My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1481

Vol 5 Chapter 1481: A Melee

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Tang Qianmei suddenly wanted to know more than Lin Chens secret, how could he not be killed in the Holy World for so many years?

"This is the intelligence of these five people, don't think of the top 2000 of the evil list as they are so simple, they are not easy to deal with, especially under the joint situation, under the open sky, few Sacred Minds can suffer. Live their joint."

Tang Qianmei didn't sulky, and gave Lin Chen a scroll. This guy treated friendly friends like this?

The power of the super demon is far more than the normal Na Xing realm, the means and the strength of the card, can fully challenge the Sacred Heart State!

As the existence of more than a thousand people in the Holy Realm after the Saints List and at the forefront of the Monster List, they have this strength and heritage!

Lin Chen took it in hand, and the mental consciousness was swept away, and the identity messages of all five were revealed!

Ghost Shadow Instant Light, Ao Fan, 1961 in the list of evil spirits, 64 Sacred Caverns in full bloom, mid-level Na Xing Realm, specializing in assassination, assault type exercises, possessing nine ranks of Saint-level blood vessels, extremely meteor celestial bodies.

Shenxing steals the sky, Chu Xiao, 1975 in the list of evil spirits, blooming 63 holy caves, the peak of the early stage of the Na Xing Realm, specializing in body method, sensitive attack, and nine heavy nine sun heavenly bodies.

Bihai Nine Swords, Chen Yu, 1878 in the list of evil spirits, 65 sacred caves in full bloom, mid-starry world, sword field evil spirits, superb swordsmanship, natural sword heart insight into hundreds of millions of swordsmanship, but nine swords can break ten thousand swords.

Qianyue Promise, Luo Wushuang, 1899 enemies, 65 sacred caves in full bloom, mid-star season. The Ninth-grade Saint-level bloodline, with the moon repairing the saint, breaking the saint into the moon, Na Xingxiu can transform the moon-bearing realm, the capacity of the holy cave is far beyond the ordinary evil spirit!

Inherited Wusheng, Jiang Wuxin, 1870 enemies, 65 sacred caves in full bloom, mid-star season. Wusheng Bloodline, an authority in the field of Gongju with perfect combination of offensive and defensive speed and physical skills!

A sword of dreams, Jiang does not regret, 1865 of the list of enemies, 65 sacred caves in full bloom, mid-Na Xingjing, one of the top 100 sword sages, one dream is divided into life and death, and one sword turns into a dream.

The mental consciousness read the information in the scroll but only for a moment.

"It's a group of hard characters..."

Lin Chen was eager to try.

"Miss Tang Qianmei, my sword is not facing the woman, don't force me."

Jiang didn't regret hiding the knife in his smile, and his words were full of warnings.

Tang Qianmei giggled and said: "Then it's good to point at another sword, or you can leave."

She immediately heard Lin Chen: "I will delay two people for you, and the rest you will escape to the vast mountains 100,000 miles away..."

"Run a fart, move the treasure house to your door, don't just be a sand sculpture!"

Lin Chen's avatar backhand shook back a saintly state of desire to sneak attack, laughing with pride.

"The super wicked luck of the top 2,000 in the list of wickedness, is there a lot of baby? Come on!"

Lin Chen carried the sword frozen sky sword, cut across the sky!

Jian Jian sang to shoot the infinite starlight cold awn, turned into a full moon-like sword gas across the sky, divided into five, one sword light cold 100,000 miles!

boom! boom! boom!

The sword was raging, as if it was unstoppable, as if the starlight that had died hundreds of millions of years ago was shining.

This sword directly started the whole melee battle, and the six holy hearts were stopped by Lin Chen's three phantom avatars!

"This skill of swordsmanship is a bit interesting, that is, cultivation is too bad, it is all brute force!"

Chen Yuling's eyebrows crossed a trace of surprise, and a sword of "Bihailongyunjian" around his waist was swung out!


Jianguang was like a white mark across the void, chopping down the nineth heaven, and a sword point breaking the starlight awn, actually chopping down Lin Chen's "billion starlight"!

He is a born sword sword evildoer, who knows thousands of sword swords.

Lin Chen's sword is mainly based on pure power. It is easy for him to break the sword of brute force!

Lin Chen's avatar can match the mid-term of the Sacred Mood with pure power.

In addition, his spirit's instantaneous speed is very fast, and his body and method are coordinated. Almost every avatar has blocked two Sacred Minds.

The Holy Light surging behind Lin Chen, the heavenly demon wing emerged, and the demon wing flapped, Lin Chen flew like an aurora!

He and three other avatars, rushing between the five, actually intending to fight the five demon heads alone?

Tang Qianmei was so angry in this scene that he could only keep up with him.

"Oh, a lunatic. I'll disturb his attack track, and the rest will be yours."

Jiang did not regret shaking his head with a sneer. With a clang, the sword came out of the sheath and moved to the sky!

His sword, like the starlight of Chilian, when the sword was swayed, an inch of inch was torn apart!

The surroundings are changing like nebula, and the figures of the five people disappeared all at once!

Within hundreds of thousands of miles, all spaces become dreamy and blurred.

Tianmeng sword skill originated from the creation of Tianmeng sword saint. This swordsmanship was used to capture a saint lurking in the world.

A sword was thrown, which once let trillion mortals fall into the territory of heaven and dreams. After 30,000 years, they did not find it. When the hidden saint was finally captured, the entire mortal world was abandoned.

"Spiritual Swordsmanship? Is this Heavenly Sword Swordsmanship, dreaming of life and death, want to divide life and death with my coach?"

Lin Chen's mouth was raised, angry dragons flying overhead, and the sound of burning dragons and the world roared!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The horrible sound wave tore the massive spiritual nebula in all directions, and Jiang Buxin in the nebula twitched.

"This kid can also master mysterious skills, and the grade is extremely low. With the spiritual power of his eighth grade, he really has a hand..."

"However, in my dream sword world, the spiritual fantasy wave is endless. Unless I defeat my deity or exhaust my spiritual power, it will never be lifted..."

Jiang Wucheng's mouth raised a confident smile. He once procrastinated the strong man who had been half a step away from the heavens with this swordsmanship. After successfully escaping, he had absolute confidence in his swordsmanship!

"Yeah, this spirit sword world is pretty good."

Lin Chen smiled without anger, the more the meaning of joking, the thought moved!

boom! boom! boom!

The burning dragon burning the spirit flame covered the sky and fluttered into the sky!

Jiang's unsmiling smile suddenly solidified!

What's your special...

Not only Lin Chen's body, all three of his avatars used the "Eight Dragon Burning Sounds"!

In one thought, the spirit that covered the sky and the sun burned to the sky, and burst into an unprecedented wave of spiritual dragon sounds!

boom! boom! boom!

Nebulas exploded and shattered into infinite fragments, falling into attribute values!

The terrifying wave of the dragon sound did not recede, but hit with a more terrifying trend!

The whole body began to urge the "Eight Dragon Burning Sounds"!

"Instant light split!" Lin Chen made another fierce record! The Dragon Sound wave shattered the endless sky, and the Spirit Nebula was blown apart and shattered!

Jiang didn't regret it.

Lin Chen did not find a way to crack the Tianmeng sword technique, he was still in the Tianmeng sword world.

However, he destroyed in the most brutal way his heaven dream sword world collapsed and separated!

Actually directly shattered the psychedelic spiritual nebula between heaven and earth!

This is too much!

Jiang didn't regret clenching his teeth, spurred his holy and spiritual power to swing another sword, the galaxy rotated, and massive psychedelic nebula emerged.

However, the wave of Long Yin continued to sweep through the world!

"Come on, stop him! Don't **** let him roar, I can't consume the boy's mental strength!"

Jiang didn't regret the anxiety of ruining other super demon.

I really answered that sentence.

In terms of endurance, he really hasnt been afraid of anyone!