My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1485

Vol 5 Chapter 1485: Young People You Have Not Yet Known The Seriousness Of The Problem.

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Chapter 1485, Young Man, you have not yet known the seriousness of the problem.

Yin Tianzi, Lin Chen was subjected to a siege by him, or the ultimate shadow of the 14th joint period.

If it were not Luo Yao'er who was involved in danger and broke into the holy world of the human race alone, the result of that battle might be completely unknown.

Yin Tianzi's breath is stronger than ever!

Lin Chen and Shenglong seemed to be suppressed at once!

This sense of oppression is not his momentum, but the holy power and energy fluctuations in his body.

Even the reddish golden aperture that twirled around Lin Chen, Taixi Shenguang, became dull and dull after bearing the palm of Yin Tianzi!

Taixi Shenguang is absolutely defensive. After the Sacred Dragon broke through 900 divine powers, the Taxi Gods Light exhibited by its dragon vein energy will not be shaken by the four open worlds present!

However, Yin Tianzi only used one palm!

"Yin Tianzi, this kid has too many means and tricks, we really can't win him..."

The four open world realm sword saints stooped down and said with cold sweat.

"Well, this seat doesn't expect you to do anything today. Take care of all the eyeliners you see today. None of these people can stay."

The cloudy day shot his fingertips, and at the words, all the super demon's faces were frightened!

Yin Tianzi this guy, intends to kill them too!

Then, Yin Tianzi gazed gaily at Lin Chen.

"Your amethyst alchemy is very good. The boy, I realized it by the cultivation method left by my master..."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, the Ares four-piece suit was constantly growing a floating golden divine, brewing a supreme blow!

After a moment, it seemed to realize something, Lin Chen said suddenly.

"You have mastered the cultivation method of top grade crystals, right."

Lin Chen's words were amazing, but he could feel that the divine power of the Yintianzi fluctuated and refined thousands of different auras!

Among them, there is a very small part of the crystal energy, extremely powerful! It's simply not comparable to ordinary abnormal crystals!

"Hahaha! Eyes are not small, it is a pity to kill a talent like you."

Yin Tianzi laughed in the sky, even admitted!

Lin Chen's heart sank, and the gap between the top-grade and middle-grade crystals was like the gap between an ordinary saint and the expanding cave, and the two were like clouds and mud!

Before the mysterious method of the ancient gods was taken, Lin Chen had said that his research on top grade amorphism had been half done.

And Yin Tianzi's talent is his most optimistic. After he killed his teacher, he really finished it!

Controlling the cultivation of top grade alien crystals, his growth rate will skyrocket, and Lin Chen wants to get rid of him, the difficulty is more than geometric.

At this time, Yin Tianzi's expression became sincere and gentle, he said seriously.

"Lin Chen, your stage should not be here. Your eyes should not be just a small demon list. The reason why I did not challenge the sage list was because I saw the limitations of this Holy Realm. "

"The dusk of the gods is coming, and the turmoil of the sage list is about to change. And once this storm sets off, you are just a little ant, but as long as you follow me, you and I join forces, we will create a new one Times, challenging the sage list, God Realm, should be our ultimate goal!"

"Lin Chen, surrender to me. I can lead you to become the overlord under one person in the new era and over one million people!"

Yin Tianzi stepped on the galaxy's breath and circulated around the body of Sheng Xia in nine colors.

His eyes were as deep as the galaxy, sincere and sincere, he reached out to Lin Chen and actually issued a joint invitation!

Lin Chen smiled.

"Master's dog stuff, dare to talk about the creation of the world? Are you blowing you?"

Yin Tianzi's expression gradually returned to calm, even a bit gloomy.

Lin Chen teased and said with a smile: "Why don't you continue to act in your solicitation? Your acting just now can be much better than those with electric sounds that shoot you at you."

"Those who do big things do not care about the details. How can they be compared to the masters of this place. Only people who can see black and white can never be successful."

Lin Chen shrugged.

"The world is black or white, and it has nothing to do with me. Lin Chen, I am not a good person. I just think your behavior is disgusting, nothing more!"

The voice just fell-

Bang ~! Lin Chen threw a punch in the air, and the fist of the golden radiance shattered and withered, and went straight to the Yin Tianzi!

Fist sweeping the galaxy hundreds of millions of miles, the sky collapsed, time and space were twisting, and the world was tumbling!

This punch is the limit that Lin Chen can improve at this stage! 1999 dignity!

I wonder if this punch can shake Yin Tianzi?

"Giving shameless things, you are not even qualified to kneel down and shake your tail as a dog! Die!"

Yin Tianzi's palm flew up like a sword, and the heavy purple and black Shengxia turned into a blood blade, slashing into the sky!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The purple-black blood blade penetrated the void, leaving a faint black mark!

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chens avatar was ready to go, and he suddenly hit a slow rune of 300,000 points of top rune energy in the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

As soon as the slow rune appeared, it was torn for the first time, and only the purple-black blood blade reduced part of the offensive, and it still slashed to Lin Chen's Taixi God Light!


With a loud bang, Lin Chen and the Holy Dragon's Taixi Divine Light split apart at the same time, and Lin Chen lightning urged the'Jinzhiyuyi' that hides the body surface.

With a crackling sound, Lin Chen's'Golden Jade Garment' was torn, and he waved his arms to block the blood blade after rhyme, and vomited blood and retreated!

"This Yin Tianzi, so strong cultivation! Even 300,000 points of rune energy can't stop him, it is worthy of being a ruthless character who could fight the Shangguan Jue..."

When stepping into the air, Lin Chen's eyes flashed a bit of desperate madness!

I can't stop it, I can only die with this guy's talent of "Death and Death"!

"Mantis is a car, not self-restraining."

The Holy Light flashed at the foot of Yin Tianzi, and he was about to shake out another claw, when Lin Chen was removed--


With a clear sound, Yin Tianzi's wrist was actually caught by a powerful five-fingered finger, and the ghostly **** caught it!

"Young man, do you know who you hit?"

"It seems that you have not realized the seriousness of the problem."

The dark red tip of the knife pressed against Yin Tianzi's neck.

The ghostly figures of two ghosts, appearing like ghosts, appeared silently on the body of Yin Tianzi, and restrained him one after the other!

Yin Tianzi's pupil shrinks!

He actually did not notice the proximity of the two!

What a clever way to eliminate breath!

"What is the reason for the two, why are you so serious, we sit down and talk..."

Yin Tianzi pretends to be honest and immediately shouts a claw!

"court death."

The dark red sharp knife suddenly exerted force and pierced his neck, but it was a residual image!


With a bang, the two men in black robe were retreated, slightly surprised.

Yin Tianzi's figure suddenly appeared thousands of miles away, and his expression was dignified!

"What's the situation, how could someone in this strange domain suddenly approach this person?"