My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1474

Vol 5 Chapter 1474: Just Because He Is Lin Chen.

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Three days later, Lin Chen opened his eyes, all the contents and details of the memory in Danfang, all of his avatars have been merged, and they are well cooked.

"Exactly, I have a sufficient pool of medicinal materials. This time, if you fail to make medicine, you won't be afraid even if you fail three or four times!"

When Lin Chen was thinking clearly, the three old men around Chong Ying nodded.

"No problem, you can start at any time."

San Lao nodded and looked at Tang Qianmei's side. Everyone got up, and she smiled charmingly.

"I can work anywhere, anytime."

Lin Chen suddenly smiled and said: "So coincidence, me too."

Tang Qianmei chuckled, and the two stepped into the refining area.

Many sages in the venue were all looking forward to each other.

Dang ~! A brand-new red kiln landed on the ground, with red purple tops, surrounded by countless ancient phoenix-like patterns, three feet high. The two sides of the kiln are like wings, like a blood phoenix soaring in wings, lifelike.

Tang Qianmei entered the state of alchemy, put away the charm of the past, her pretty face was particularly solemn, and it instantly made people respect.

As a top-level pharmacist, once you enter the state of refining medicine, it is when your whole body is tight and your concentration is highly concentrated.

Bang ~! Her fingertips were beating a flamboyant bright red flame, the flame became a seal, and suddenly formed an alchemy handprint.

A vortex of blood-like energy, burning in the dan furnace, the starlight in the void flashes suddenly, a large amount of eighth-order medicinal materials suddenly appeared, almost tens of thousands!

With so many medicinal materials, not to mention refining medicine, it is extremely difficult to memorize every kind of information such as efficacy and efficacy, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, so that some non-pharmacist saints have a sense of scalp numbness.

"Bloody demon, now!"

The spiritual power has a long history, and the fingerprint of Tang Qianmei has changed again, and the **** flame has burned into two human figures!

Two life-like, alluring flesh and blood fluttering in the void.

The two Blood Flames are as spiritual as they are, and each of the medicinal materials suitable for matching and refining is quickly and accurately put into the Dan furnace, and the essence is extracted at a very fast speed, and the fragrance of the medicine is filled!

"Blood Thousand Spirit Seals?"

"This... this is not the orange-level intermediate alchemy handprint held by the master of the sage list!"

"It seems that it is true that Tang Qianmeiba has come to the Shengcai list!"

"Orange Tier Intermediate Alchemy Fingerprint, there are not many alchemy demon evils holding in the entire enchanting list!"

"This competition is a little dangling..."

The saints were shocked. Tang Qianmei's orange-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint was obviously not a level that her forces could hold.

Behind her, there is a saint who supports, this statement is true!

"No, look at Lin Chen's side!"

At this time, many pharmacists stood up directly, staring dumbfounded at Lin Chen's direction!

Their expressions were surprisingly consistent, as if they had seen a ghost!

I saw that all kinds of medicinal materials were rotating like an astrolabe, and in the sky, the Changhong like the aurora was all over the sky.

Lin Chen stepped into the air, hugged his chest with his hands, his eyes flashed with azure blue spiritual light.

As far as his eyes were concerned, countless medicinal materials were spinning, the outer shell of Tiancaidibao quickly peeled off, and a golden liquid medicine flowed out, and then quickly merged into one piece.

Sigh~! Bang ~!

Lin Chen used his spiritual power to transform the monastery into a whirlwind that incorporated a large amount of medicinal materials. He didnt even move his fingers, and countless medicinal materials energy followed his eyes!

In this scene, I saw countless saints and pharmacists!

Although I have heard rumors before, when I saw it with my own eyes, it was still so shocking and throbbing!

"This... this is what only Lin Chen can do. Does it look alchemy..."

"It's terrifying, he doesn't have any seal, but the speed of refining medicine is as fast and efficient as Tang Qianmei!"

Although the "Eighth-level Xuan Shengyin" obtained by Lin Chen's participation in the Heavenly Election Conference is orange-level low-level, the effect of [Enhancement +15] can make the effect of this handprint follow the orange-level intermediate level!

Even if it is not as good, it is not far away!

In the sky, in a box, a dozen awe-inspiring young figures gathered!

This group of people are all the top 2,000 super monsters of the demon list! It is almost an immortal legend in the 36th domain of the Holy Realm!

As the first cynical Tsing Yi Jiao son, extremely chic, he picked up a few Long Qingguo and put it in his mouth.

"Hey, who do you think has a bigger chance of winning?"

The beautiful lady struck the elegant green dress like a lotus, the blue silk like a waterfall, the moon's eyebrow lips, the delicate fish and the goose. When the eyes moved, the pear vortex was shallow and the town was smiling.

"Well... Judging from the current situation, Tang Qianmei is more likely to win."

The lady in Tsing Yi smiled and said with a smile: "Her alchemy rank is very high, which has a benign effect on the refining of the alchemy. In addition, the grade of the alchemy handprint is higher than that of Lin Chen. Once the elixir is gathered, it may be more spiritual than the original Danfang. Higher."

"Looking back at Lin Chen's spiritual power, although he can cooperate with himself to enter the best state of refining medicine, but the consumption of spiritual power is huge, and it will inevitably make mistakes in the end. And the level of refining medicine on both sides is very high, with a high probability success."

"Even after the success of both sides, it should be the victory of Tang Qianmei, the orange-level intermediate alchemy handprint, the effect of gathering spirits can be called a vast world, swallowing the world. After Shengdan to Liupin, whose spirituality is higher, whose quality is higher. The better."

The indifferent Tsing Yi Lady has a lot of key points in the phrase, which coincides with the ideas of many super demon.

She is also a Qipin Refining Giant!

The handsome young man next to him drank from the pot, and wiped his mouth after the entrance of the fragrant wine, laughing casually.

"Isn't this Lin Chen lost? It's really boring. This kind of competition is the most boring. What can be predicted is comparable."

The lady in Tsing Yi laughed.

"However, even so, I am optimistic about Lin Chen."

A super demon wore a fierce tiger armor raised his eyebrows and sneered disdainfully.

"Oh? Why?"

The beautiful Tsing Yi people are gentle and moving, and they are smiling.

"Just because, he is Lin Chen. Also, he looks handsome."

Everyone: "..."

Time passed by one minute and one second, the alchemy of the two, the clouds and the water, there was almost no stagnation.

It seems that you are enjoying a smooth dance and artistic performance, which makes you enchanted and shows the style of the seventh-grade Saint-level pharmacist!

Fifteen days passed by, and to everyone's surprise, the two actually failed once! The precision of refining medicine is ridiculously strong!

It is needless to say that Tang Qianmei has already studied the formula of "Dreamless Heart".

What makes everyone stunned is how Lin Chen is so perverted!

Wasnt he the Danfang who watched it just a few days ago?

The volume of the 7th-grade pinnacle of the Danfang can be as much as the difficulty of the orange-level intermediate power information!

"Lin Chen, you really are an extraordinary person... But the more you are, the more I want you to fall under my skirt and see how Ye Qingwu becomes a defeated dog!"

Tang Qianmei's eyes gleamed past Lin Chen and Ye Qingwu, and the speed of condensing Shengdan increased by one more point!