My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1476

Vol 5 Chapter 1476: Sorry I Never Planned To Play According To The Routine.

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Thousands of alien crystals, floating in the void, such as a star-to-star shift, are like a vast astrolabe floating in the sky, like dreams and dreams, and star dreams are blurred.

During this time, Lin Chen has never let the avatar appear, and has been preparing a new trump card in the four seasons of planting capsules!

Lin Chen's method of refining medicine alone!

"Dark horse club's exclusive alchemy method?"

Tang Qianmei was stunned, and her pretty face was unbelievable: "Don't you still give up until now. Your holy pill has begun to become a pill, and even if you use more means, you can't reverse the world!"

"Really, then come and gamble!"

Lin Chen laughed with pride and his eyes were like electricity. Between his eyes, a star shone through.

An abnormal crystal was instantly incorporated into the aura vortex formed by the young pill!

Then, Lin Chen's eyes were as fierce as a sword, sweeping up, down, left, and right.

Ten pieces, one hundred pieces, two hundred pieces, three hundred pieces, can be described as a streamer gathering, a galaxy twinkling, and a thousand splendid crystals of brilliance, and finally, all of them were incorporated into the aura vortex of Chudan!

Bang ~~~! !

A splendid, beautiful and beautiful aura vortex formed like a dream, shining countless different awns, shining the whole plane bright!

Tang Qianmei was dumbfounded!

At this moment, the audience's pharmacist burst into a sudden!

"Crazy, it must be crazy!"

"You **** is sick, Lin Chen!"

"Come on, who will stop this madman, don't let him ruin the pill!"

"What do you lose, you lose, what are you doing to destroy your immortality!"

"Can't you lose? Can't you lose!"

"I hang your uncle, and you sell me the Elixir!"

"Can't afford to lose you, don't make alchemy, my day!"

"Alien crystals are added during the alchemy process. Isn't this an explosive placed on the vegetable bowl!"

"What are you doing to tease me?"


Most of the pharmacists are thunderous!

Everyone thinks Lin Chen is crazy!

Is it crazy to add crystals during the process of refining medicine?

What is abnormal crystal? It is an energy crystal that constantly swells, condenses, tempers, deposits, compresses, and finally forms a variety of powerful and domineering energy between heaven and earth.

It is beautiful and violent, and the energy is magnificent, which can make the saint shocking.

Like the core of a small star, it becomes the final form of compressed energy!

It is equivalent to condensing thousands of years of destruction energy into a small crystal, which is both beautiful and deadly!

Ordinary saints have to pay a big price to control an alien crystal. Now, this ultimate energy condensate has been taken to alchemy?

Is this world crazy, or is he Lin Chen crazy?

Take the Alchemy Alchemy?

Crazy to return his mother's new ideas?

If alchemy is compared to cooking, then alien crystal is an alternative explosive!

Who the heck is cooking with explosives!

Why do you just want to deep-fry Dan and just say it, let's put the crystal? Neuropathy! Not too sick!

"Come on, let the climax come stronger!"

Lin Chen was full of blood, and his hands were slightly held up. The spiritual power of the six avatars and the body was instantaneous, such as the vortex of the aura in the air!

Lin Chen's body raised his hands in vain, a snap!

"Explosion is art. Give me, burst!"

The colorful vortex of aura trembles suddenly! The brilliance soars, the Holy Light trembles, and the five-color brilliance grows crazy!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

A series of big bangs, burst in time!

In the aura vortex, the light grows at a high speed and flashes rapidly, just like the stars are falling, the galaxy bursts, and the whole space plane trembles!

All the saints couldn't help but stare, staying stark.

Above the high-rise building in Yuntai, more than a dozen super witches froze in a daze.

This scene is magnificent, beautiful and unparalleled. It is like a desperate situation in the world, so beautiful and thrilling!

"What a nice view"

The elegant ladies in Tsing Yi can't help but admire heartfeltly.

A thousand abnormal crystals, all exploded together!

Although the energy released cannot threaten the state of the Sacred Heart, it is almost impossible to control it!

The moment when the abnormal crystals exploded, Lin Chen's six avatars' mental power was consumed quickly!

The spiritual power is like an infinite sea, which instantly dries up at a speed visible to the naked eye!

That seemingly chaotic, trembling light vortex actually hides the profound mystery, and countless changes are free!


Tang Qianmei's pupil trembles, she seems to find the mystery!

Then, several super-powerful medicine refining giants, from anxiety to corruption, turned into shock and consternation!

"This... this is?"

"There is a thin film of spiritual energy on the young Dan!"

"He guarded Young Dan with his mental strength, and did not let Young Dan be destroyed in the explosion!"

"No, it's not just that simple. Look, all of the thin films on the spiritual film are small holes that are a hundred times thinner than the hair!"

The various refining medicine giants finally found the clue!

At this time, the young pill in the aura vortex quickly incorporated countless alien energy and was protected by a layer of spiritual film 1

Mysteriously, this spiritual film has as many as thousands of holes!

The Tsing Yi ladies on the tall building stood up, and Bi Eyes was filled with unbelievable, shocking mutters.

"These small holes are rapidly absorbing all the energy of abnormal crystals. How is this possible? The energy structure of such chaotic abnormal crystals is different for each type of abnormal crystals. How can he be controlled by Lin Chen?"

The woman in Tsing Yi was shocked and throbbed. She had thought that Lin Chen would be surprised, and she might have a Jedi counterattack, but she did not expect that Lin Chen could do this!

It's simply unnatural!

"Senior Ancient God, I didn't learn your cultivation method of alien crystals..."

Lin Chen was extremely excited, and his fighting spirit rose!

In this challenge, he bet on winning!

To make the alchemy of alchemy to fill the energy shortage of the seventh-grade peak elixir, this earth-shattering method can only be done by [Spiritual Awakening] and Lin Chen who has practiced the ancient **** "Astral Cultivation Method"!

He is beyond ordinary people in understanding the energy structure and understanding of alien crystals! Coupled with his instantaneous speed and all the avatars, he can perfectly eliminate massive amounts of alien energy!

call out! call out! call out!

This is, again, a hundred fourth-grade Saint Pills hanging in the air, blasting into the Aura Vortex!

laugh! boom! boom! boom!

Then, a hundred of four-grade Saint Pills exploded together, and the Holy Pills were as spiritually initiating and included in the Dreamless Broken Heart Pill!

Everyone's scalp is numb and crazy on the spot!


Why are you here!

After the fried crystal is not enough, we still have to fry Dan?

Buzz~! !

At this time, a wave of unprecedented energy fluctuated violently!

The holy ring in the sky throbs slightly, then trembles out the eighth complete holy ring!

Buzz~! A mysterious and mysterious mood enveloped the dreamless heart-breaking young pill, which shone with the light of the polar star and suspended into a cocoon of light.

Everyone felt that the elixir seemed to have life!

At this moment, all the pharmacists present were stunned in place!

"See... those who see the heart of the heart, become eight grades!"

"He actually turned into an eight-grade Saint Pill!"

"History is about to be rewritten. In the world of refining medicine, another eight-grade Saint-level refining pharmacist will be added.

Many pharmacists shouted almost like a roar, ecstatic and shocked!

Even the drunk man was shocked and dizzy!

Danxin, Shengdandanxin!

Lin Chen, actually refined the heart of Sheng Dan Dan!

He finally took that step and found his own method of refining medicine.

In the Refining Medicine Square, Lin Chen stepped into the air, he pushed his sunglasses and laughed.

"Sorry, the coach never forced to follow the rules."

"I'm handsome, handsome, but my strengths, and my specialty is my specialty. On handsome, I only recognize the first, refining medicine, I only use my eyes. Pick-up girl, I like to use a gun. Why do you ask me why I am so good? Because of my The exercises depend on picking up."