My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1475

Vol 5 Chapter 1475: What Does He Want To Do?

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Bang ~!

In Tang Qianmei's monastery, surging energy surges came!

The peach-colored Danxia diffuses all around, covering the sky.

Danxiang overflows, and the flowers bloom thousands of miles. The vitality caused by the energy in the Dan furnace has rejuvenated all the mountains and vitality of tens of thousands of miles!

All the saints in this plane cannot help but be struck by this danxiang!

The Holy Pinnacle of the Seventh Peak!

There are not many people in the world who can enjoy this kind of panacea!

"Chengdan will be so soon!"

"It hasn't failed once, is this the efficiency of the orange-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint."

"Huh, the bottleneck of the 81st holy cave, old man, actually means a little bit loose!"

Even the three peaks of the organizer's state of mind can not help but sigh, looking at the red medicine in the red furnace, full of fiery colors!

Undoubtedly, if they are allowed to take the holy pill, they may even break through the 81 holy caves that they have no chance to break in their lifetime, and become a heaven!

Not only are the three saints of the organizers at their peak, but other saints are also full of fiery eyes, and super demon is no exception!

A dreamless heart-breaking pill, a supreme pill that breaks through the bottleneck, has a wonderful effect on life and death, Naxing, and Sacred Heart!

The difficulty of its refining is known to everyone! No one can keep calm in front of this immortality!

Some saints who have exhausted their potential and are old, basically have no hope of breaking through this life, if they can get this panacea...

Buzz~! boom! boom! boom!

Two horrors of coercion came from the void, and they are the two saints who are the organizers of the Gongfa exchange meeting.

They released their coercion and seemed to warn everyone.

Shengwei, who opened the heavens, cracked down, and many saints and hidden monsters regained their senses.

Although this pill is good, if they dare to use their brains, I am afraid that they will be killed on the spot by the organizer of the Gongfa exchange meeting!

"Hey, this exchange meeting is really popular."

The tiger armor of the high platform box sneered.

The Tsing Yi lady smiled: "If you can unite many eight rank forces to hold an exchange meeting here, they are not simple, they will not smash the signboard for a dreamless heartbreaking medicine."

Finally, the restlessness was just a little quieter, and a pink beam of light went straight to the sky!


"It's such a strong danqi, the old man has never seen Qipin dan medicine can have this danqi!"

"This is definitely the first pill under the Eighth Grade Saint Pill!"

When the hidden monsters of all parties exclaimed, the Dan Qi suddenly spread to form the Sevenfold Holy Ring, which hung high above the sky, and there was a faint eighth heavy Danish ring looming, which eventually failed to take shape.

Brush ~! Bang ~!

Inside the Phoenix Pagoda, a holy pill circling a pink light group took off.

At this moment, all the energy between heaven and earth seems to surround this pink light group, forming an aura vortex.

Everyone looked up and marveled!

"No dream breaks the heart pill, after a hundred years, the old man finally witnessed its birth again!"

"This dreamless heart-breaking pill is more perfect than the one where Dan Yu was born."

"It is presumed that in today's world, under the sky, no strong man can resist its temptation..."

I saw that in the whirlpool of the aura in the sky, there appeared a charming and beautiful girl, flashing bright eyes, looking at the world strangely.

The spirituality is shaped like a lively and charming person with flesh and blood!

Tang Qianmei's pretty face is slightly pale, but Dan Lips's smile grows stronger.

She squeezed her hand, the pretty girl shivered slightly, curled up, changed into a beam of light, and shot in her direction.

The waves of light circulate and float in front of her palm.

Qipin Peak Shengdan, and the quality is stronger than the ordinary dreamless broken heart Dan!

When the pharmacists present turned to Lin Chen and stared at his young pill, they almost had results in their hearts!

The victory and defeat has been determined. Lin Chen's young pill, energy category and spirituality have not exceeded Tang Qianmei!

Even the holy ring that is about to be formed in the void is no more than sevenfold, and the color energy is no match for Tang Qianmei.

The two super monsters beside the drunk man lamented.

"Mr. Lin Chen still lost, but his opponent is Tang Qianmei."

"However, this does not affect his potential. It is too strong. The hole is expanded 30,000 times. It is still such a powerful pharmacist. His future is unimaginable."

At this time, Yue Xin'er and the little demon embarrassedly smiled, gorgeous and beautiful, alluring.

"Yeah, I think that Mr. Lin Chen has the ability to reverse."

Yue Xin'er smiled, and many pharmacists and saints looked at her subconsciously.

She turned her eyes and looked at Lin Chen gradually, her eyes twirling and her brilliant colors flashed.

"When he smiles like that, no one can think of what he will do..."

Inside the Refining Medicine Plaza.

Tang Qian Mei Jiao laughed and secretly heard Lin Chen.

"The outcome has been fixed. If Master Lin Chen really wants the fragmentation of the heart-warming method, he promises Qian Mei a request, okay."

Lin Chen smiled casually, and said: "What is required."

"Leaving Ye Qingwu and being my favorite pet, as long as you are in the face of Ye Qingwu and having **** with Qian Meixing and men and women, Qian Mei guarantees that if you unravel the secrets of this mind-fragmentary fragment, you will be indispensable. One copy, how. Do you want to know what the white tiger looks like?"

Her voice was soft and delicate, as if scornful and delicate, as if scratching her heart, even the saint would quietly hit her enchantment.

Her condition is very tempting, both cool and able to get fragments of mentality.

Lin Chen suddenly burst into laughter from the little demon in the distance.

"Hey, goblin, she said that as long as I do something that seems comfortable with her, she will share the secret with me."

Everyone was stunned, and even Tang Qianmei was stunned.

She had thought that Lin Chen might refuse, but did not expect the boy to turn his head and say it directly in person.

Many men are envious, jealous, and jealous!

One of the top ten fascinating enchanting list, the chance of a pro Fangze, how many people want to break their scalp, without even touching the hair.

The goblin's lips were raised, and his eyebrows were bent, like a smile.

"Then why don't you do the kind of thing with her that seems very comfortable, but it's actually very comfortable, otherwise, what's the use of this iron rod."

The demon's answer was astonishing as always.

Lin Chen and the little demon stared at each other, and they both showed a heartless grin.

Tang Qian was so angry that her teeth tickled. "Shame your face!"

"Miss Tang Qianmei."

Lin Chen spoke again, his young pill energy became more abundant, and began to condense into pill, a large amount of medicinal essence began to evaporate!

When he looked back suddenly, when he looked at Tang Qianmei, his mouth outlined a crazy arc!

"How do you know that I will lose Lin Chen?"

brush! brush! brush!

The light of the space flickered, like smallpox.

The strong parties of all parties suffocated air-conditioning!

Lin Chen's palm turned out to be more than a dozen of vigilance!

He rushed into the sky, and dozens of Najies exploded!

boom! boom! boom!

At this moment, in the entire space plane, the stars are shining, white, yellow, green, blue, blue, orange, and countless lights like stars, flashing the sky and hanging the sky!

Each dazzling star is shining with majestic and deep energy, like a heaven and earth in Tibet, a land of war and heaven and earth!

The pupils of all the saints shrank, and the super wicked monsters stood up in shock!

One thousand!

A thousand inferior crystals!

Everyone at the same moment, the same question?

What does he want to do?

During the alchemy process, he brought out alien crystals, what did he want to do?

call out! call out! call out!

Heavenly Divine Light, all six avatars came down and appeared beside Lin Chen!

Lin Chen and the six avatars coincidedly put on sunglasses, and the corners of his mouth went up wildly.

"Tang Qianmei, today I will show you what is the real, exclusive alchemy method of the Black Horse Club!"