My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1477

Vol 5 Chapter 1477: Eighth Grade Saint Level Pharmacist Lin Dashuai

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Tang Qianmei stood staring at the spot, dreaming, and never thought of this scene.

In the sky, the multicolored Danxia afterglow exploded in the sky, like ripples, reflecting the figure of the teenager.

He was wearing a silver coat, wearing a pair of black lenses, and had a slender figure. His waist rod was as straight as a gun of war, and he stood on the ground.

The vast and holy ring of horrors revolves around the top of the teenager's head, like the sun and the moon, like a god.

The nine-coloured alien crystal gloriously flew into the void like Ruilong, reflecting the profile of the young man's evil spirit.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a sense of absolute self-confidence, coquettish but not obscene, coquettish and not lustful, self-confident but not conceited.

At that moment, Tang Qianmei's heart seemed to have a flash of lightning flashing over it.

"Lost, I actually lost to someone other than him..."

Ying Guanshi could see the gods, he couldn't help but stretch his jade legs together, his eyes were silky...

Make up energy with alien crystals, fill spirituality with holy pill!

Lin Chen made alchemy with special crystals and alchemy with elixir, and finally became one!

Lin Chen's way of refining medicine officially embarked on a new path!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Eight Holy Rings released a ripple-like energy wave, as if it was a baby's leaping, cheering itself into this new world!

In all directions, the clouds of Danxia rose, and the whole space was dazzlingly dazzled. Withered trees and spring, and flowers blooming, it seemed like alive!

The strong danqi carries the danxiang and travels through the void. Many saints can't help but breathe a little. When absorbing a little danqi into the body, an excited spirit, all fatigue is emptied, and the light of the holy cave shines.

Even the bottleneck that has not moved for a long time, there are signs of loosening!

Perhaps after this trip, they went back to retreat, maybe there was unexpected joy!

Although the dreamless heart-breaking pill is the seventh-grade pinnacle holy pill, all the seven-grade pill can be transformed into an eight-grade holy pill!

"This is Bapin Shengdan...too strong. The old man felt the trembling feeling of this holy cave for the first time. It seems that as long as he absorbs some more Danqi, he can break through!"

"Baipin Refining Pharmacist, expanding the point by 30,000 times. Refining the body is called the king, captive of the dragon descent. Lin Chen's future is simply dare not imagine..."

"Bapin Shengdan! Only a very small number of people in this world can take it. Many founders of the Bapin sect have never enjoyed Bapin Shengdan once in this life!"

"I really envy the seller of the fragmented exercises, which actually made Lin Chen, the evil spirit, fancy. Eight grades of dreamless heart-breaking pill are all refined!"

"Hey, Lin Chen's son has to bid for the remnant of this kind of volume even at this level. I'm afraid he has enough confidence to unlock its secret."

"Orange-level or higher mentality... Gee, I am afraid that some of the eight ranks of the sect will also be unable to help."

"How about the eight-grade sect, if you want to move an eight-grade saint-level apothecary, he must also weigh up!"

The saints can be said to have exploded in the pan, and there has been a lot of heated discussion, witnessing the grand birth of the Eighth Grade Shengdan with their own eyes, which is a rare life!

Lin Chen is not afraid of being seen by others. This mind-blooded volume is related to himself.

When he bid for the "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", he was destined to be suspected and coveted by countless strong men.

Therefore, the only thing you have to rely on is your own fist, which is big enough to prevent invasion.

And now Lin Chen is a genuine eight-grade Saint-level pharmacist.

In this identity, he can sit on an equal footing with any Kaitian Realm. The drunken man of this kind of Kaitian Realm meets him as a friend of the same generation when he meets him.

An eight-ranking sect wants to move him, I am afraid not to say that it is shot, and Lin Chen's record is enough to deter a large group of strong!


Lin Chen made a one-handed move, and the "dreamless heart-breaking pill" in the void turned into a faint light cocoon. When the light cocoon cracked, it was like a simple and childish baby.

"It's finally a breakthrough. Now, I should be able to refine the panacea for them..."

Lin Chen's heart was fascinated, his expression slightly intoxicated.

Now he has enough power to heal his servants!

Not to mention healing all of them and returning to their heyday, but only healing half of their injuries and cultivation, Lin Chen still has enough confidence!

Of course, the premise is sufficient resources!

It feels so good to be promoted to an eight-grade Saint-level pharmacist!

It's a realm of ideas, very profound.

If it was Lin Chen before, the skill of refining medicine is like a sharp pointed knife, and now he is more like a sharp bayonet.

There seems to be little difference between the two, in fact, the latter can focus on the sharpest part, this is the qualitative transformation!

As long as Lin Chen is practicing alchemy next time, the medicine refining skills he has practiced will work in the best condition without wasting a penny of mental energy.

For him, refining medicine has become a natural instinct.

"Make it real!"

Lin Chen was second to none, and the sage baby "tumbled" a few times, then curled up into a long blue azure sage, crystal clear and translucent, like a pearl of the night.

"It seems that after advancing to the eighth grade, my spiritual realm has a trace of touching the threshold of extraordinary spiritual power for saints."

Lin Chen couldn't help but look forward to, what level of spiritual state is beyond the Holy?

Thinking about just a few breaths, Lin Chen put aside these thoughts and stared at the blue dreamless heart-breaking pill again.

"Good Xuanqi, this is Bapin Shengdan..."

Lin Chen sniffed its pride, and even added a lot of top-level essence attributes!


In addition to spirituality and energy, the most important thing for refining the Eighth Grade Saint Pill is refining the pill heart.

When refining the pill heart, the holy pill is more like a prototype life form with high energy and high cultivation.

And the Eighth Grade Saint Pill has been called a high-energy, high-cultivated, living body formed by gathering spirits.

If Lin Chen let it go, if he is not discovered by the strong and grows or grows freely, he may be able to cultivate a powerful holy land in the future.

"Although this dreamless heart pill is precious, but as long as the medicinal materials are complete, it can be refined at any time. It can be exchanged back to my fourth chapter of Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju, which is always valuable."

After Lin Chen sealed the Holy Pill with a jade box, he looked around the audience with wonderful expressions, and finally fell on Tang Qianmei.

"Miss Tang Qianmei, do you still have questions?"

Lin Chen smiled jokingly.

Tang Qianmei was fascinated by the smile of the teenager, and even with a playful meaning, it still seemed so unique.

"Um... I lost, and I was convinced to lose it."

Tang Qianmei shook his head and sighed.

Seeing her stop talking, Lin Chen was shocked.

This woman, what the hell, you who don't talk, look so strange.

It seems that a woman who is eight hundred a night and two thousand a night, suddenly talks to you about love, is so abrupt, chic, Shi Lezhi.

Lin Chen turned to him with a dreamless heart-breaking pill jade box, and he smiled casually when he looked at the organizer of the Gongfa exchange meeting.

"You guys, don't know if there is any problem."

The sponsor's three elders glanced at each other and marveled.

"There will be no problems with victory or defeat. This time the exchange of exercises will conclude the exchange of exercises. The son Lin Chen will win!"