My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1478

Vol 5 Chapter 1478: I Want It All

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After speaking, one of the three elders, the "old man", reappeared the fragments of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" in the palm of his hand, and passed on from time to time.

Lin Chen was very kind, almost at the same time, he also passed the dreamless heart-breaking pill in his hand.

Both sides get what they want almost at the same time.

The moment Lin Chen held Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue in his palm, the corner of his mouth could not stop rising.

The fourth volume of Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju is his Lin Chen!

No matter what happens, it is impossible to escape from him, unless Lin Chen is killed!

"If the last volume is left, and the fifth volume is also collected..."

Lin Chen couldn't help but squeeze the black scroll, a war spirit rose!

"If I can find the fifth volume, it is a complete mental method! At that time, I will be able to strengthen the Taiyi Futian tactics, expand the point multiple, and will fly into the sky! I dont know how it will be against the Lin Xingchen at that time. scene"

Lin Chen felt that he and Lin Xingchen might meet again!

Perhaps he has his own secret in his body, and his star mark has never reacted, but only to Lin Xingchen.

Lin Chen collected the Tai Yi Fu tactics, first let the avatar return to the air transport capsule.

During this alchemy, Lin Chen also consumed a lot of rune energy.

After all, the speed of the phantom avatar's passing mental power is far faster than the speed of normal make-up, and it is necessary to supplement the consumption of the avatar with the rune energy before the memory fusion can be performed.

From the beginning to the end, the people of the Nine Evil Sword Palace did not seem to appear at the exercises exchange meeting.

"Leprechaun, Allure, let's go."

Lin Chen was too lazy to pay attention to Tang Qianmei and others, and after holding a fist to the drunk old man and others, he turned and smiled at the second daughter.

He is now attentive, with only two goals!

One is to cultivate mentality, and the other is to start alchemy!

Heal his servants!

Lin Chen's spiritual awareness of the sea, dozens of groups of spiritual aperture, like the sky, hovering around Lin Chen's awareness of the sea.

This is the spiritual imprint bound by life and death Zhou Tianyin, and one of the spiritual sources of all Lin Chen's servants!

"Everyone listens to the order, and goes to the wonderland of the Holy Realm at the fastest speed to gather at the new ice heart palace.

Lin Chen issued a command, the space was faintly rippled, and a mysterious and mysterious spiritual sound spread out of the space plane and spread to a more distant space!

"Hey, Ying is in charge."

At this time, before Lin Chen left, summoned Ying to be in charge.

"The son, the slave's family is here." Ying Guanshi Yingying owed her body, his eyes twitched, and he looked forward to him.

Lin Chen provoked her crisp face, jokingly said: "I can give you a chance, but you need to give me half of your life, do you want it."

Ying Guanshi's body shook, his eyes flashed for a moment, and his thoughts were extremely fast, as if he had made a great determination to gritt his teeth.

"Please tell your son!"

"I need a person to do things for me. If you can do it for me, I will protect you from the state of the Sacred Heart."

Lin Chen's only words, but let Ying Guanshi tremble!

Enter the Sacred Heart State!

Based on her experience in managing affairs, others painted cakes for her, even if she opened the sky, she was completely unbelief.

But if it was Lin Chen, an eighth-grade saint-level apothecary, who was still a brazen demon boy, the weight of this proposal would be completely different!

After thinking about it for a moment, Ying Meng's wonderful eyes no longer hesitated and said respectfully: "Please tell the son to speak bluntly, if the slave family can do it, go to the chase and go all out."

"Emancipate your mental preparedness, I want to add something to your spiritual knowledge."

Lin Chen made a smirk, and to his surprise, Ying Guan did it without hesitation!

The risk of doing so would be extremely great. If Lin Chen wanted to threaten himself, it would be easy, but if he intends to cooperate sincerely, the benefits and benefits in exchange will not be obtained in a lifetime!

An eight-grade Saint-level pharmacist has this energy!

She is a woman who has practiced for more than ten epochs. She knows very well that there are some adventures. If you miss it, it will be forever!


The spirit of Ying Guanshi knows the world and imprints a mark of life and death Zhou Tian.

However, this mark will not dominate her life, hit her from the inside, more than enough to affect her life.

"You hold this money, I want you to spend it as fast as possible!"

Lin Chen threw a luck capsule into Ying Guanshi, saying one by one: "Your task is to pay me."

"Ah?" Ying was a little ignorant.

"Holy artifacts, crystals, and eighth-order medicinal materials, all purchased first, and then sent to this address."

Lin Chen gave the address of Bingxin Palace to her and smiled and said: "As long as you do it well, I promise to give you the benefits, not less of you."

When Ying Guanshi releases a ray of spiritual thoughts to explore the luck implantation that Lin Chen threw to her, Qianyan's pupil trembles!

Over the mountains and the wild, piled up into a sea of gold coins!

This number, she swept the past roughly, at least broke three trillion gold holy yuan!

Ying Guan's legs were a bit soft, Lin Chen gave her such an important task?

Can he let it go? Not afraid to run by yourself?

Finding a hidden saint in the Sacred Realm is much more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

Lin Chen gave her the birth and death seal of Zhou Tian, the effect is not the most important, the purpose is to know her position is enough.

She dare to have a second heart, Lin Chen can uproot her forces!

"Don't be surprised, I need a professional in this area to handle this matter for me. If you cooperate well, I will not lose you. If you have a second heart, I will not counsel."

Lin Chen patted her shoulder and smiled, "Go away, remember to send things over as fast as possible!"

Lin Chen took the sword to the city, Lin Ping'an, and the three young girls of the little demon left, leaving only a back for everyone.

"Oh, are you gone."

"Prepare everything, and scrap him."

"He can slash open the heavens, how sure are you to win him?"

"Oh, it's true that I can't kill Kaitian Realm, but I can still do it.

In the cloud pavilion beside the refining medicine square, a group of super demon monks disappeared.

A private room is closed.

The two men in black knelt on one knee, with jade boxes in their hands.

In the darkness, the four figures walked out slowly. One of them picked up the jade box. After opening, the azure blue light flowed into a cloud-like, brilliant and translucent gem.

The four of them couldn't help but feel hot!

Bapin Shengdan, or a dreamless heart-breaking pill that specifically breaks through the bottleneck!

I originally thought that I could only get a peak of the seventh-grade dreamless heart-breaking pill.

And, looking at this situation, chasing after eight grades of intermediate Saint 1

"Master, are we going to return next?"

The man in black kneeling on one knee respectfully clenched his fists.


One of them laughed loudly, as if chatting in a homely manner, the clouds were light and windy.

"Wu Meng Po Xin Dan, I want the nine evil sword palace. I also want the secret of the fragment of the heart method!"

"This seat is on the fragment of that mentality, please move the ancestor to set the mark, and the opening of the heavens may not be able to see the clues, go, and prepare to keep up with the kid!"

"Children only make choices. I have to do all nine evil sword palaces!"