My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1480

Vol 5 Chapter 1480: You Greedy Me

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In the high sky, the blue shirt is like ink, and the eyes are like the sword.

"Lin Chen, you are the hardest person you have ever seen. I hope you won't die too soon, there are 18,000 kinds of punishments waiting for you to experience it again!"

Someone shrugged, with a relaxed expression on his face.

"Really, I think there are many parts of my body that are harder than my mouth, such as legs, bones, and heads. They are all hard. But my hardest one is my gun."

Sword Allure is standing by and there are five super monsters in the void!

All are strong players in the early and middle stages of Na Xingjing!

Xiao Jianqing, the handsome young man of that tremendous gate, is in full bloom with 66 holy caves, which is approaching the late stage of the Star Realm!

After the demon's eyes were shining, it was not too big to watch the show, as if he had forgotten that he was also a man of the authorities.

"I said, do you really have a way to trap him?"

"Hey, don't do it when you can't steal chickens and eat rice, Xiao Jianqing."

The two super monsters laughed.

Xiao Jianqing glanced at them indifferently.

"Relax, as long as you shoot together, the benefits are indispensable to you."

Those who dare to offend the eighth-grade Saint-level pharmacist, dare to do such things in these lawless monsters!

Bang ~!

The five great evils surrounded Lin Chen's regiments, each side, and the six Sacred Heart Elders brought by Xiao Jianqing, with a hexagonal lineup, blocked Lin Chen's retreat.

Xiao Jianqing didn't make a sword, but he suspended a delicate pendant in his palm, the whole body was azure blue, the power of space that was filled with fighting and star shift!

Bang ~~!

When the Linglong pendant exploded violently, the surrounding space solidified, and nine apertures appeared like Shenhua, actually surrounding Lin Chen's body.

"Lock!" Xiao Jianqing gripped Lin Chen with one hand, and nine apertures locked Lin Chen into place.

Moreover, the space of tens of thousands of squares is like being solidified. Ordinary saints can't move!

Lin Chen unleashes all his dignity, 280 divine power sweeps through the hundred planes, shattering the sun, moon and stars!

Bang ~! !

The space trembles violently, Lin Chen's power trembles around, but he doesn't break free from the nine apertures on his body!

"Huh? This pendant is a bit interesting... It should be a higher-grade space holy, enough to trap the sky-open level for a short time..."

Lin Chen has not yet broken free, and the moment the other party restrained Lin Chen, the five evil spirits burst into orange ranks at once!

One shot is a killing move, there is no underestimate the enemy, the sky is suddenly dark, and the five super monsters join forces, and their power is far more extraordinary than the Sacred Heart State!

"I just want to eat my Lin Chen, but I look down upon me."

In the electric light and flint stone, six Divine Lights came to the side, and when Lin Chen's six avatars appeared, they all threw out a slow rune!

The solidified space suddenly slowed down the flow of aura in time and space!

The attack of the five super monsters is a slight pause, the moment when they are stuck in the void-

Bang ~! A phantom avatar of Lin Chen urged the Nine Wings of the Heavenly Demon, traveled thousands of miles, jumped into the void, and flashed in front of Xiao Jianqing.

When the fiery and terrifying scorching breath swelled in the palm of your hand, the avatar swooped with 280 deities, and Jiu Chong Tian Tian palm shook Xiao Jianqing!

Qiang~! The sword came out like a dragon!

boom! boom!

Xiao Jianqing slammed his sword, and a sword slashed through the air for thousands of miles. The Jiuzhong Burning Palm of the avatar was intercepted. Not only that, but his arm was twisted by the sword gas.

He smiled wickedly, "I already know that you are a means of doppelganger, but I'll...

boom! The avatar backhand punched his handsome face!

Bang~! Xiao Jianqing blocked this fist with one hand, and all of its pure power seemed to be sucked away by the vortex-like suction in his palm, and he smiled lightly.

"You just want to fight with your pure power..."

Phantom Doppelganger revealed Lin Chen's signature smile.

"Pretend that you are here."

"Macro talent!"

[The host launches a supernatural talent, locks in the target, and consumes 19 million advanced talent points.

When the turquoise light flashed from the center of the palms of the two, Xiao Jianqing's figure flickered slightly, and his eyes were unbelievable.

At the next moment, Xiao Jianqing disappeared like a ghost!

Buzz~! When the space ripples, the enclosed space around it is lifted.

Xiao Jianqing's pendant blocked the void, but at this time he was even included in the macro space by Lin Chen, and the imprisoned space naturally didn't work!

"Young Sect Master!"

"What demon trick does this kid use?"

The Six Sacred Minds are terrified!

Did they lose touch with Xiao Jianqing?

"what happened?"

"Damn, this kid is weird. Be careful, don't get him close!"

When Lin Chen's pressure subsided, the five evil spirits exclaimed together.

"Well, are you sure. Do you want me to shoot?"

Lin Pingping giggled.

"Last fight, your luck is planted black, you can't just shoot any more, come in."

Lin Chen opened the air-transplantation capsule, and the three women looked at each other and escaped into the four seasons capsule.

Bang ~! !

Lin Chen released 280 divine powers, the sky shivered and laughed like a simple child.

"I want to come to kill me Lin Chen to prove that you are mentally prepared."

After talking, Lin Chen's eyes swept towards the void, and the corner of his mouth rose.

"Don't be arrogant, on the list of evildoers, you are much more crazy than you."

"No matter how arrogant it is, it's just a holy realm of physical training. Isn't your cultivation practice of expanding the cave realm worthwhile in front of us?"

The five super monsters sneered and did not panic because of Xiao Jianqing's disappearance.

"Boy, don't hand over Young Sect Master, this Holy Realm does not have your way of life!"

"Do you want to challenge the Bapin sect? Can you challenge the authority with a little external force?"

Six Sacred Hearts sternly warned Lin Chen.

Lin Chen hadn't responded yet. At this time, the void fluctuated and opened a space channel.

The beautiful lady's long skirt is purple, her waist and limbs are soft and delicate, and the thin dress will outline the hot body, and Lianbu moves gently, standing beside Lin Chen.

The woman's eyebrows curled, her eyes circulated, and she smiled like a flower.

"Mr. Lin Chen, it seems that he is having some trouble. It seems that he needs a little help."

Lin Chen was stunned, but he did not expect this woman to come!

Tang Qianmei!

"Help me, doesn't it seem to be good for you?"

Lin Chen joked.

Tang Qianmeijiao smiled and said: "I don't necessarily have to do something good."

Lin Chen suddenly said seriously.

"People, if you don't want to make a small profit, you must have a big plan."

Then, Lin Shuai seemed to want to say something, covering his chest, pretending to be horrified.

"Did you say that after you want to help me, let me repay yourself? You actually greedy my body, you are cheap!"

Tang Qianmei: "..."

What about the face? Really shameless?