My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1479

Vol 5 Chapter 1479: Sorry Ugly Rejection.

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The Nine Evil Sword Palace seems to have a strong backing.

As if knowing Lin Chen's record and madness, he is not hesitating to "black eat black"!

"Oh, the secret belongs to you, his life, to me."

At this moment, the owl-like sneer came from the darkness.

When he came out of the darkness, the handsome and evil face, when he licked the corner of his mouth slightly, was a bit cold and cold.

On the man, the faint starlight shimmered, and it seemed to hide a starry sky.

"Sir, you're doing something."

"We have been cooperating for so many years, and everybody knows it. We will not covet what you want."

The four members of the Nine Evil Sword Hall stooped and bent slightly.

Who is it, and even their nine evil sword palaces, they must bow down to claim their honor?

If Lin Chen is here, he will immediately recognize this person!

The man who was the No. 1 demon in the old days, the master killer, the cloudy son!


the other side.

In the plane of Tianji Thunder Pond, the thunder of this place is extinct, and every thunder, like a python, splits the void and sweeps the sky!

It seems that there is the prestige of splitting the heavens and the earth.

However, in Lei Chi, there was a man with a sturdy face at this time. He was not angry and had a naked upper body. He actually sat in Lei Chi like a bath?

If you let other saints see it, I'm afraid it will scare you to death!

Tianji Leichi takes a bath, even if its the Sacred State of Mind, it doesnt have this inside!

At this time, the energy of Lei Chi passed rapidly, becoming more and more bleak, but the man opened his eyes suddenly, and the earth shook!

"Huh? The protagonist Lin Chen's urgent summoning of strange land? Get up!"

Outside the Holy Realm, a distant fiery red sun!

A handsome man sat on the surface of the sun.

He was carrying a red bow, and his arrows pierced the earth, and he walked around with four flame circles.

When the handsome man opened his eyes, Wan Yan fell, and the three violent suns in the nearby star field began to return to calm.

"This is the hero's communication? The goal is, Qi Yu! I Qi Feiyan, go as I please!"

Dan domain, the elder tower.

In a closet room, the life of the Danjuan is being burned, and the eyes flash through the terrifying spiritual glory!

"The hero's summoning? Bring all the resources to Qiyu Bingxin Palace? Hahahaha! Unexpectedly, is this day coming so soon!"

Thousands of domains, white clouds flutter, like a thousand heavy snow.

Inside the white cloud, a virtual aura resembling a Hongqiao is swirling in the void, constantly being incorporated into the center of the vortex.

At the center of the vortex is a fairy with long hair like snow, jade bone ice muscles, and a white dress fluttering.

The moon's eyebrows bend, the fairy looks back, smiles Yan Yan, smiles, sinks the fish and falls geese, like Ruoxianxian.

"The protagonist has summoned the news, it seems that there is good news!"

Sword domain, three thousand sword tomb.

Inside the lifeless cemetery, two tall figures emerged.

"The protagonist actually collected medicinal herbs in just one year or so?"

"Hahaha! Fang Ling, let's continue to do good disguise first, but we have worshipped the heroes who are great. In the future, when we are famous, we may overwrite our heyday!"

"Let's go to the strange land!"


Similar scenes are constantly being staged in the Holy Realm!

At this moment, the legendary figures who have been forgotten by the world, dominated the entire era, and shaken the sage list, are now gathering in the strange land! !

Five days later.

In the Void Channel, Lin Chen walked through the air and took the three females to fly fast to the sky to the direction of returning to the strange domain!

"Little Shadow's situation seems to have improved, and the breath is getting stronger..."

Lin Chen gazed at Qingxue's dragon-shaped shadow, and the dragon-like shadow became stronger and stronger, as if it had become the main center of Qiyun's capsule.

"Do you want to consider trying the first time to condense the cave?"

At this time, Lin Chen consciously glanced at himself.

Ning point, Ning Ning. After expanding the hole, if you accumulate enough, you can choose whether to impact this state.

The Ning Cave Realm has a strong right of self-selection, because becoming a Ning Cave Realm is not like an expanding cave realm. Before the saint became an expanding cave realm, although the Holy Cavern Realm is strong, the holy power that can be accommodated is limited.

After expanding the cave, the holy power that the holy cave can hold has surged like a massive amount. If you want to temporarily repair this situation, you can also expand the cave.

Of course, this right of choice is only valid for qualifications at the level of the enchanted list. Not everyone is able to stay in the expanding cave realm!

If ordinary saints have a chance to break through, they can't help breaking the ground immediately. But the enchanted list will choose to break through the bottleneck at the right time!

Lin Chen is so.

He swept the Saint Demon Kings in the Nine Race Battlefield, and broke into the Demon Race Battlefield alone, turned upside down and slaughtered a large number of high-level Saint Demon Kings!

Although the attribute value of the Holy Demon King is not the top essence, but the top essence he accumulated has reached an incredible level!

If he condenses his points now, he may achieve a terrifying worldly result! And, the most important thing is the transformation of combat power!

Although expanding the cave and coagulating the environment are the foundations, they are also two very important realms for the transformation of combat power!

"If I coagulate the cave, even if it is five times the more common coagulation cave, it can instantaneously explode several trillion dragon power, and the blessing of the supernatural possession possesses the talent effect, which can break the power of ten or more! Not to mention, my Condensed acupoint, maybe more than five times."

Lin Chen was thinking about it, but soon, he rejected the choice.

Perhaps his accumulation is amazing, and it is bound to be the rarest in the Holy World, even the first series in the Ning Cave!

However, Lin Chen's eyes are not limited to this. Since encountering Lin Xingchen, Lin Chen feels that any young generation he has encountered, whether it is a devil wizard or a super demon, is not worth a killing!

No Tianjiao can be compared with that Lin Xingchen!

Ningxue, the saint has only ten chances in his life. Lin Chen can't waste these ten chances, he must do everything he can, and play to the extreme in his environment!

In half a month, Lin Chen went to several top-level space channels, spanning the entire heavenly domain and reaching the strange domain!

The seventeenth day.


The space is rippling, and when Lin Chen is floating in the air, the surrounding mountains are desolate. Like a big wilderness, Lin Chen finally reached the edge of the strange region!

Seeing that millions of miles away was also deserted, Lin Chen laughed jokingly.

"Everyone, when you come here, why should you hide it? I, I like to open the big eagle to speak brightly."

The demon queen and Jian Qingcheng were shocked!

Could someone still track them down?

"Oh, I dare to die hard until I die!"

"Lin Chen, Lin Chen, the person who is the **** of the gods, it's not time you say waste, it's time to pay the price."

In the void, a dozen, but indifferent, sneering laughter came out!

The comers are actually multi-party forces? More than one?

Lin Chen didn't take any counsel, but instead laughed jokingly.

"Why, I'm more handsome, I talk a little bit more, I fight a little stronger, I have more beautiful women, and I pick up some exercises. Why do you want to target me everywhere and even follow me? Sorry, ugly! "