet on a mental fragment with infinite possibilities close to zero. Judging by their personal power and strength.

There are many old monsters present, they will not bet easily.

In particular, this kind of thing with extremely low probability seems to be attractive to the orange-level advanced mental method. In fact, I dont know how many times this part of the volume has been turned over and over.

Seeing no one bidding, Ying Guanmi turned to Lin Chen and another box.

"Oh? The two distinguished guests can think about it, refining the dreamless heartbreaking pill, the materials need to be prepared by yourself, are both sides sure?"


Lin Chen and another female voice came out at the same time.

Qipin Danfang is very rare, but the dreamless Danxin Danfang is public.

The master of this Danfang was once an eight-level medicine refining giant engine. Before his death, he regarded this "Dreamless Heartbreaking Danfang" as his highest masterpiece, and burned it in a stone monument in the Heavenly Sanctuary. Descendants learn.

The openness of Danfang does not mean that everyone can practice, and even those with insufficient spiritual realm cannot even read Danfang!

"Friend Lin Chen, you... can you refine the Seventh Grade Saint Pill?"

Said the drunk man in surprise.

Lin Chen laughed casually: "It's okay, I am alchemist, only a little bit."

The drunk man wondered: "A little?"

Lin Chen nodded: "Well, billions of points."

The three super demon coming with the drunk man gave Lin Chen a deep look.

Reminiscent of his reaction just now, this fragment of mentality may have a major relationship with him Lin Chen!

"Well, since that's the case, we will appoint the VIPs of Box No. 7 and Box No. 1, and personally refine Wu Meng Ping Xin Dan. Whoever succeeds will get this mental volume!"

"If both parties fail, the exchange fails. If both parties succeed, the quality will determine the outcome."

Ying Guanshi waved his hand, and the venue turned star-staggered, and everyone was transferred to a brand-new space plane.

Here is open and endless, and Guangmao is endless.

Inside the Baiyu Square, there are two holy-level red furnaces!

The practice exchange meeting was well prepared, and even the alchemy guys were ready.

"Also invite both parties to end."

When Ying was telling the story, many saints in Box One stepped out.

The headed beauties, fluttering like snow, moth-eyes, skin like gelatin, snow-necked like delicate and soft sheep jade fat, peach plumage beautiful, phoenix eyes exquisite, all kinds of amorous feelings, when the three thousand silks are flying, the roots are light and gentle , Eyebrows lightly raised, raised a pair of eye-catching beautiful eyes, like a pink gem.

She embroidered a light pink tulle light skirt, perfectly outline the proud body curve.

Its pink eyes seem to be able to make the other person unable as long as they stare at the male.

The corners of the charmed person's lips rose slightly, the pear vortex was shallow, and when the cherry lips opened, the breathing sound in the scene was a lot quicker. It was a generation of stunning enchanting and charming creatures.

With a smile, you can touch the hearts of countless male saints.

Some male demon sighed with intoxicated and **** expressions.

"It's really worthy of the top ten in the list of evildoers, Miss Tang Qianmei ranked fourth!"

It is actually one of the top ten fabulous names of a demon list!

The charm of the bones is natural, and the charms of all charms are huge. Tang Qianmei!

The saints present are not the rest of life, there are not many women who read, but in front of this woman, any concentration seems to not work, her smile can make the saints run their mind to resist.

"This Miss Tang Qianmei is said to have been promoted to the Seventh-grade Saint-level pharmacist three hundred years ago..."

"Now she dares to bid, proving that at least 50% of you can grasp the dreamless heart-breaking pill that can refine the top of the seventh grade!"

"So scary? It seems that this woman is not just a charmer, this alchemy talent is also the ultimate evil!"

"The old man had heard of her name a hundred years ago. The name of this woman was already 1560 in the list of evildoers. I am afraid that there is this terrible blessing of refining medicine today, and it will go further!"

When there was a lot of discussion, Tang Qianmei turned to Lin Chen's box and smirked.

"Mr. Lin Chen, since he has come here, why not come out and meet him. When he heard that Lin Chen was famous, he had won the champion of Dan Yu."

Her voice is very nice, like a yellow warbler, crisp and sweet, just like a lark in the valley, gently calling like a wind.

"How can the champion of natural selection be comparable to your name, Miss. I don't know if this lady can make a concession for this bid. The price and price can be discussed."

When Lin Chen walked out of the box slowly, many male demon showed a look of jealousy.

Beside him, there are two outstanding people standing on the left and the right, not inferior to Tang Qianmei, the third beautiful woman with bright red hair, although not as good as the top ten in the list of evildoers, is not far behind .

"Huh? Ye Qingwu?"

When Tang Qianmei saw the little demon queen next to Lin Chen, a flash of anger flashed across the eyebrows!

The top ten outstanding rankings of the previous demon list, it was Ye Qingwu who came later, surpassed her ranking, and entered the top three, let her drop the ranking, and her reputation was greatly affected.

A woman is jealous, and Tang Qianmei is no exception. She has always hated Ye Qingwu.

"If you **** this Lin Chen, it will be very cool... Ye Qingwu, I want you to watch the end of your man being taken by me!"

Tang Qianmeidan's lips picked out a gorgeous arc.