My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1486

Vol 5 Chapter 1486: This Thing Is Powerless?

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Chapter 1486

Just when Yin Tianzi was particularly puzzled--

Suddenly, the situation changed suddenly!

Bang ~!

The terrifying might is violent, and the majestic Sun Wei, like the sun, forcibly broke the space blocked by the Yintianzi!


Yin Tianzi's face changed slightly.

"Hahaha, on the basis of these bird hairs, dare to move the hero?"

"Garbage, it's too rubbish. A few young people who aren't enough to expand their holes two thousand times, want to move my protagonist? Pissing urine and looking in the mirror?"

"In the early days of the four Kaitian Realms, it seems that it is a long life, and it's boring."

"At this time, a beautiful boy came to the Savior of the Wonderland."

"Some people are alive, but he is dead. Some people are dead, and they will die more completely later."

"The deity is not aimed at someone, I mean everyone here, except for the most handsome, everything else is rubbish."

Thousands of bright moons rise from the sea, nine red suns emerge from the sky, and swords and shadows appear in the sky.

Unprecedented terror and vision rise between heaven and earth.

One after another wearing cloaks, wearing black robes, and unable to see the real figure, one after another.

Their breath is so outrageous! Sword sages such as the Yin Tian Zi, Jiu Xie Jian Dian, who are as strong as an incomparable life, instantly change their faces!

Yin Tianzi's first reaction was even: impossible!

There are many strong players in the odd field, but it is impossible to gather so many peerless powerful players in a short time!

The identity of these people may not be recognized by him, but he perceives their holy prestige, most of them are not lower than his Yin Tianzi!

Even, if a group of characters is in the state of "the heyday", he is still not enough to watch!

"Their breath is weak and their vitality is compromised. Is this still a state of injury?"

Yintianzi's pupils are terrified...

This Nima is so outrageous!

Such terrible coercion, is it still hurt?

Where the **** did such a group of monsters come from!

Lin Chen was stunned, and when he heard the familiar voice, he couldn't help but look ecstatic!

"Good guys, they finally arrived!"

This group of people is the servants of Lin Chen!

All staff arrived in unison!

Compared to when they first left the Holy Prison, their injuries are still far from healed.

However, at least their sacred strength is no longer vacant, but a considerable part of their cultivation has been restored!

So now they are by no means comparable to those of that year!

And what forced the Yin Tianzi to gold cicadas off the shell just now is the most famous assassination master in the Heavenly Sanctuary, destroying the twins, Sky Ember and Earth Destruction!

Buzz~! brush!

Twelve figures appeared in the sky, and moved ghostly to the four open heavenly sword saints.

Bang ~!

The emergence of these twelve people showed no signs. The four celestial celestial beings could not even react. All were resisted by the gate of life and suppressed on the spot!

The four swordsmen numb their scalp, and turned their help-seeking eyes toward the Yintianzi!

The same is the "space move", the level used by these twelve people is very different from them!

The former has the ability and ability to suppress them directly!

As long as they dare to act rashly, the four people absolutely believe that the twelve of the latter have the power to crush them absolutely!

Even the possibility of a successful self-detonation is extremely small, otherwise the four of them will be suppressed and there will be no need for twelve!

With the strong players present, just four people can suppress them!

Lin Chen's avatar moved in full swing, a void shuttle, slammed into four people!

[The host successfully launched the Macros talent, costing 30 million talent points, and successfully brought all targets into the Macross talent plane.

Lin Chenchang breathed a sigh of relief, as long as these four open worlds entered his overtime slot, which was the fish on the cutting board, let him slaughter!

"Oh my God"

Seeing the disappearance of the ghosts of the four celestial sword saints, the five monsters and Tang Qianmei on the side looked dumbfounded.

What is the origin of Lin Chen!

In their intelligence, it was said that Lin Chen suspected no power behind it?

"It's called powerless? Who's **** teasing me?"

"I am his uncle. Next time I go back, I will demolish all the information halls. The men sell them for labor, and the women sell brothels directly!"

"My grandmother in the future, who cares that this is called powerless! Grass, pit me to death!"

"This lineup is more terrifying than **** the Eighth Rank Sect!"

The five great evils are directly crazy!

They were pitted to death!

What does Lin Chen look like without power? The cow batch has been sent out, okay!

"Wait, those people look at us? I rely on me! They come!"

"Don't come over!"

The five evils were instantly taken down.

Lin Chen didn't even bother to put them in the plane of the macro space, and focused his whole attention on Yin Tianzi.


At this time, disguised Jiang Taixu came to Lin Chen's side and said respectfully.

"Something will be said later, can you win this guy."

Lin Chen said seriously to Jiang Taixu in black cloak.

Yin Tianzi, this person must be a potential threat to Lin Chen, Lin Chen is not like the story of the protagonist and his one-on-one single revenge.

Now that the servants are gathering, Lin Chen intends to kill him now!

"If it is at the cost of everyone's hard work, you will definitely be able to, but if you want everyone to be unscathed, you can't do it."

Jiang Taixu directly informed Lin Chen of the result.

Once Yin Tianzi dies and fights back, Lin Chen must be severely damaged. They have not yet recovered to their heyday.

At this time-

"Lin Chen, I don't think you still have this kind of hole cards and power, this is a small look at you."

Yin Tianzi was surrounded by all the servants of Lin Chen, but he smiled impatiently.

"The next time I see you, it must be your death. There are many players who can play to death!"

A sapphire-colored jade bottle appeared in the palm of Yin Tianzi, and it shattered suddenly!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The jade bottle exploded, a drop of azure water droplets emerged, and when it dropped into the void, the ripples in the planes of the layers of space appeared!

The disguised Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun couldn't help shouting in unison.

"Time and space, Shenshui, a drop of shuttle planes, across thousands of time and space!"

Brush ~!

The moment the blue water droplets disappeared, the shadow of Yin Tianzi was transformed into countless streamers!

"Want to run?"

Long Jiushan of "The Archaic Dragon Respect" burst out with a punch, smashing the void.

Fist crossed the void and still threw a void.

He grinned: "Threatened my protagonist still want to run, I will be chased after he is chased!"

Is Long Jiushan about to tear the void, Fang Ling and others stopped him.

"Dont think about it, the time and space divine water is contaminated with the breath of God. It can cross thousands of planes and deliver the transmission target to multiple planes. Before the end, no one knows where it will lead except the user. Its no use catching up with us. Its a fetish that even the Holy King can get rid of. Save it."

After hearing this, Long Jiushan couldn't help feeling annoyed.

Then, when everyone turned around, Qi Qi clenched fists to Lin Chen on one knee!

"Meet the hero!"

The five great evils and Tang Qianmei witnessed this scene, and their hearts were shaking!

My mother!

The strong man of this series actually called Lin Chen, hero?

What is he...