My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1484

Vol 5 Chapter 1484: Yin Tianzi

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Chapter 1484

The black robe sword saint's divine power diminished rapidly, breaking through the shackles of the slow rune, stepping across the sky, the figure was like a thousand afterimages, left and right up and down, flashing dozens of times in a row, and disappeared instantly!

brush! The light of the azure space captured the empty space, and disappeared.

[Unsuccessful launch of the Macross talent, costing 3 million advanced talent points.

The system light screen pops up, Lin Chen was shocked!

"Good guy, the space to open the sky is moving!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. He had seen the state of'space shifting' when he was fighting in the sky.

The former Shangguan Jue battled with the two Terran giants by moving space to fight.

Although this black-robed swordsman is not as good as Shangguan Jue, his space shift is a very difficult existence!

Space movement can jump the plane instantly and move from one space to another space or orientation.

This shift is jumping!

It can be said that the ordinary orange-level low-level body method has little help to open the sky. One move of space is enough to crush all orange-level low-level body methods!

Only the orange level intermediate level can get the countertop!

Buzz~! At this time, the Holy Dragon, the blood of the three dragons are exhausted, intercepting the three Kaitian Realm Sword Saints opposite, supplemented by the prison of the prison, the main attack, plus the help of the avatar, with the help of slow runes, a long drag Three Saints!

Lin Chens reaction was so fast, his eyes covered with golden divine light flashed very fast, glancing around, and the spiritual perception covered.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen turned around without warning, scrolling the infinite airflow as he turned, like a violent wind!

His armor shimmering with golden brilliance slammed into an elbow behind him, and ran awkwardly!

Sigh~! boom!

The sword gas exploded and scattered into the sky with scattered fragments of swordmans, and the figure of the black robe sword saint moved behind Lin Chen in one-tenth of a breath!

Buzz~! Golden Shenhui soared from Lin Chens right leg, and he suddenly swept the whip leg across the sky!

Golden Divine Radium crushed a sword that traveled through the void, and the figure of the black robe sword saint appeared like a ghost, slightly surprised.

"Good boy, it seems that it's not just a bit of brute force, but it can keep up with my reaction."

Black robe sword saint waved his sword-like sword in his hand, quickly pulled it, and the sky full of swords burst instantly!

This move can be described as a thousand swords, which is more terrifying than Lin Chen's "One Thousand Strikes"!

Jianguang turned into Fengyun Dragon and Tiger, or needle-pointed wheatgrass, or hurricane tornado, or full moon sword gas, sword and sword pierced Lin Chens key points, acupuncture points, weaknesses, dead ends!


"This is too ridiculous!"

"Wu Sheng" Jiang Wuxin and "Bi Hai Jiu Jian" Chen Yu took a breath at the same time!

They can easily see the horror of this swordsmanship!

This thousand swords actually contains a thousand and a half orange-order swordsmanship!

And each one is cultivated to the ultimate state!

As soon as this thousand swords came out, there were thousands of changes, fascinating and unpredictable!

It is almost equivalent to proclaiming Lin Chen, no matter how he dodges, the opponent's swordsmanship will pierce his weakness and dead corner area!

If the two of them face this move, it is almost a dead end. There is no second way to deal with it except for the life-saving ace that is given to them by the forces behind them.

The juggernaut of the Nine Evil Sword Hall is indeed terrible!

This Juggernaut is the strongest one in the four open heavens!

However, what frightened the five monsters even more was that instead of retreating, Lin Chen greeted him head-on!

The infinite amount of Jinxia Shenhui instantly grew, circulated, and climbed from Lin Chen's body!

His pure power, all the way! 900, 1000, 1100!

Divine Faith enshrined, God of War came into the world. Lin Chen's interest was condensed, and the sky shouted!


This roar, smash the thousand planes!

This anger swept the sun and the moon!

An unprecedented wave of energy swept, Jinxia Shenhui skyrocketed, centered on Lin Chen, such as the wave of destruction that overturned the world, instantly crushed all the swordsmanship that tried to approach Lin Chen!

boom! boom! boom!

Within a radius of a million miles, within the space blocked by the four swordsmen, the earth's veins cracked and the inch burst.

The Sacred Mind and the Super Monsters present were all stunned and dizzy, the Holy Cave throbbed, and even the Holy Force was almost roared through!

The black robe sword saint retreated and then retreated, his blood tumbling, his expression from surprise to shock.

The hurricane swept everything, and the earth became a ruin and mess.

Countless cracks spread like pythons, and the sky splits countless wormholes.

The looks of the super monsters are full of fright!

The whole world was actually shattered by Lin Chen! Almost shattered the space enchantment of the four big open heavens combined with the blockade!

Tang Qianmei's heart was throbbing, and this young man was so powerful that she felt shocked and intoxicated.

Everyone was so distracted that Lin Chen would not stop!

"It has always been your offense, and it's time for me to refresh myself now!"

Lin Chen's mouth was picking up, frantic, and he punched a punch in an instant, almost to the extreme!

This punch has subverted Zhou Tianhuanyu!

A golden godman burst out of the inner armor of the God of War. The pupil of the black robe sword saint shrank, and the speed was too fast-

Bang~! Dang Dang Dang~!

The Seven Grade Holy Sword in the hands of the black robe sword saint burst on the spot into a few pieces, and turned into a sky of attribute light balls, which were scattered and scattered!

Not only that, Lin Chens punch power, the golden golden mansions, penetrated the space boundary arranged by the four people!


Body protection Jianguang burst and exploded, black robe sword saint raised his head and vomited blood, cold and handsome face finally showed deep fear!

Lin Chen's combat power exceeded their imagination!

The lethality of that punch actually exceeded 1300 deities!

There is not even the reaction time to move him in space!

"The enchantment of space is tearing apart. With my current physical training environment, after more than 1300 powers, the consumption of energy will become very fast, and you can't drag, just break through!"

In Lin Chen's thought, Shenglong returned to his side, Lin Chen was flying in the sky, and lightning flashed towards the gap of the enchantment!

"It's really a bunch of waste, even a kid can't get it."

The evil voice is like a magic sound, deep and magnetic.

This sound made Lin Chen stand upside down in an instant, like a falling ice cellar!

The pale palm, as if jumping out of space, emerged from the top of Lin Chen's head out of thin air, and he took a shot towards his heavenly cover!

The seemingly powerless and weak palms, where the five fingers passed, shattered the light of the whole space! !

In a moment of sentiment

The divine golden light circulates like an aperture, instantly including Lin Chen, forming an egg-like shape to cover Lin Chen.

Buzz~! Bang~!

Lin Chen was slammed into a red gold meteor and fell to the ground.

Bang ~! The place where Lin Chen fell, the whole vein was smashed into pieces.

"Oh?" The owner of the voice gave a startled sound.

Sheng Long didn't take the first shot and flashed back to Lin Chen's side.

"Cough cough..."

Lin Chen crawled out of the ground and coughed violently.

Fortunately, he has a hand of "Taxi Shenguang", otherwise he has to drink Meng Po soup just now!

Lin Chen looked at the sky and sneered indifferently.

"Unexpectedly, are you the backer behind them? Yin Tianzi!"

In the void, a figure floats in the air.

He has a tall figure, a handsome face, and a particularly evil temperament. His eyes are as deep as the galaxy, and his pale face seems to be weak.

However, when this person appeared, the light of the whole world was dimmed!

The six super demon scalp presents exploded!

This legendary character is still alive?

The old demon list is the first, Yin Tianzi!