My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1483

Vol 5 Chapter 1483: Nine Evil Sword Hall Appeared

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Chapter 1483, Nine Evil Sword Palace Appears!

A vast and infinite space.

Infinite sword shadows are like sword wheels in full bloom in the sky, strangling the void, but failing to tear apart.

Xiao Jianqing dumbfounded.

where am I? who am I? What am I doing?

After being punched by Lin Chen, he was completely pulled into a strange space!

This space plane made him lose all means of perception of the outside world!

"Damn, this Lin Chen actually has this hand? It is impossible for the space holy weapon to force me into the internal space! Laozi has a special anti-space holy pearl against the space holy weapon!"

Xiao Jianqing suspected that life was floating, and looked around with a daze.


Lin Chen probably guessed who this second force was.

"Huh? Is this holy dragon the descendant of the dragon in intelligence."

"Sure enough, it seems that this battle has gained a lot!"

"Oh, I have never missed what I wanted for the Nine Evil Sword Palace. No matter whether your Lin Chen has the power to kill the heavens, the secret of today's heart and mind fragments will definitely belong to my Nine Evil Sword Temple! "

In the void, four black robes appeared in the air.


Space is blocked, and the surrounding space becomes an absolute barrier!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, "You are the Nine Evil Sword Hall? Want to be black and eat black?"

After finishing the speech, Lin Chens eyes turned to Tang Qianmei, with a smile: "Isnt it your ghost, Miss Tang Qianmei."

Tang Qianmei's grievances in uppercase: "Mr. Lin Chen, why are you wronging good people..."

"You are a good fart."

Lin Chen scolded in his heart. On the surface, he saw that every beauty was full of rumors, but the actual guarding heart would only improve and not decrease.

On the contrary, the more beautiful the other party, the heavier his alertness will be.

Beauty can eat people.

Shenglong hadn't shot before to guard against the hidden danger and Tang Qianmei.

"Is it still saying that the exchange of exercises will reveal my message? It is unlikely, if it does, Ying Guanshi should notify me as soon as possible, since this is the case..."

Lin Chen's eyes instantly fell on the fourth volume of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju" inside the air transport capsule!

The exercises have been marked! This is the only possibility to be tracked!

"Young juniors should stay away, don't hurt you when the time comes, the forces behind you will have to scream."

A black-robed swordsman headed out stepped out and swept away, Jiang Wuxin and Chen Yu and others could not help but step back a few steps.

However, retreating is just for alert.

None of the five of them was planning to make concessions easily.

The courage of super demon is comparable to extraordinary demon!

Even if the open sky is in front of them, they do not intend to give in!

The five great evildoers have quite a lot of enthusiasm to win the "Lin Chen" momentum!

The scene was very chaotic, Lin Chen looked around the audience.

There is Tang Qianmei who is not clear about his position. At least Lin Chen can't give this woman her back.

The five great evildoers are staring at each other. Nine Evil Sword Hall, the four major open heavens. The Six Sacred Minds are also a big threat if they are urgent.

"Since you want to fight, I will accompany Lin Chen to the end!"

Lin Chen grinned, and the holy dragon turned into a humanoid with a bang, and the situation changed suddenly, and the dragon's spirit was vertical and horizontal!

The five Extreme Prison Heavenly Prisons are like a water-filled sky, sweeping through everything and filling the surroundings with the breath of the dragon.

The raging waves swept and the world changed color. Even the four major open worlds can't help but frown.

"There is no such skill in the descendants of the dragon in intelligence!"

"Don't give this kid a chance, be him!"

The four open heavens of the Nine Evil Sword Hall flashed into the sky, and turned into an infinite amount of sword light!

Lin Chen swept away, the energy of 200,000 top runes instantly decreased, and four gray and white runes exploded!

Bang ~! The four were in a physique, and they were puzzled.

"What's the trick?"

"No! This kid is weird!"

The four-piece suit of Lin Chens God of War changed into four golden possessions!

Its pure power instantly soared from the original 280 to 800 deities!

The infinite amount of Jinxia Shenhui lingered beside Lin Chen, his eyes turned into golden pupils, flying with his hair, and invincible power to dominate the heavens and the world, rising from Lin Chen's body!

Tang Qianmei's eyebrows tremble, her beautiful eyes tremble. This might is stronger than their super demon, they don't know how much!

Although the four-piece Ares set only restores 20% of its overall power, Lin Chens pure power is not what it used to be, and the power and speed of using it to charge up will also decrease dramatically!

"If you want to eat my Lin Chen, you have to see if your teeth are hard enough!"

In the electro-optical flint, Lin Chen's figure moved into a golden light, slamming his fists, beating in the air, and the pure power was completely burst!

The terrifying fist turned into a golden divine light, passed the heavens and the earth, struck the galaxy, and slammed against the four black robe sword saints!

boom! boom! boom!

The defense of the Holy Forces of the four was shattered by Lin Chen, and the robe and cloak burst, showing the true face.

The humanoid holy dragon shook out a dragon claw out of thin air, the dragon's breath soared, divided into five!

The ancient supernatural dragon supernatural power, leaning on the sky claw!

The blue light dragon turned into a blue dragon claw more than a thousand acres.

Before waiting for the four to completely break out of the shackles of the slow runes, they all seemed to be caught off guard, only to urge the Holy Power, the sword light protection, and the front of the Holy Dragon's ``Eye Claw''!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The scope of the explosion is extremely limited, but the surrounding space is collapsed and crumbled!

Even the five evil spirits who are watching the battle are forced to retreat, their faces are horrified!

The power of the claw of the holy dragon is like a world disaster that kills hundreds of millions of souls!

"Yes, does this kid have so many cards?"

"If he used this holy dragon against us from the beginning, maybe we are all seriously injured now..."

The five evil spirits had cold backs.

call out! Tear ~!

A golden light tears the sky full of blue light dragon breath, Lin Chen has already approached one of the black robe sword saints!

However, when Lin Chen was about to punch him and pull any one of them into the "macro" plane, he suddenly saw the scene in front of him for a moment!

These four black robe sword saints all have the same face!

However, they are definitely not the same person!

As a saint, Lin Chen can clearly feel that the four people's life is completely different!

But their appearance can't even distinguish any flaws!

The moment when Lin Chen punched, he paused for a moment, and the other party reacted instantaneously. When Lin Chen punched away, the black-robed swordmaster held a holy sword out of thin air and blocked it out of thin air!

Dang ~! Bang ~!

One punch and one sword, shattering the vast void, everything turned into a vacuum.

When Lin Chen took a punch and the opponent was unscathed, he was about to stab the second sword with lightning

"Macro talent!"

Lin Chen screamed at the bottom of his heart, and the turquoise light flashed from Lin Chen's fist.

"Huh? There is cheating!"

Black robe sword saint creepy, a strange sense of crisis flashed in my heart!