My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1473

Vol 5 Chapter 1473: Legend Of The Saints List

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Tang Qian Charm likes to conquer men of all kinds of outstanding evil spirits, just like looking for prey.

She likes to see the appearance of a man under her heart, which is one of her greatest pleasures.

On the one hand, Lin Chenming's excellent level is enough for her to try a wave. On the other hand, if she can win over the men who danced at night, that kind of taste may be super double.

She fainted angrily and smiled brightly.

"Unfortunately, Master Linchen, this mentality is fragmented. Qian Mei is unwilling to give in. The alchemy to be held at the meeting, please also advise."

She stretched out her delicate and delicate jade hand and wanted to shake hands with Lin Chen.

I don't know, Lin Chen didn't reach out but laughed and laughed.

"Don't dare to teach, and hope that Miss Qianmei has received magical powers. This night, if you dress like this, I can't concentrate."

hard? Can't concentrate?

Tang Qianmei was stunned, and the flowers were trembling with laughter, "Ha ha ha, interesting, very interesting... Then look forward to whoever, Mr. Lin Chen, and I can win this fragment of the heart method."

"One another."

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly, turned and left directly, and snapped fingers at Ying Guan.

"There is no dream to break the heart, and give me a whole copy."

Everyone was shocked!

What a joke, you are only learning Danfang now, dare to compete with Miss Tang Qianmei?

Ying was very competent and immediately ordered.

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, this is the remedy for dreamlessness."

When teaching Danfang to Lin Chen's palm, Lin Chen smiled, "Don't you need to collect money?"

"No, I bought it for you personally."

Ying Guanzhan showed a smile and a variety of styles.

Although the original formula of the dreamless heart-breaking pill is free, but if it is read and burned carefully, the information contained in it can be described by more than one sentence.

At least it requires a saint with extraordinary spiritual power in the later stages of the holy realm, and constantly urges the spiritual power to be engraved into the space scroll, which can take more than a thousand years to be possible.

Therefore, the value of this recipe is still far more than the ordinary six-grade recipe, even if the recipe is public, it is not a series that anyone can hold and burn.

At this moment, the little demon came close, the fragrance lingered, the snowy mountains rolled up and whispered.

"Lin Chen, you have to be careful. This woman's medicine refining skills are quite different. It is said that the male Tianjiao, who already has a sage list, has scheduled her as a concubine, and taught her that she is a master of alchemy. With her possibility, perhaps more than 50% probability Refined into a dreamless heart-breaking pill."

Lin Chen held the Danfang, rubbed his chin, and said with a joke: "How strong is the Saint Talent List?"

"Very strong."

Jian Qingcheng's pretty face is solemn, "If you say that the evil spirit list is the arrogance of the evil spirits of the human race, the hope of the civilization of the human race. The sage list is the creator and creator of history!"

"The list of holy talents will never fall, the holy world will never fall!"

"Every sage list, most of them are holy babies. The so-called holy babies mean that they are born as sages! No need for any practice, the moment they come, they are holy realms!"

Jian Qingcheng spoke amazingly, and Lin Chen was a little surprised.

Born as a saint?

Thinking of him, Lin Chen had to go through life and death, fighting and fighting for sanctification. The ups and downs of it can be written as a book!

Is there a holy place when someone is born?

Jian Qingcheng's bright red eyes are filled with solemn, very serious words.

"Every sage of the sage list is a figure who created a prosperous age and created an era!"

"For example, Jianbao, the techniques of treasure-monitoring we have learned today were all incomplete skills, the great saints of the sage list, Dongfanghong, established the treasure-monitoring system, and set all the fields and systems of the treasure-monitoring technique. Perfect, create a vein of treasure appraisal, and have one more field of proficiency with the human race."

"Another example is the body refining. There is an ancient desolation in the wilderness, which is honored by the body refining, creating the body refining together, dismantling the human race refining the body into 10,000 volumes of scriptures, and arranging hundreds of thousands of physiques that have appeared in the human race. And arrange the targeted cultivation system to create the way of human cultivation!"

"Another example is blood, the blood thunder falls, and a holy baby is born. Naturally swallowing thousands of blood as the supreme, to manipulate the bloodline to practice, and even allow yourself to break through the condensed environment, trace back with the bloodline, and re-enter the expansion point. Situation, continue to expand the hole."

"It is said that his cumulative hole-expanding has already exceeded ten thousand times, and he doesn't even know what the point of hole-expanding is, just like a monster that subverts the heavens and the earth is shaking!"

"It's like the way of kung fu. There are descendants of the **** of martial arts in the holy king domain, martial arts, martial arts, mastery of combat skills, and the world is invincible!"

"With his own power, he did not create the orange-level intermediate exercises before reaching the cave. With his own power, even the family power was not used, he reversed the history and skills of countless epochs of the Shenyan Palace! "

"There is also the way of the caster, the way of the fortune teller, the sword way, etc.! Each of the sages on the list of sages is a person who made history and pioneered in all major fields!"

"The demon list may be the most brilliant person under the long river of the history of the holy world, the fire of hope for the human race. But the holy talent list... is the master of history!"

"Every one of them is so powerful that it can't be expressed in phrases. Every one of them has a credible qualification! It has unlimited possibilities!"

"Their status in the human race is second only to the gods!"

After listening to Jian Qingcheng's explanation, Lin Chen frowned.

For the first time, he felt the power and antagonism of this sage list!

To put it bluntly, perhaps Lin Chen's current achievements, if placed on the list of holy talents, may not be so.

Even the characters at the front of the evil spirit list, Lin Chen has not yet seen it, more like the Saint Talent List.

He also felt that he had a long way to go!

"If this is said, this woman has a high probability of refining success. I will either surpass her in the quality of Shengdan, but this probability is extremely small, the only possibility..."

Lin Chen thought.

The only possibility is to exceed the limits of the current stage!

It is not difficult for him to refine the Seven-Pill Elixir.

Compared with when he first broke out of the holy prison, his spiritual accomplishments and the accumulation of alchemy skills, but the fusion of the entire collection of Danyu Presbyterian Church!

The difficulty is, how to take it to the next level!

"Oh, it seems that the new refining skills I tested before come in handy, and the things are also complete. Take a look, if you can't beat it, you can only grab it."

Lin Chen opened the recipe for "Dreamless Heart Breaking Pill", activated the system, consumed nearly 40,000 points of vigorous power, and began to fuse massive memories!

The time given by the seller is five days of preparation time.

The organizers of the Gongfa exchange meeting began to clear the details of the auction.

And Lin Chen, in addition to buying a large number of alien crystals, gold and earth treasures, holy artifacts, spent a total of more than 1.90 billion gold coins!

In addition to the dividends from Ying's management and the achievements of the exchange of exercises, Lin Chen has a total of 4.15 billion gold coins!

At the end of the practice exchange meeting, not many saints left.

No one wants to miss this pinnacle of refining medicine!

Cultivation is not in such a hurry, eating melon is the most important thing!