My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1482

Vol 5 Chapter 1482: Don't Bilian.

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Chapter 1482

Lin Chen's spiritual power seemed to cost money, urging the spirit to burn the dragon and shatter the waves of spiritual nebula.

The space in all directions is still clear of the blue sky and clouds.

Even Tang Qianmei, the medicine refining giant, couldn't help but change color.

No wonder he can refine Bapin Shengdan, and with this violent spiritual power added up by all the avatars, she is far from Tang Qianmei!

Hidden in the nebula, Jiang did not regret to send out four swords and hurriedly spread the word.

"Quickly stop him, he lasts longer than me, I can't stand it!"

Bang ~! In the shattered nebula, a sword light and a full moon roulette-like sword gleamed!

It was the offensive of Ghost Instant Light, Ao Fan, and Bihai Nine Swords, Chen Yu!

One move is in the dark, the other is in the bright, and the front and the back attack.

"Be careful!" Tang Qianmei exclaimed, Slender Slim Jade fingers tapping into the void, a streamer tearing the sword's awn, and a mushroom cloud exploded in front!

Daoguang cut Lin Chen straight away!

Lin Chen's Phantom Doppelganger flew back and pulled out the flying knife in an instant, and the pure power condensed and exploded in an instant!

The sky full of lotus swords turned into a shadow-like flurry, and countless swords were twisted away!

boom! boom!

The sword light disappeared, shattered into nothingness by the fluttering sword light!

Chen Yu and Ao Fan were stunned, how could this guy react so fast!


At this time, the space fluctuates and the full moon rises.

The silver moonlight seemed to be nine beams of light, which turned into the sky, turned into one, and slammed into Lin Chen's direction!

Lin Chen's avatar waved his sword, instantaneous shadow urged a tear of tears, the blade split the rapidly rotating snow-white sword mans!

Daoman shuddered and burst suddenly, turning into hundreds of millions of pieces of Daoqi debris and striking the silver-white beam!

boom! boom! boom!

The sound of the avenue resonates in the heavens and the earth, and the fists of the golden light are suppressed from the sky, and they are violently crushed towards Lin Chen, and all of his spirits are burned into nothingness!

Jin Guangquan's imprint is like a broken bamboo shook Lin Chen, it is'Wu Sheng', Jiang Wuxin's attack!

His power of practice is more perfect than any other person, inclusive of all phenomena, but it can break the extraordinary talents of pure power, spiritual power, holy power, and his martial arts.

Lin Chen's spirit was extremely fast, his eyes narrowed, and the imposing golden light fist print seemed to slow down countless times.

Lin Chen smiled suddenly.

"The world is awesome, but you can't break it. I have one finger, but I can break your Wusheng punch!"

Lin Chen's index fingertips embellished the void, and the sky and earth changed suddenly, forming a terrifying vortex.

Centered on Lin Chen's fingertips, as if condensed into a star nucleus, it shines brilliantly, and the wind is great!

Lin Chen, pointing out the sky!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

There is no earth-shattering momentum, no violent divine power, only pure to ultimate pure power and wind-tribulation power, turned into an aurora!

The aurora opened the sky dome, penetrated the golden fist seal, and exploded the golden afterglow!

One finger through!

Jiang Wuxin, who stepped on the nebula, narrowed his eyes.

"The holy fingers of the wind and demons at the Gongfa exchange meeting? Perfect, almost flawless."

Jiang Moxin's memory is still fresh in this magic method.

He had the honour to witness the practiced copy of this exercise.

This exercise requires at least 200 powers in order to exert enough power.

Although his physical training is not bad, he has not reached this rigid condition.

He was not surprised that Lin Chen could learn "The Finger of the Wind Demon's Death" in such a short time.

He was amazed that Lin Chen could actually practice so perfect!

The exercises can be sent and received freely, and one move is perfect!

This is a state that can only be achieved by practicing to the fullest level!

"According to rumors, the girl in Shenyan Palace suspected of Wushen bloodline is his apprentice, and he showed the effect similar to my Wusheng bloodline in the Gongfa exchange meeting, and it is still useful to others!"

Jiang Wuxin's strong and handsome face showed a trace of fiery and greedy!

Obviously, Lin Chen may have some terrifying secrets, related to his Wushen bloodline!

He is not interested in the fragments of Lin Chens exercises, but he is interested in Lin Chens learning the secrets of exercises!

As Wu Sheng, he didnt believe in a shits "modified version of Tianyi Shengshui".

Jiang Wuxin is very clear about the stages to go from creation to perfection of combat skills and skills. It is absolutely impossible for foreign objects to do it through rapid training to perfection.

Some secrets must be hidden in Lin Chens body.

If not, he would never let Chen Xueying break through the bottleneck in such a short time!

It's okay to scare other holy realms, scare him Jiang Wuxin? Really when the name of this super demon is vegetarian?

The five great evils swarmed again, Tang Qianmei delayed one of them, and the remaining four carried out raids and sneak attacks on Lin Chen!

They are pregnant with ghosts and have different ideas about Lin Chen!

Although they are joining forces for the first time, they can cooperate with each other, just like the old men who have been together for thousands of years.

They are extremely talented with each other, and they have extremely rich combat experience, which can be seen at a glance. What kind of cooperation or offensive is needed by other monsters to play the best effect with each other!

This is the "joint effect" that Tang Qianmei said!

A super demon may not be too threatening, but it is far from simple to add multiple super devils together!

A group of wise and tactical fierce wolves is more terrifying than a group of brainless tigers.

And, the perception of these five super monsters is extremely keen!

They will never be close to Lin Chen, let alone fight him close.

Not to mention that his pure power is tricky, the most tricky is the "secret technique" that made Xiao Jianqing disappear strangely!

They did not believe that Xiao Jianqing had already died in his hands, but at least, he could not give Lin Chen the opportunity to launch that trick of "secret technique"!

"This group of guys is stronger than many evil spirits who entered the battlefield of the Nine Clan!"

Lin Chen became more and more courageous in battle, and fully opened the firepower with the three avatars.

The two sides have been deadlocked for several hours.

On the contrary, Lin Chen's "Super Chaos" hit the five big evils several times and began to fall into the disadvantage!

The sky full of attributes is floating in the sky, Lin Chen is not in a hurry to charge, as if he is on guard.


At this time, a stream of light flashed, and the "Tianmengjian Realm" was torn from the outside!


Jiang didn't regret being surprised. The four swords of light, like jumping into the void, actually went to Lin Chen from four different directions!

Sneak attack! Sneak attack from the sword sanctuary of Kaitian realm cultivation!

"come yet."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, as if it had been expected!

Brush ~! The azure blue dragon light shook the sky, and the dragon's tail cut like a sword, and came violently, divided into five, and actually shattered the terrifying worldly white sword light!

Immediately afterwards, the terrifying waves inundated millions of miles, and the five azure dragon prisons of the longitudes and latitudes descended. They immediately confined the aftermath of the four swords that shattered and shattered, without injuring Lin Chen and Tang Qianmei.

Sigh~! boom! Bang ~!

The moment the four sword lights exploded, the entire Tianmeng sword world couldn't bear it, shattered!

The cold and handsome silver-robed man stepped into the air and floated, it was Lin Chen's holy dragon.

Tang Qianmei was startled and turned her eyes away.


"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ago, a kid attacked me on the sky. Do you want a face? Don't Bilian, I pooh!"

Lin Chen laughed and laughed, but the murderous intention deep in his eyes became stronger and stronger!