My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1487

Vol 5 Chapter 1487: Is A Strange Domain

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The powerhouses of the Kaitian series have a lofty status, and they are placed within the Bapin sect to guard the party.

Even if there is a higher status in the Bapin sect and the family, it is not enough to let the powerful people who open the heavens bow to the front. This is absolutely impossible!

However, Lin Chen has dozens of strong men who open above the heavens and bow to him. What is the concept?

It is almost impossible to imagine how much energy is hidden behind Lin Chen!

The history of the Holy Realm is extremely long, and no one knows how many hidden world powers are hidden.

"It's good to have all come, so I'm going to swim alone."

Lin Chen sent a message to everyone, and the servants looked at each other with a little fiery in their eyes.

Recovering the injury is the moment they dreamed of!

Even if only 30% were restored, they would not need to act as carefully as before.

"Princess, how to deal with these people?"

Xiao Ling'er Yingying owed her body, gentle and touching.

Even though the disguise dissipated the breath, under the **** robe there was a fascinating curve.

What she was referring to was naturally the six super demon.

When Lin Chen looked at the five, they quickly begged for mercy.

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, there is a misunderstanding between us. Xiao Jianqing bewitched us."

"Yes, what your lord wants, our denominations can provide, as long as you let us down, Mr. Lin Chen, our life is useless to you, it is better to trade it and sell us back to the denomination, There are many benefits in exchange!"

"Yes, all of the holy objects on our body are supposed to be your apology to Lin Chen!"

Several super monsters were very'smooth' and proposed to Lin Chen for mercy.

Instead of being someone else, they will never sigh so low.

The sect that can cultivate super evil spirits, the forces behind it are also the best in the eight grade sect. In the Holy Realm, ordinary denominations can't really move them.

In addition, their status is detached. If there is any accident, the law enforcement team of the demon list will not ignore it.

But this Lin Chen is completely'out of specification'!

Its not that he killed the enchanted list once or twice, and even the enchanted law enforcement team cant take him!

With so many top strong men around him, the law enforcement team is a fart!

The top ten and eight-ranked giants that formed the evil spirits list came out of the nest, and they may not be able to win him Lin Chen!

Annoying him Lin Chen, the worst thing to do is the identity of this demon list!

"Oh, when you want to rob me, don't you think too much?"

Lin Chen patted Chen Yu on the shoulder and smiled simply, like a child.

"Even if Xiao Jianqing was taken away by me, you insisted on attacking me. Isn't this one or two bewilderments clear?"

The five people tremble!

Sigh~! Bang~!

Lin Chen took pictures with a palm, Chen Yu of the "Bihai Nine Swords", the heavenly spirit cover was broken, the spiritual consciousness was destroyed, and he could not die anymore!

After grabbing his luck capsule, Lin Chen threw it to the servants, and then looked at several others.

"Damn, fight with him!"

"Don't kill him!"

When the remaining four super monsters are going crazy-

Bang ~!

All the servants released Shengwei and suppressed them all to death!

Lin Chen took several palms in a row with his backhand, and all of them were crushed to death!

"Chopping grass is about eradicating the roots. If you want to rob me Lin Chen, you have to do a good job of being killed."

Lin Chen clapped his hands and sneered.

Although his servants did not reveal their identities, they have seen the light now. If they are allowed to go back alive, they will always let the outside world know that his Lin Chen has so many strong men, which will cause a lot of greasiness.

Although he was known by Yin Tianzi, this person wanted to spread the news throughout the Holy World, at least three months!

During this time, it was enough for Lin Chen to prepare his team first!

At this time, there are five more names dimmed on the list.

A piece of void, the ancient black tower rises into the sky.

The law enforcement team of the monster list has been shaken again.

"what happened!"

"Five of the top 2000 monsters died?"

"Wu Sheng Jiang Wu Xin is also dead! This was cultivated by the old man! His mother, who did it, the old man wants to destroy his eighteen generations!"

The ancient pagoda shook, and a group of old antiques that were desperately angry went out.

The top of the ancient tower, in the lobby.

The three heads of Yinsha and Sanguisheng are staring at the enchanted list, looking at the place of death, they can't help but whizzing in the corners of their mouths, three faces with a wry smile...

"The places where these five super wicked monsters fell...are strange!"

"Singularity? Didn't you say...not!"

"Yes... that man!"

When the old antique shouting the earth shattered just a second ago learned the location of the accident, it suddenly fell silent.

After a long time, I did not know that the old senior burst out.

"Fuck, what are the second generation of dudes doing to provoke Lin Chen!"

The authority of the demon list has been bleak!


Odd region, high altitude in the northwest.

Lin Chen turned to Tang Qianmei.

The beautiful lady enchanted her body with shaking, startled and frightened, and shivered.

"Princess Lin Chen, I... I'm here to help you, you can't always revenge..."

Tang Qian charmed with tears, and she was pitiful.

Lin Chen suddenly smiled: "I naturally know that you are innocent, but today you can't tell anyone what you have seen and heard."

Tang Qianmei nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

"Also, within two years, you have to stay in the area I requested, and you are not allowed to leave. It is still for my use."

"Otherwise, don't blame me for a hot hand."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and he smiled deeply.

Tang Qianmei's pretty white face nodded quickly.

" problem, but I want to talk to my people..."

"You are not qualified to talk to me about conditions."

Tang Qianmei: " bully people!"

Lin Chen shrugged and looked at Qian Ying beside him.

"Ling'er, you are responsible for looking at her, and others will follow me."

Xiao Ling'er, the white jade fairy, takes care of Tang Qianmei.

Lin Chens holy dragon swept into the sky and put all the attribute light spheres and attribute chests into the body.

The attribute value of Lin Chen's loss has been restored a little.

Then, all the servants were taken into the space plane by Lin Chen.

If the target does not resist, Lin Chen does not need to spend talent points if he wants to bring people into the Macros.

In the space plane.

A gray space, six sacred hearts, Xiao Jianqing, and four celestial saints, all of them are included in the space plane!

Every saint here is well-known in the world and has a magnificent level!

However, at this time they faced a group of more terrifying existence!

Those who are imprisoned in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and even nineteenth floors of the Mega 36 territory!

It's not enough!

When Lin Chen appeared with his servants, Xiao Jianqing had time to speak in the future. When he saw the terrible line-up around Lin Chen, his heart was completely cold!

"How is it possible... Did this guy call the whole open space of the strange land..."

Xiao Jianqing's face was terrified.

Lin Chen came to him and smiled.

"If you now have a bottle of regret medicine in front of you, you will eat it."

Xiao Jianqing had cold limbs and cold feet.

He really regrets it! I regret that my intestines are green!